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My Most Scary Moment

By Val and Valana Thor


A friend had just built a split-level home in the Missouri hill country and was showing me around. The phone rang and she was not watching and I opened a door and started to step into the other room.

If you don’t know what a split level home is, it’s a house built on the side of a mountain or steep hill and though you walk into it through a door leading from the ground, another room in the back of the house could be two or three stories up from the ground.

This room was one of those rooms, and was to be a balcony which they had not yet built. I’ve wondered why the door was left unlocked since they had a small child so what happened might have happened for good reason, it taught them to keep that door locked until they built the balcony..

I opened the door and stepped out. I was off balance and looking down below was a concrete patio, at least two floors down. It happened so fast I’m not sure if I had stepped completely out into thin air or just lost my balance as my foot stepped out and was about to fall to the concrete below when something very powerful hit me from the top of my forehead to my toes and knockec me back into the room, flat of my back.

Val’s voice was almost audible as he yelled,

“Watch where you are going!”

“This was back when I was Supreme Commander of the Altair Fleet and I was showing some VIP’s around the ship, walking towards the master control room on the top deck next to the famous Star Deck Valana talks so much about.


“Suddenly my senses warned me of danger to Valana and I remote viewed her about to fall to her death or serious injury, unbalanced with one foot out the door of a two story house. I did the only thing I could, I hit her hard, not hard as I could as with a powerful mind one can kill with thought waves, but I hit her hard enough to push her back into the house on her back on the floor.

“She wasn’t hurt, and very thankful. But it’s a lesson to her to look before she steps next time and it’s a lesson in the power of the mind.

“Did you ever get mad and think mad thoughts towards someone? Do you know, depending on the power of your mind, you can kill someone? And did you know if you muster up loving thoughts for someone that has made you mad, yhou can change that feeling of resentment or hate inside them into love? And you can heal, I don’t mean just heal emotions you can heal the worst of disease with loving thought toward a person, and you can cause them to have a serious illness, just by being mad, if your thoughts are powerful enough.


“Your scientists have measured the power of thourht waves and thoughts do not stay within your head. They go somewhere. If you are thinking of someone, they go to that person. That’s how telepathy works. Did you ever suddenly think of someone you hadn’t thought of in years and the phone rings, and it’s that person? Their thought reacht you before their phone call did on the 3-d level.


“What if everyone in the world, for just an hour, had only loving thoughts? It would be, it could be, a miracle of greater proportions than any could dream of. This is what we’d like to see happen.

“If only fifty-one (51) percent of world consciousness could be positive the world would change completely and instantly. It would not take fifty-one percent of the population because positive, loving thoughts are much more powerful than negative thought.

“It is not a matter of doing it one time, though that’s a start. It must be kept at fifty-one percent. It’s not meditating for thirty minutes or an hour one time; it’s walking in the level of unconditional love, twentyfour seven.

“The Kingdom of God is within you.”

Val and Valana

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Thank you, Drekx and Hellen, for liking our experience and teaching.  

Val and Valana



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