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Val and Valana - "Coffee Break Time"

(Reposted from Eagleshaven July 19, 2020  Val and I discuss the

Covid-19 origin and purpose) Telepathic Transmission by Valana

Val:  "Say, lovely lady, have time for a coffee break with an ole ET Commander?

Valana: I don't Drink coffee and too busy saving the world. Besides, you're not a Commander anymore.  You have a desk job at Headquarters of the Universal Protection Command, stationed on Altair Five under the big dome.  Did I get the whole title in like you want?


Val:  Let the world wait Well, you didn't tell what I do at my desk job.


Valana: That'supposed to be your ultra high security information that you don't want me to tell the world.


Val: It won't hurt to mention I'm the big commander that still runs his own show.  Some wonder if I'm still alive.

Valana:  No, they wonder if I am.  Alright, big commander what secret do you want to put in a seemingly innocent coffee break for fun post?


Val: Now you've gone and ruined all my methods of passing information to the wise.

Valana:  I told you I'm busy saving the world so just tell what you want to say this morning in a few words.

Val: How are you trying to save the world?

Valana:  I'm busy ppoting all the latest news of bad things that are happening to keep them informed.

Val:  And how is that going to save them?

Valana: Well, it may not save them, but they wo't die ignorant.

Val:  Why don't we do something that will really help save the world?

Valana:  What can we do?

Val:  What about one of our old "George and Gracie skits we used to do, remember, we were called the resurected George Burns and Gracie Allen Comedy Team.

Valana: No one's old enough to remember they were world famous comedians but you and me.  let's see, you shou8ld be going on eight hundred earth years by now.  Gracie used to write their funniest lines and she always made herself the fall guy.

Val: Let's reverse it today.

Valana:  You mean you write the script and make yourself the fall guy?

Val: No, I'll write the script and make you the fall guy.

Valana:  That wasn't too funny.  What's new going over your desk today, big Commander?

Val: Nothing important.  Just some strange reconnaisane ships darting in and out of planet Earth's air space I think some would  like me to identify.

Valana;  Why don't you identify them?

Val: I may have lost my way of doing so.

Valana:  You mean they've forgotten Terese Thor?

Val: Would you believe there was really someone by that name that wrote books?  Some have memorized them all, searching for hidden meanings.

Valana:  I had heard of that name being used.  I wondered if it would onfuse someone.  We should have picked some weird names.  And don't I ever get to retire?

Val: No one to take your place.  So Government ET c ontact telepaths don't get to retire.

Valana: Val, you mean the secret government has no one that can read you?

Val: I don't work with the secret government?  You notice I said work with. I don't work FOR anyone, not on your planet at least.

Valana: I remember when we used to identify the ships.  Do you know where the latest ones came from?

Val:  Yes.

Valana:  Well, is that all you can say?

Val: At this time, yes. Passers by, checking out the planet for possible colonization.  Their planet is becoming overcrowded.  Not to change the4 sugbject, but did you ever think of how the Italian experiences seem to line up with current happenings?

Valana; I have and it's uncanny, so i figure most will think I've made them up to apply to this age.

Val:  There may be some smart enough to believe in viwsions and Psychic abilities.  Let's think about them.

Valana:  Well, there was the "Toy Factory" that had inside the chemical lab you wanted me to "tell them" to go in and destroy it before what they were working on got loose.

Val:  Do you remember what I said they were working on?

Valana: Something similar to the dewsigns of Hitler's Alien contacts.  They wanted to design a superior race by killing off all that were not of the purest quality. But I never cou8ld figure out why they wanted to kill the Jews and Gypsies because some of the most advanced technologies have come through the Jewish mind and the Gypsies are by far the most advanced psychically.

Val: Yes, now think about that a moment.

Valana: Oh!

Val: Oh, so what do we come up with, doctor Watson.

Valana:  Not everyone has read Sherlock Holmes so they won't know why you called me, doctor Watson.  However,l it does seem they were trying to design a lower race rather than a superior one,.

Val:  The better to use as slaves to superioor beings wouldn't it?

Valana:  But why would Hitler go along with  such a plan?

Val: Like everyone else that bought it.  He thought he was desitgning a superior race.   Also, to try to make the Christians look bad by claiming to be one.  There were mny layers to that plan.

Valana:  Why would my Government want to contact those saame Aliens in the early 1960's?

Val: That's what I'd like to find out.  

Valana: Those same ones are here now.

Val: I know, we have them all on target for destruction at any time so don't worry, they know better than to touch the Commander's Woman.  i think you should use that as title for our new bopk.  By the way, where is our new book?

Valana: Val, Let's not change the subject.  Let's go back to the chemical lab. What was this biological weapon meant to do?

Val:  Rid the planet of the aged and ill.

Valana:  That's the reverse of what Hitler's Aliens wanted to do.

Val:  Correct. Just kieep thyinking but don't write it. Let's change the subject.  

Valana: While I'm thinking, will they ever find a cure or vaccine for the Cofic-19?

Val: Hopefully it escaped into the public before it was fully developed.  The ideal plan was to have no cure nor vaccine until it totally eliminated the elderly and weak, leaving only a superior race.  

Valana: So we can't blame Hitler's Aliens for the virus.

Val: Correct.  They are working fervetnly to devise a vaccine or cure.  They don't want a superi9or race on the planet.

Valana: So we need to leave them be, to try to find a solution.

Val: That would be my suggestion, yes.  

Valana:   If developed by Alien technology it will take Alien technology to devise a cure, I think.

Val; You're thinking correctly.  

Valana: You're not identifying ships anymore? Say yes or no, first that comes to mind.

Val: A definite YES.  Now about my having you for dinner tonight on the Star Deck of our Command ship very close to your planet?

Valana: I don't like the feeling I got with thaqt one.  Coffee's cold and I saw someone hand you some papers. Do you still use papers, at a Command Headquarters?

Val: Depends where the Command Headquarters is located.  Have a nice3 day.  I'll have a nice njight.  Until later.  And don't let it be so long bhetween coffee breaks.  Bye Sweetheart!  Val


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This is a duplication I am trying to find a way to delete it. 


Dear Amparo, did you see this that we posted back July 19th on my site?  I thought I'd re-post it here since it fits so well with what you had posted the other day.  I had not taken the time to post it here back in July but this i Val's opinion of it...also there's another he said similar about the vaccine they were talking about with the digital dots on the skin, he had advised not to take that one, also.  He says it is a way to gain control of the people through the 5G.



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