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For the next several years I had many experiences with the space ship Commander that called himself, Val. Some were very vivid dreams from which I'd awaken with full memory and which I remember until this day. Val has taught that when a dream is remembered for years it was more than a dream, but a reality on another level of existence. A dream soon forgotten after awakening is a message of the subconscious that comes in symbols only the dreamer can interpret from past experience.

Some of the experiences started out in an awakened state and usually including the spinning sensation. At times when threre was no spinning there would be a shaft of light come around me then suddenly I'd be somewhere else standing with Commander Val.

Many times he would show me things then tell me to "tell them". For instance, he showed me a place where he said they were developing a biological weapon and another time a place they were putting up curved, rectangular antenaes on tall polls. Je said, "Tell them that in the wrong hands this could be used for controlling the masses, it could be used for mind control of the masses." This was the time I was jerked away from him, thrown back in my bed and a round, red mark was placed above my left ankle and I was told if I ever returned to that place I would return to my body.

One very important thing Val wanted told was about certain ships. He would take me aboard and show me a few things for identification then say, "these are my ships" or "these are not my ships" and then he would either say where they were from or that he did not know where they were from.

All the time he would tell me to "tell them this" or "tell them that" and I did not know what to do. He seemed to thhink I did and I asked him and he'd say, "You know what to do." but I could not seem to get him to understand I did not know what to do.

I found an ad in a magazine about a psychic group in California that had connection with the CIA for psyhic tips so I wrote to them and the head of the group, a psychic and a writer, asked me to send my experiences to him and he would pass them on to a member of the CIA that came by to pick up psychic tips. He told me later that the CIA man wanted all my writings and for him not to let them be opened by others. He called him, Doc. the Psychic's name was Al Manning and at the time he owned the ESP Lab in Los Angeles, California.

I won't repeat anything I've posted in detail like the bio weapon lab and the curved screens on poles but I haven't discussed ship identification and most of that Val has asked that I not do so. There is one incident that happened in late 70's on Okinawa he's approved for discussion.

This ship I saw from the outside so I could describe it. It wasn't large and was air docked over one of our security bases on Okinawa, Japan. It had a pole antenna on top with a horizontal pole and it was slowly turning. There could have been more than one cross pole on this particular one and it slowly turned like a slow fan. We went on the inside. This is some of our conversation though it won't be ver batim as that was a long time ago to remember exact words but it will be the same meaning.

Val: "Let's find the control room."

As we entered through an open panel Val said,

"This is weird. Not a ship I'm familiar with. Other than it's definitely a spy probe and possibly unmanned, total remote controlled.Tell them it's a spy ship and I'm not familiar with it but it's not our, repeat that, it's not ours."

There was some noise in the corridor and Val said,

"Let's get out of here they may be able to see astrals."

So in that situation we were in our astral bodies. Astral bodies "are real, they are very similar to our flesh bodies we live in on Earth. We are Spirits and we have a Soul comrpised our our thoughts s and emotionswhich are considered by the ancient adepts to be actual bodies only of finer vibratory frequency.

Any that met Val when he was on the planet can witness he is a big joker. His biggest one was telling me to write our story in two pages. He's still laughing for saying that. This is only the beginning and not really the beginning at all. The story ov our 1950 meeting has been written so many times I feel the world already knows it, but Val has said probably very few ever read it in relation to the whole world, so it will be writtenonce more when I get to it. But that is a long while off, there is much to tell.

I want val to talk about the Night Academy on his ship in the 70's that I attended. Since being on the Internet since 1997 U've run into several that have attended night schools in various ships and some in the Etheric schools around this Planet of the Lords of the Rays. These are not physical experiences but pieces of the memories lie in our dream memories and memories of things that seem to happen as we sleep. That is why it is called at times the Astral Night Classes as it seems to happen in our sleep. Perhaps Val will find time to talk about it soon.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about my experiences with Val. And I hope I have encouraged some of you, that have your own experiences of contact with real off world intelligences, to write your own experiences. If people make fun and laugh, do not worry. There is an ancient axion, "he who laughs last, laughs always". And who knows, you might put them in a book and some movie producer might buy it and make a movie of your dreams then you can laugh all the way to the bank.

However, I do not write my experiences for financial gain, I have too much respect for Val to do that and he does not approve of it. I write to educate the public of the reality of beings similar to us from other planets that have our best interests at heart. But there are those that do not have our best interests at heart so be careful as the Bible says even Satan appears as an angel of light and not all ETs are the good guys.

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