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(I'll edit it tomorrow I'm tired, folks, and we did it fast and off the top of our heads so it will contain typos and maybe worse!  LOL we'll edit tomorrow...)


“Are you ever going to write the story of our first meeting on your planet and put the book together?”

Someday I suppose. I’ve just written it so much I feel everyone knows it by heart by now.

“And each time you remember just a little bit more and perhaps one more time around and the missing hours could just happen to come back, at least a small, tiny portion, enough to bring back the memory.”

Some is so foolish…I doubt anyone is interested in reading it.

“I enjoy writing it, do you?|

In a way, except for the sad part. And I really don’t know where to start at this time.

“I have an idea! Why don’t I play Devil’s Advocate like we used to do for our website but instead of having a little fun out of it, let’s be serious?”

Sounds like fun anyway, maybe will get it written to please us both?

“Quite possible….first, you have to swear to tell the truthy, the whole truth and nothing but the truth And don’t try to spare your Government, they are in such a confused state now with one side wanting the other side to take the flu! I say that joking now. (laughing).”

Alright now, be serious. Ask questions and I’ll answer them and this is going to be for real now and I won’t have to write it ever again.

“First question. Why don’t you want to write the romantic part of our life long contact?”

Are you inferring there was no more “romance” to our lifelong contact? I consider the 1970’s to be the romantic part, when you made me fall in love with you all over again!

“I’m always saying the wrong thing. I just felt the words you used to describe our first contact were classic and very beautiful…”two souls from the distant past met once more on the shores of White Rock Lake and became one.” Is one of the most beautiful descriptions of a very sacred relationship I’ve ever heard.”

Thank you, and stop bragging on yourself as you wrote those words.

“I did help.What I wanted to bring out is that those words are the only words we’ve ever, ever mentioned that could refer to a physical experience remotely referring to s**. In order to cancel out what was once said openly of us on another Ashtar site about all we ever wrote about in the past was s**.”

There wasn't any evidence shown at the time and I was not allowed to speak for myself. That’s past and if people want to believe that kind of Government Disinformation with no proof they must be Leftists all I can say! (laughing). I know how President Trump must have felt during his ordeal. I’m thankful it’s over and he’s still President.I had hoped I’d be here to see the day the truth would be told the public about the reality of the off world contact.

“Let’s get right into the story and it won’t be the romance that you could write if you did it alone but I’ll do the best I can to bring out the points I think are most important. First, did I ever say I was Alien visitor to the planet?”

Not that I remember. It would have been in the missing hours, other than the signs I thought back on after you took me to a real ship back in the 1970’s and said, “I’m Commander Val, don’t you know me?” And I knew I did know you and had been very much in love with you but I could not remember at the time when or where.

“And when did you first remember when and where?”

In 1980 after leaving Okinawa and visiting an Aunt who told me she had lied to me in 1950 and no man called to say he would be married when I got his message and I’d never see him again. She also told me three agtents came from Washington to escort me back as there was to be a marriage between me and someone in Washington. She confessed she told them I said I did not want to marry the person and he had hurt me, raped me, and left me for dead at White Rock Lake, or some similar lie. The whole memory came instantly back as if I’d never forgotten..Psychology explaqins that at times where there is a very serious traumatic experience in young people they can block the whole thing out of mind completely as though it never happened. Then if something healing that causes the mind to accept the incident occurs, it can come back in completeness, which mine did at that time, other than the missing hours you have said you blocked for my protection and the protection of your technology.

“Then what did you do immediately?”

First, I left without speaking again and caught the red eye flight (late night flight) to Dallas. Then I began to try to get word somewhere, not sure of where to try, in order to get the truth on file wherever the lie was about your hurting me. I could look back on all that had happened over the years and I knew what you meant when you’d sjhow me things and say, “tell them this” and “tell them I don’t know where those ships are from they are not ours!”

“Can you put a time stamp on that one?

No… was along about the time the space lab came down, I remember you wrote where it would hit and I don’t know if that was known or not at the time. I know it came down early I read somewhere and you wanted me to “tell them space Lab coming down earlier than expected in order to miss populated area”. I couldn’t simply write a President as it would never get to him nor could I share information with a lower employee that you told me in 1950 must only be shared with my President. I had no idea who Johnny was that I was to contact when I had a message from you as you told me to do in 1950.

“Give me the date of our first meeting?”

July 14, 1950, the day I finished testing for the “special government assignment”.

“Location of meeting.”

Dallas, Texas where the test was given that lasted a week, 5 days, 8 hours a day.

“As exact as you can be, what did I tell you was the assignment?”

I first had to agree to a paper marriage that was to have no s** involved. I had thought of being a Nun so thought it would be a good idea to be one and get paid for it. So I agreed. Though my family and teachers wanted me to go on with my music I was very religiously inclined at that age.

“And how old were you?”

Almost twenty and a girl turned adult at age 16 or 18, not sure which. I was the youngest to take the test nationwide they told me and also the top pick for the position supposedly under only the President.

“What was the rest of the assignment to be?”

I was to pass your messages direct to my President. We had a mddle man you called, “Johnny” that was to make the arrangements for me to be alone with the President.

“Was that man John F. Kennedy?”

I have no idea, I never met Johnny.

“What did I tell you about my messages?”

You said when we were apart I would “hear you”.

“And did you question how?”

No, as far as I remember I did not. I was very much into the PSI abilities and some of the testing concerned PSI abilities, telepathy being one of them, so I presume I probably thought that’s what you meant.

“As you go back over your present memory of the White Rock Lake episode, what comes to you that would cause you to believe I was not born on your planet?”

One of the important signs would be the full moon over the lake. You stopped dancing, pointed our hands to the moon and said, “Isn’t SHE beautiful!” You did this more than once, impressing the full moon on my mind. I distinctly remember thinking it did not seem round but only round on the gbottom. I looked it up in a moon sign book called an Ephemeris and found there was no full moon that night over White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas but a very small moon. That was not the moon, that was a real ship.

“Do you remember it coming down?”

No, but I remember a flash of light in my eyes and then no memory until I was playing piano for you at the YWCA the next afternoon. I could have been a concert pianist if I’d continued my music but I’ve never played since. The memory of my music was gone. Perhaps I just did not want to play.

“You played beautifully. You could have been a lot of things if it had not been for me, I know that. Is ther anything else I said that might have given you a hint I was not of your world?”

Yes, when you were shot you told me not to take you to a hospital but wait with you at the lake and “they” would come for you.

“Did you know who I meant?”

At this time, I don’t know why I would have known but I know you meant the ship would come for you. Idon’t know how I knew it as there’s no memory other than the flash of light and the missing hours then playing piano for you the next afternoon, I suppose it was the next afternoon.

“What happened to you after the Aunt told you the lie I had called that I’d be married when you got my message?”

I don’t know, Val, it just seemed I was plunged into darkness of depression. I was illegitimate and made fun of all my youngetr life about not having a father, so I had determined if I ever had a child I would make sure they had a father, so I married one of my best friend’s brothers just home from the Air Force. I cried all morning as I didn’t want to do it but something inside me forced me to do it and I didn’t know why. No I didn’t think I was pregnant because I had blotted out all memory of you, including our whirlwind romance.

“I know this is long but I want this together as it’s important to keep it together. In 1957 briefly give me the details of why you were the small Island off Paname taken over by the military.”

The General, I presume Army, over our group, the Army Information Office, that sent press releases to the States, took the group deep sea fishing. I was told we had to go though some didn’t show up. A woman that worked for the Colonel in the office I believe her name was Isabelle, came to me and asked if I wanted to get off with her for the day and stay on a deserted Island, taken over by the military recently and I did get off with her.

“Briefly describe what happened?”

We were sitting at a table on the hotel patie with drinks and two men came walking up, one had on a silver flight suit like our jet pilots wear and the other held a clipbhgoard…they sat down by us, the one in the silver suit sat by me, put his arms round me, tried to kiss me, looking into my eyes and I’m not sure of what happened but I think I tried to slap him, he caught my hand and after that it’s a blank until we were walking back toward the beach, Isabgelle and I, to go back to the Beneral’s boat. Thenh I began to have vivid dreams of writing on a clip board standing beside the pme om the so;ver siot. And I’d awaken with his face over mine, saying, “You will remember, you will remember when you look into my eyes you will remember me!” This continued for a long long time and at different times in my life until the Italian experiences of gbeing taken to a ship and your saying, “I’m Commander Val don’t you remember me?”

“Was the man in Italy that moved in next door on vacation with his wife the man at White Rock Lake?”

Definitely not. That man was my real father. Only Jim Carter could tell me who he was.

“Why Jim?”

You amped me telepathically to receive a message I sent to Jim when he was President, from the man who told him I was his “baby”. I wrote Jim but no answer just as I had no answer from Nixon.

“What were you supposed to tell Nixon?”

That his office was bugged in the upper right hand corner but I got back too late, and I couldn’t go to a President and get in to tell him that, I have no idea why I was given the messages I was given, I do now, since I remember the White Rock Lake assignment.

“I’m only doing this as devil’s advocate now… to get the story completely understood hy any with the need to know. What was given you by the couple before they left in the limosene from Spechiolla, Italy?”

A bottle of Johnnyh Walker Scotch and his wife said, “For your President.”

“What was your mother’s first names?”

Fraances Lenore…what has that to do with the price of tea in China? “Let me do this my way. Where was I shot?”

I would swear the right arm, below the shoulder but it’s possible it was the left. I truly think right arm, long, long time ago.

“Have you ever seen the movie, ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still?”

No, but Athena told me about it several years ago and she thought it soulded like mys story which it does. I think it was made just in case my memory came back and I told the story so it could be said I was bouncing off that movie, which I had never heard about until Athena told me the plot of it. I also think…no I better not say that.

“Go ahead and say it, or I will.”

I think Frank made a plea bargain over the drug deal to make a fool of you in case the truth ever came out of your real visit to the planet and you were here in 1957. I think Bernise knew it and left him over it as she did not want to be a part of it. And I think the woman that called me in 1999 was Connie Menger and was sincere and cried about you as she truly knew you and they loved you, she said all that met you loved you and I felt she was telling me the truth.

“What all did she tell you about Bernice?”

That Bernice was aftaid of something and stayed with her when she got the divorce and it ws over you as she said Frank was telling you married a woman and lived out west and had a daughtger and she knew it was not true as you came bgy and told them you were leaving the planet and you were not married so for me not to believe that trash. Whoever she was, she knew you and was sincere and her husband’s name was Howard as she wanted you to come take her to Howard, I don’t know if you did or not.

“Would you swear that I am real before a Congressional Investigation?”

Laughint…not before a Democraft one. If the Republicans take the House, the answer is yes, if not, no way…I’m a Trumper! Does that answer your question?

“(Laughing) Yes and I don’t blame you! Alright one more and I want this kept together as it belongs together…why didn’t you go with Dr. Greer ikn the early 2000’s to try to obtain a Congressional investigation into America’s dealings with off world beings be they ETs or Aliens?”

Because I thought you were here and telling me if I did I could never see you or be with you again and you were going to come and we were going to the Ozarks where we would live happily ever after, like you promised me at White Rock Lake..I believed it was you because of the things that no one else could have known but maybe I’d written them as there was one person claimed to keep all my writings and tried to use them to say I changed my story, which I did not… she didn’t have the understanding to know when I was talking about my childhood contact experiences and the White Rock Lake story.

Before I even met her, I told about something happened at a little church I had pastored in Mineral Point, Missouri and she came out and told a big group there was no such place and I couldn’t prove at the time there was which made me a liar before I even started telling about you.

“Are you sure?”

No, actually I had told about you and the one I called, Pop. There is a Mineral Pointk, Missouri and they now have a website but at the time they did not. And there has always been a Post Office there. “The same one that claimed you drew a “V” on a heart teleport?”


“The same one you believe her husband or son played Val Thor without mentioning the name?”

Yes, but the hints were big, as though you couldn’t actually write your name but the things said inferred it was you until Greer went to Washington and failed because his other witnesses were threatened. The man that kept calling me to go or make a video of my story asked if I’d been threatened and all I could tell him was it was personal….then the emails said if I didn’t close up my mailing list and website we could not be married so I did and then the emails stopped and the emails stopped.

“Forgiveness is necessary for sure and you have done that, but you have every right to clear your name for you family’s sake. So write numerically what you’d like known about you in the future if you were not here to defend yourself. And we’ll close out for tonight on our story. Val”

1 – That my story is true as I remember it is my most important fact. I have never tried to make money off the Val Thor name but have paid my own expensives and spent thousands of dollars to stay on this internet these 23 years with the same is a lie from hell that I have ever changed it as a woman has trtied to claim…I claim she is a liar…

2 – I did not draw a “V” on either a picture or a heart I believe is a teleport, whether it is or not, I did not draw a “V’ on it and it doesn’t even look like a “V” is drawn on it to me.

3 – I never plaguerized anything from any book, not yet evfen published, as I was accused on a webpage and sent to people on this site as well as the Galactic years ago.

4 – I did not steal anyone’s picture I was given a picture by a person posing as a government agent that Val had asked for, a picture sent to some Agency of the Government with paperwork I signed and he signed with the names we picked to use, Val and Terese Thor in 1950. We had a picture with him with his arm around me similar and everyone on my site thought it was us and I did, too. As oon as Claudia Lee said it was her Aunt and Uncle I took it down and she kept a discussion going here for six months turning everyone against me as a thief and in the heading it had my name and accused me of being a thief. That is pure slander and I think an apology is in order as some of my grandchildren saw it and it hurt them not to say how it hurt me. I stole no picture from anyone and the picture was shown to Lee’s daughter who said she did not know anything about it. She does not know her own great Aunt and uncle?

5 – Val and I have never written about s** other than the romance I called White Rock Lake and the closest to s** was a kiss, if that offends people that write about were wolves and horror stories I’m sorry but someone needs a Shrink and I dohn’t think it’s me.

6 – I just want said of me that its thought that I believe what I say whether it’s true or not..I do believe I metg a man not bortned on this planet and we named him, Val Thor at White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas July 14, 1950 and I know I was sent to meet him from a week long Government testing agency, I know those test results are on record somewhere because of the position where I was told to read a bout Hitler’s dealings with Aliens…

7 – I would like for Dr. Richard Boylan to know I have never said on word against him and so appreciate bgeing made a full member of the ACCET group of Clinical Theraapists all with PhD’s and Master’s degrees in psychology, and know I never had an email address of that was used to create and advertise a website with lies posted under my name with forged emails about him that vilified him and I’m sure other things were said in that email address and it did not belong to me by to Claudia Lee Finkle Schloemp and it ws wrong to do that both to Rich and to myself, and it hurt me when he refused for me to send him a free copy of my book, “Government Woman” because of that situation. I would like you to know, Rich, I had hnothihng to do with it and the emails were forged which should be illegal. I have never tried to destroy anyone’s story. And of all the things that have happened to me, the one done to Dr. Boylan in my name I consider the worst. He was one of the finest men I’ve ever met and I don’t understand why some people just want to destroy someone else for the fun of it. Itg’s got to be Government Disinformation and have a big fat pay check for doing it.

All I have and the end of the Val and Valana Thor story.

I wrote this very hurriedly as I want to be through with this story and I will edit it tomorrow but I want to post it tonight as it contains facts, some of which I may not have written before.

As a note about the couple in Italy that gave me the message for Nixon. They must have mistaken me for someone else or else they knew of my assignment to work with Val and presumed I was some sort of contact agent for the US Government. Val believes what ws really burned on the desk as the FBI beat down Nixon’s door to the oval office was pictures of contact agents that received money both from the black budget and from any other place the President could obtain it, in order to keep a very high security operation in process. More than that I do not know. I have read that the real Memoirs are being kept until it would no longer harm national security to publish and at that time perhaps the real story of Val Thor will be believed, also. Until then we leave you in peace and love and the lightg of the Creator.

Val and Valana Terese Thor

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