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(From “Journey Of Miracles” by Patti Spencer on sale on Amazon and Amazon Kindle)



     I was sitting in my recliner one night as I was healing from a fall and broken bones and it was hard to get around to do things for myself, and I talked to Jesus, I said if I am not going to be able to get to do for myself and to get out anymore and do for the Lord then I’m ready to come home. I asked that I not be left here when I can no longer care for myself or be of service to God.


     Instantly I was out of my body and into the spirit world on the Astral level. I was not asleep and this was not a dream. I was standing at one end of a beautiful rainbow bridge.


You can consider this a vision or an actual what is called “astral” projection of our Spiri we are not our body, we are Spirit, made in the image and likeness of God as God is not a physical man but Spirit as Jesus told us. Otherwise he could not live in our hearts. A physical being could not come into our body and dwell with us as Jesus said,


“The Father within, he does the works.” And,


     “Of my own self I can do nothing, the Father within doea the work:

     And he told us the Father was in us, and that’s what it’s all about. The Spirit of the Father within us is us. Our purpose here is to allow the God Presence that is the real “uss” to manifest fully. Do not think you are God. You are God like the earth worm is a human. Paul explained we are parts of the ONE Body of God. Atoms in the molecules and cells of the Divine. Some see this revelation and make the mistake of thinking they, themselves, are God. Cosmic consciousness does not make you God, it makes you human. The greatest teacher that ever walked the earth once said,

“As ye do it unto the least of these, you have done it unto me.”

I’ll paraphrase that with, “As you do it to another you have done it to yourself>” Think about it.


In the Spirit realm I was immediately taken to a beautiful rainbow colored bridge that crossed a raging river.      As I looked to the other side of the bridge it was such beautiful scenery as I’ve never seen and we’ve traveled in three continents in my lifetime and seen some pretty country. It was a woods area as I’ve always told God I don’t want to live in a city I want to live in the country where the deer and birds, squirrels and other animals can be safe and come eat out of my hand. I love animals and I love the country and the woods. And this was exquisite woods. It looked as though it was kept by a gardener. It had exotic green foliage and blooming flowers all through the trees.


I started to step up on the bridge and suddenly Jesus appeared and held his hand out for me to stop. He said,


     “You will come to me, but not now. Go back, there is a work for you to do.”


     I believe that my work today is on the world wide web where I have a ministry site and post teachings on my Face Book page.

     There are no churches today like we used to have and no Holy Ghost services where we saw the signs and wonders of the healing  ministry of Jesus Christ. There are psychology lectures and self help teachings from the pulpit and I don’t like to sound like what we used to call “a clothes horse preacher”. But there are women ministers today that wear what some would feel indecent wearing in their bedrooms.


     When tight pants give the appearance of being the flesh whether it is material or not, to wear behind God’s Holy Desk I do not believe proper. I know I won’t be appreciated by some for saying this and some will call me an old foggy but I was one of the most modern ministers of my time. I wore pants on the street which was then a no-no but I would not think to wear them behind the pulpit today. The difference in mens’ trousers is they are not tight fitting nor show their nakedness which the tight fitting pants of women do.


Women of the Cloth,we paid a high price for our right to be called, Ministers in this age of Egotistic Patriarchy. . Respect the Holy Desk least that right be removed by the Hallowed Hand of our Father..


I truly hear a lot of noise but I do not feel the old time power that performed the miracles I’ve seen in my life. But I believe I will see it again as it’s coming. There is coming the greatest revival this world has ever seen. Joel’s army (the Old Testament Prophet Joel) is preparing to rise with the signs following their ministry they had in the days of the Christ. The Bible prophesies it and almost all the propheces have been fulfilled but the great wave of the Latter Rain outpouring of the Holy Spirit and Fire Baptism is yet to come but it’s on the horizon.


The great revival will not come through the ministers and pastors of the great churches of the country but from this revival will be a revival of the Saints, those that love God and are sincere with God will be filled with the supernatural power and miracles, signs and wonders will again fill the earth once more before the time of the end.


When I was in Italy I had a vision one night. I was kneeling by my kitchen chair praying and the Angel that has been with me all my life picked me up and took me into the spirit realm and I could see through my kitchen wall the Adriatic sea. We lived in a seaside resort town but I had no window facing the sea and only a wall but I could see through the wall and I saw Jesus walking on the water. His hand was outstretched, the hand of mercy.


No other man raised the dead. No other man conquered death openly and was viewed by over five hundred as did Jesus the Christ. No other who claimed to be Christ has offered to you to share in His Divinity as manifest God on Earth but Jesus. He was overshadowed by the Spirit of God and none other. Neither a mere man called, Matreya by Benmamin Crème, now dead, nor Melchesidek, overshadowed Christ Jesus but the Holy Spirit of the Creator God.. Jesus did not teach of himself, his teaching was…




The video above is J. T. Adams and “The Men of Texas”. I went to school with J.T., he was a few years older than me. J.T. was a member of the First Baptist Church and his mother a member of a different denomination. She worried that J.T. did not know the Lord so he prayed for God to show him something to assure his mother that he did.

He woke up one night with this song in his heart, got up and wrote down the words. That is how this song came to be written and it has stayed one of the all time favorites in the Southern Gospel world of music.

In the above chapter of my book I have changed or removed some lines that I do not feel appropriate for this site. I hope you enjoy my story of the Rainbow Bridge.

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