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Story of a Contactee - Part 3 "he Sound"


The Chapel at the Base gave us one night a weel fpr servoces pf our faith and another night we would have Bible study and services at one of the homes of any that wanteed to host them.  There were three of us that had moved to the small coastal town of Spechiolla, Italy so we could be together for coffee and prayer meetings.

  At our weekly meetings, two young Airmen, that worked under my husband tgat what they called, "The Elepghant Ears" asked him if they could come in late as I had the best services they'd ever attended, even back in the Staters. I suspect they said that in order to get to come in to work late and he fell for it and let them.

There were not many in our group and we always had homemade cookies and coffee after service.  One night the rest had gone except the two airmen and Shirley, Inell and the two Airmen.  We sat in the kitchen munching on cookies and I asked, did they like their work at the Elephant Ears, which is what my husband called it.  I asked if it could be part of the MARS project?  My husband neverd talked about his work and so I was just curious.

"You know about the MARS Tracking Stations?" one asked.

I told him I worked on the project at one time so I presume they thought I knew more than I did and one said,

"Then you know about the sound."

I didn't but I thought it was very interesting and I'd just play along and see what I could find out  Most husbands shared a lot with their wives but mine was the kind that only talked about hwork on his death bed and shared that he had seen Co mmander Thor when he was on Okinawa, Japan.

I asked the boys if they had found the source of the "sound" and they shook their heads. 

"Perhaps the Soviet Union?" I offered.  One answered,

"No, they are trying to find it, too."

"So you're working together?" I asked but received no answer.  I was really getting curious and Shirley, whose husband was in charge of the fuel asked if they knew what they did with all the guel as her husband was always so busy and what did theydo with it? She wondered.

They didn't answer us and one said it was time they were going so they left for work.    I just had to try one more time to find out something as I had a feeling it had something to do with ther ships we'd see often out over the ocean.  So I asked,

"With all those antennas sirrpinmdomg upi gius sire;u upi cam [om [pomt wjere tje spimd os cp,omg frpm!"Oh, we know where it's coming from.  It's coming from space." He said as they went out the door. 

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