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Val and Valana Discuss Their Book...and More


I couldn’t sleep and had an idea why, so I got up and came to the computer and waited. As usual, time seemed to stop and everything became still, then I felt a Presence enter the room. This is not always how I write via telepathy with Val, that’s when I can see him, what he’s doing at the time, often these days sitting at a desk with computer screens surrounding him on the walls and on the desk.

With his astral presence in the room there is a definite feeling, a feeling of a presence and energy well known to me, then the energy is felt as he stands beside me, touching me in some way with his hand, on my arm or at times takes a lock of my hair and slightly pulls it to let me know he is close. He keeps a touch somewhere on my body so no other mind can come in and change his words as that’s at times tried. That does not work with Val, he’s much too powerful.

We thought you might be interested in knowing how it feels to write. When it’s telepathic, when he’s not astrally present, he lets me remote view him as a point of contact so nothing can interfere with the messages.

He’s astrally present today, that means what he has to say is most important. Are you going to say anything, or did I get up, come in here and write this in vain?

“Will you give me a moment, please.”

What is wrong with you?

“Baby, there is nothing wrong with me! I’m just reading what you wrote and I think it’s fine. This is what I want in the book. I want you to explain about us, about how we write together, the different ways I’ve taken you to the ship and other places. Most of all I want you to talk about your life and how knowing me has affected it for the bad and the good. However, I doubt the good will fill a half page!”

To be honest, I doubt that, too.

“I know you regret meeting me.”

I did not get up and come in here to my computer to fuss with you!

“Then don’t fuss with me! I’m not fussing. I want you to write the book and I thought of a better name. Val could just be a human man down the street, what about, “A Man From The Stars and a girl from Texas”?

I wonder if there’s been something called, “Starman”?

“You could look it up.”

No, that’s too much like, “Superman”. You want to just be presented as man born on another world.

“What about that? “A Man Born On Another World”?

No, Val, you don’t understand books.

“What about just “Val”? Alright, let’s write the book then think of a name. I want one chapter at least about how meeting me back in 1950 changed your life and affected it. I know you don’t want that but I feel it’s very important. First, until you have your day in court…now don’t stop me…! I know you want that and I think the book is the way to get it and keep it on record. Now I know you’ve forgiven. You’re a sweet sweet soul that forgives and moves on. But you have a right to get your reputation straightened out as you know and you feel things are held against you that were lies and plots to destroy your story of me. Yes, and I know it’s all my fault for being alive, but I am, so we have to go from there!

“So answer me! You hate me, don’t you? Literally hate me for all that’s happened to you over me? And before you answer, yes, I understand, and I suppose if I didn’t have as much control over my feelings I would hate you if I were in your shoes, but I’m not, I’m in my own and I love you, darling, and I feel your hatred for me every time I come close to you. Now I’ve said it, now you say how you really feel, from the depth of your heart.”


I know you want me to say I love you and I dohn’t want to hurt you and you’ve been good to me, and I don’t hate you but yes, I don’t love you anymore, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry but I won’t lie to you.

“I know, and I appreciate that. Now back to the book. I want you to tell how knowing me has affected…has destroyed your life. I think you owe it to me, to the reader and to yourself, mostly to yourself. Has nothing to do with forgiving. You have a right to your day in court which you’ve never had. Do it in your book and leave it for all to read to see for themselves…”


Go ahead and say it. See for themselves I’m not a liar, a thief, a fake, a charlatan and a fraud! And they’re supposed to believe me?


”You have a right to tell your story. You have a right to be heard, to be read, it was your life cast on the rocks by an Alien presence, by a Government that sent a young girl on a woman’s assignment, by a man from another world that destroyed your chances for ever having a happy marriage and a home that is every woman’s right to have.”


What do you want me to write? Outline it, tell me and I’ll write it.

“I want at least one chapter on the problems you faced on the Internet for telling about me. The popularity you achieved in your early days on the world wide web and what happened to it. You don’t have to mention names but you can tell what happened and why. You can tell abut the use of the email name, an email address on Yahoo. ValThor50. without telling who used it. You can tell about the destruction of a man that did everythihng for you, a destruction that also destroyed you with one blow, in other words, they got two big birds with one small stone, an email address of “ValThor50” that of course everyone thought was you. It destroyed Dr Boylan and it destroyed you. And you had nothing to do with it!”


Richard now calls me a Government Disinformation Agent..a dirtier name he could not use! There is none! He did so much for me, he made me what I was, the most popular Ufology writer on the internet when it first began. I got over a hundred fan emails for your ‘prediction’ on the 1999 meteor shower. Your predictions that one year alone made me the best on the Internet, one hundred percent correct.


“I did it to prove you were writing for me. So I cheated. I knew what I’d do. I knew I’d have the large meteors destroyed that were targeted for the planet, that they’d only be small meteors seen during that meteor shower of November 1999. That was our big one! You’re not hearing me. You’re writing words, what are your thoughts, right now, tell me your thoughts!”


I’m thinking about the email address. How a simple email address faked to make it look like someone else is writing can destroy someone’s life. I had a place on the lecture circuit, one of the, well, the biggest Ufology Journaist in the world was going to do an interview of me, she invited me to be her guest at her summer home here in Colorado, Paola Harris, a very good friend of Dr. Boylan and when that happened about the website all of it fell through! and I didn’t even know why. My place to speak at the Ufology Convention was cancelled, Paola wouldn’t even write to me, we had written so much together, we were friends, suddenly it all stopped. And I couldn’t figure out what I’d done.


“How did you find out about the website?”


Bill McCann was a friend of long standing, he’d been a member of my mailing list and he asked me if I had a website up about Dr. Boylan and I said I did not. So he sent me an advertisement of it, in the email name “Valthor50” on the Yahoo server… So of course all thought it was me, my story of 1950 was all over the Internet and ufology groups at the time and whoelse would use that name or had any right to it. It was nothing less than Identity Theft which is against the law. And she had the nerve to say, when I accused her to the addresses that email had been sent to that it was not my name therefore anyone had rights to use the name Val Thor. But it was Val Thor 50 which identified him as the Val Thor of my personal story and it was identity theft!

“And you still feel very strongly about it therefore you must have your day in open court and write your book for the world to judge and the verdict will be innocent, there’s no other verdict to be. You were deceived by a supposed friend who was on your mailing list at the time, you were used to destroy a man you admired and had never done anything to harm you, it was done with lies and forged emails supposedly from you. No court of your land will accept an email as evidence unless it comes from the computer it was written on. You didn’t write the emails and you didn’t put up the webgsite but did anyone ever believe you?”


I don’t know. Evidently Richard did not.


“Did you ever meet Rich Boylan? I know but I want you to tell it in the book.”


Yes, and he was one of the finest men I’ve ever met and so shy and afraid of women. You can’t help loving him, like you, he’s such a good guy and so very nice. He was destroyed by lies of Government disinformation women and they used me to continue it and I didn’t do it…


“I know you didn’t do it, but you need to tell the Ufology world you didn’t do it and your story, then you can rest in peace!”


Dr. Richard Boylan and Dr. Leo Sprinkle gave me one of the greatest, the greatest honor I’ve ever had in my whole life. They made me a real bonified member of their ACCET group, a group of Clinical Therapists, all with either PhD’s or Master’s degrees in Psychology, that were Therapists that worked mostly with Abductees of ETs as well as a few contacts.

They all had degrees but me. I never returned to school after meeting you. I felt I had to marry, I wasn’t sure and when the Aunt gave me a message a man had called and said he’d be married when I received his message, to another woman and I’d never see him again, my whole life blacked out. There was a depression I can’t describe, it was actually a blackness that came over me.   The Aunt’s words kept ringing in my ears and then I’d hear your voice saying,


“I’ll love you forever and a day, promise me you’ll love me forever and a day.”

And I’d promise you then you’d kiss me and hold me close to you, and sing to me the song Frank Sinatra was singing at the time on the car radio. You sang all the love songs to me of the time. You could hear a song one time then sing it.

“I meant every word I said to you at White Rock Lake,,,every word!”


I meant every word I said to you, too. I’d never been out on a date with any man, just boys my age and they seemed so young, and nerds, too. The two dates I ever had were with what we called, nerds back then. One “nerd” became an atomic scientist that worked at White Sands. The other a well known football player so guess they weren’t so bad. I’d never been in love. I was in love with my music and my books.


“You played so beautifully, all afternoon there at the Y where you were staying to take the tests. I was enraptured by your playing.”

Two music teachers and several that had gorwn up in the Opera and at piano concerts told me I must go on with my music as I had the “touch” that one must have to be a great concert pianist. I could interpret the music as the composer wanted it played. There’s such a difference, I can hear it, there’s only one that is close to my talents back then.

I have never played again, since that afternoon I played my repertoire for you. I don’t know if I lost it in the memory block of the missing hours you did or that I just never wanted to play again but I’ve never played again.

”Get a video of Khasia, the one that plays most like you, get the one I liked so well, the one they made the popular song from the theme, “Tonight We Love”. And I want to say this to you and the world and I want this copied into our book in my own words…I never called your Aunt, nor you, I sent agents to guard you and bring you to me In Washington and the Aunt told them you didn’t want to go to me, you didn’t want to ever see meagain as I had raped you and left you for dead at White Rock Lake! That’s the story I heard!”


Loved you, too, Val, and it destroyed me when the Aunt told me the lie you’d called and said you’d be married to another woman when I got the message and I’d never see you again.

I know a lot of women would gie an arm and a leg to be in my place with you, in your heart, as I know I am, …


“But you’d like to have been in Khasia’s place, on the video and they could have me!”


No, that’s not true! Not then, not until the Aunt lies to me then I wished I were dead and I lived the life of a zombe, I never loved another man. I never had a father and I swore if I ever had a child they would have a father no matter what I had to do and I lived with a crazy man when he drank and he was an alcoholic, the brother of my brined home from the Air Force. I cried all morning before I met him at the Justice of the Peace for our marriage. I didn’t want him, I didn’t want to be married but I didn’t know why. I had so pushed you out of my mind I didn’t remember any of it, I wouldn’t let myself think about any of it. It wasn’t until the Aunt told me the truth in 1980 that she lied to me and to the agents that came for me, and then I knew, it just all came back to me like I’d never forgotten it and I knew who you were all that time when you’d show me things and say, “tell them this” and “tell them about that” and I knew what you meant! I knew who you were and why I knew I so in love with you, from the time I first saw you in 1970’s and you took me to the ship and said, “I’m Commander Val don’t you know me?” I knew I’d loved you so very dearly but I didn’t remember where or when, not until the aunt told me the truth ten years laters and you’d made me fall in love with you all over again.

“You hate me now.”

I didn’t say that. I don’t hate anyone, I just don’t love you anymore!

“But you thought it, and you meant it. I destroyed your music, I destroyed your chance to ever have a real home and happiness with another man, I destroy everything that was important to you, just by meeting me! And most important of all, I destroyed you!”

No you didn’t, Val, we make our own destinies, I destroyed myself and if anyone destroyed me it was the woman that used that email address of your name to destroy Dr. Boylan and me with one little email address. No telling what she wrote on ufology groups about Rich and he blamed me and everyone else did, too, and I didn’t do it! I didn’t do it! I DID NOT DO IT! And I believe she is the one gave me the fake pictgure pretending to be a Government agent then came on here and other sites accusing me of stealing it from her family picture website and I’ve yet to have proof from any other member of her family it belongs to them. I sent it to her daughter and asked her who it was and she claimed not to know who was in the picture! She came on my group here when I had it before and said she knew Ii did not take it but was given it by a third party to hurt us both then when I left because of illness she put up a discussion for six months, it was on Google, with my name, that I had stgolen a picture of her family and said it was us in 1950…sge lied and she did it to destroy me. She put up a webgsite saying she knew I’d drawn a “V” on the heart attached to the wings you gave me as a teleport and sent it around to people on this site and others and that was another lie from hell as I did not and now she says from another picture she was wrong and she didn’t say I did but the way she sid it, it sounded like she’d held the heart in her hands…she said “it’s obvious the “V” is drawn in paint shop” a lie from hell because it is not and I’ve begged any Ufologist to let me send it to them and let them see it for themselves but none have taken me up on it.

“Ask Drekx Omega to let you send the wings with the heart to him and I believe he will tell the truth aboutg them for your book with his name on it.“Play the video. Show what you could have been if it had not been…for Val Thor.”


“That one, play that one, I liked it best. It best shows how you could play.”

No one could play as I could. I played for a Concert Pinaist once, my teacher knew and took me to visit him after his concert. She wanted me to play for him and he’d consented. He said I had the touch very few have, that he had, that made the difference in a mediocre and a great Pianist. And I lost all of music to save your….technology! Who cares about your technology. I don’t. I wanted my music and it all gone from my mind because you had to block your technology!


“All I can…I’m sorry, I know those are very weak words! But they’re all I have.”

And I care nothing about my music. I probably would not have gone on with it, my Grandmother didn’t have the money to send me to Juilliard where my teacher wanted me to go. And I took the test for the Government position, I took the position, I wouldn’t have gone on with my music so don’t feel badly about it. I do love you Val I just wish you hadn’t wanted me to comeon the Internet. I know you wanted to help people.

“Yes, I wanted to let the public know what’s going on in their skies but I had no idea you’d have to suffer as you have tgo do it for me, I had no idea of the evil in the people of the planet. I had no idea what would happen to you. That’s why I want you to tell it.”

There’s nothing to tell, after I was disgraced in the Ufology community, after someone played you and kept me from going to Washington with Dr. Greer, and I found the Ashtar groups, conveniently I was given a picture YOU asked for, presumably us, and everyone on my site thought it was us, at least they said they did, an d I know Chaplain would not lie nor Diana, nor Patty and don’t know if Teresa was there or not. And the guilty one knew I could not see well and yes I think it was the same one put up the discussion herfe six months that I stole a picture from her family site, with my name in the subject…Valana Thor and it was on Google until I finally saw it and got a letter to Ben through Rosey. It was slander and my book had come out with all that and of course no one wanted to read it! Very neat trick and the timing was great. She even put up a webpage that I plaguerized our two sons on the ship from some book she’s not yet to publish! And no doubt sent it around to many here she knew that think I’m a thief, a plaguerist, a fake and a fraud over your story.

“I want you to tell everything in this that she did to you. Forgiving is one thing but to live with the stigmata of being a thief is another and I don’t want that …I don’t want it and I won’t have it and I don’t want this taken down I want it everywhere you can post it. You did it for me, you came on this Intgernet for me as I asked you to do so and I am not there to protect you and you have to do what I tell you and I want the whole story and in the book and publish it and publish names and sites where you were lied about. That’s slander! Isn’t there laws against it? Why do site owners allow people to be slandered that are not on the site and don’t know it? Why didn’t someone tell you, it wasn’t that you were hidden from sight. You had the Eagleshaven in plain sight.”


She put up a webpage and said we both were deceived.


“Where is it? Has anyone that saw her accusations of you here for six months saw it? It should be put up here for six months like the slander of you was posted here that long until you wrote and had it taken down.   It should be posted here. Find it and copy it here. Do you know how it hurts me? I’m not there to do anything about it. Yes you must forgive but also she must make it right.”


She’s tried to make it right. It’s too late. I don’t care anymore I wish you could realize that.


“I care! You’re my chosen channel and I care what’s said about you and I care how you’ve hurt over the years, over me, because of it, and you blame me! And yes, it’s my fault, it’s my fault and I realize that. I should never have asked you to come on the Internet with our story. You still loved me back then, I was the only star in the sky, the only man there ever was to you, and now you hate me.”

Val, no I don’t hate you.

“Play the video that could have you had it not been for me! But I didn’t mean to erase your music from memory I only wanted to block the personal relationship for fear they’d use you as hostage to get my technology they were not ready to have and still not ready. Play the music, show what I took from you, and I gave you nothing in return, nothing.”

You gave me your love, that is not ‘nothing’ and I gave you mine.

“And I lost your love, over the hurts and lies. Play the music.  I wanted you to keep playing, I wanted you to have a career.  I didn't mean to take your music away with the memory, I meant to restore it as soon as you were with me and my wife as you wanted the ceremony, and I wanted you to have it. I never meant for you to be hurt for meeting me.  Your Government sent you to me they should protect you."

Val, my Government doesn't give a....they've paid for what's happened to me!  

"I want twenty four hours, that's all I ask, when you leave that planet, twenty four hours with me, do I have it?"

You have it, Commander. 

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Replies to This Discussion

Thank you dear Valana for telling part of your story...I must tell you that many, many will believe you as I do...Most people distrust the government and I cannot wait until you write your book...This is the perfect timing for your book...Forgive, forget and let go...You owe yourself that...You will find Peace and Love again...Val loves you so much I can feel his sincerity and the truth of his words...Find your truth and tell it to the world...I feel it will be a love story of you and Val...You can regain your passion for your music...Your story is making me feel what you went through and that Val is telling the truth...Blessings

Valana I came back to ask you about coffee...Can you ask Val why they don't allow for coffee in his planet? I love coffee but if there is anything I should know I would be grateful for the information, and if necessary I would stop drinking it...Has it anything to do with the nervous system or the acidity in the body and the infections that can cause in the urinary track...? I stopped drinking coffee in my two pregnancies and I was ok with it...I had this thought in my mind for a few days...Blessings...

Amparo, I go by the scriptures for my path, Jesus is my Master teacher and the old Jewish law they had so many food laws one could hardly eat, and it has to be fixed just right and you had to wash your hands just right... The disciples of Jesus sometimes did not wash their hands and the Jewish Rabbis and Pharisees fussed about them sinning.  But Paul said all things are lawful, speaking of eating meat, but all things are not expedient...If what he did made his brother/sister to sin then it was wrong at that time but if not then he was free to eat what he wanted and that would include drinking coffee..he even told Timothy "a little wine for your stomach's sake"... Val takes adantage of that one! :0)  Val says, " A little wine is good for you stomach, have another drink on me!" :0)(be!

Amparo, you have meant so much to me through the years...I think you were one that was on our group the first time I was here, were you here prior to 2010? I started Eagleshaven in 3011 in July and I know it was a year or so or longer I was here with I think, the Voice of Altair, I'm not sure what I named the  site.

Yes, I was here since 2008 or 2009...I was number 2211...Then someone messed with this website and Ben had to close it and re-opened it again...

This place is not what it used to be...I am not sure why people stay away...I refuse to do that...because if we all give up and leave,...What is it going to be of our world? Someone has to be put and stand up no matter what...Blessings Valana and I certainly am so glad you came back here...

I have two posts trying to save if this one does that I will go off and come back...

I'm drinking coffee now...don't let people condemn you...we are free!

What happens when we leave? I wonder what my number was, well if you lost yours I lost mine, too...but will I have the 2nd one?  I'm not sure how long I've been here this time, I had put in to come back and went to hospital and when got home I had been accepted... I think that's how it was, but I'd like to know... I think about the Angel numbers... You remember that woman that did the angel numbers became an Anglican Christian I think was her religion and gave up everything of that nature...but Jesus does not expect thaty, he was new age back then to the Pharisees...the sincere Jews followed him, there's nothing in the New Covenant that forbids talking to Angels in fact it says be careful as you might entertain them and not entertain them properly is what it means... be nice to all as they may be an angel...

Whenever you see three numbers together like you look at the time or oin a license plate or somewhere you happen to glance at it means an angel message..

111 I think it's new beginnings, it's good anyway

222- Everything is going to be alright

333 The Angels are with you

444 The Masters are with  you

555 fasten your safety belt something is fixing to happen good or bad I just use it for good 

All I know...

Go ahead and do it regardless of what anybody thinks of you...When the book comes out and they read it they will have to at least think about what you are conveying and if they decide not to believe it would be their loss...It should not be yours as your book will sooner or later be given credit to, and the government would look as the disinformant that it actually is...because disclosure is coming soon and humanity is going to know of the deceit going on in government...and regarding that woman...She will have to confess her misdeeds...I learned something over the years especially now at this point in our evolving of discernment...The truth can no longer remained hidden...All is coming up to the surface...Blessings Valana and I admire your good heart and inner strength...

The woman is sorry and has apologized and she does have a webpage up and if I can find the url I'll put it somewhere..but the damage is done and I have forgiven and really care for her as a sister or daughter but nothing can be done now..everyone probably gone anyway that knew any of it but still it's reputation and there ae some here that won't speak that used to take Val's writings and repost on their I know it's made a dent...

Thank you for that beautiful piano music in the video...It touched my heart...

Thank you, I had a large repertoire, that was one of the compositions I played for Val, i

t was his second favorite, he loved Stanchan.I had a large repertoire.

I played the full score of Rhapsody in Blue, all 22 pages or maybe 21.

Then the full score of Tschaikowski's Concerto No 1 in B Flat Minor, the

Theme of that was made into the hit song "Tonight We Love" but I couldn't

find just the theme by Khatia.  I played that, and Clair d' Lune and Malaguena

To a Wild Rose, remembering some. He says every time I write about the story

some little memory will creep back up and bring with it another then another.


I believe your correct, Amp.  It comes from true sincerity and a love that could not be...  Blessings 



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