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Val has asked that I write my complete story, in my own words, in about two pages so people will know where I'm coming from when I write about him and for him.  I agreed to try to do it in two parts, not pages.  But I will try.

I think my story really starts in early 1970's in Italy.  We lived in a small costal town where other military families lived that were stationed at San Vito AFB.  I'd often go down to the beach, slip off my sandalws and walk barefoot in the sand close to the waters' age.  There seemed to be deja and I wondered where and when this had happened in my life or perhaps another lifetime on a far distant shore perhaps even another planet.

I had always believed people, just like us, lived elsewhere in the stars.  I remember, as a very loittle girl, telling my Grandfather that showed me the big and little dippers in the sky that peopkle lived up there on the stars just like us.  He told me they did not but I never believed him though I didn't know why, I just knew they did.

I'd lften hear songs from back in the late 1940's that Frank Sinatra sange.  "I'll Be Seeing You" and "To Each His Own" were two of the songs that would come to me like someone humming them to me, I could almost hear a man's voice singing them off in the distance. T

This was a morning like the others only I could almost feel a presence walking with me and the words, \"Toss a stone high in the air.""  So I did, and it broke into small pieces.  I thought, that must have been a hard piece of sand stuck together and then the thought came again, like words spoken from outside of me only as thoughts that came3 into my head not originated there.  So I chose a very hard small rock and tossed it high in the air.  It disintegrated into dust.

I sat down on a large rock and said, "Are you going to disintegrate me like you did the rock?" I knew there was a spirit walking with me.  I wasn't afraid, and I knew the answer would be "No".  I felt I knew who it was yet I did not have any idea.  I was not in the habit of communicating with spirits but I believed in it and had attended a very spiritual service at a spiritualist church one time and they had describe3d my mother, who they said was watching over me standing back of me. I never knew my mother as she died when I was born but they described how her picture looked.  I had always believed in the Catholic Saints that they, too, were with us and helped us though I'm not Catholic at this time I have respect for all religions and I believe as we progress spiritward in ascension we will respect all people and their beliefws and as the wiccan rede states, "do as you will if it harm none"...though I'm not a witch I respect their right of belief.  The only people that are hard to respect are those that believe they know it all and no one else is right or truthful unless they agtree.  That is so childish.

Suddenly I became very sleepy and tghe thought came to go lie down and he would take me somewhere and I would know who he was.  I wasn't hypnotize4d but I felt in sort of a daze as I wanted to go to see who this person was, I felt such a pull to step out of this world into another world that seemed to be there with a door opening.  I had never had that kind of feeling. 

I went the few blocks to my place and lie down on the bed. As soon as my head touched the pillow the room begn to spin around me slowly at first, then faster and faster.  I was not dizzy.  I was not spinning but the room was spinnijng around me faster and faster...then I was somewhere else totally. 

I was standing near water, I could hear the waves touch the shore and shortly ahead of me was a man, I knew him well, I knew at one time I was very much in love with this man, but I did not know who he was.  He was surrounded by a ring of fire and he help out his left hand to me to come to him... I saw on his little finger a large stone ring.  I thought, "That's my ring why is he wearing my ring?"  I w3alked unhesitatingly to him through the ring of fire. It did not burn me.  I took his hand and he said, "For your protection".

To my right I saw a large round ball of pure golden light... it was about as big as half a football field.  It was glowing like a ball of light, there were no lights on it, the whole thing was glowing gloden light.  Then I saw stps come down the side of it.  I counted them, therre were seven steps covered in red violet with gold trim on the sides.  At the top of the steps was a panel that I could see golden light coming out from it as it slid open and a man's voice said, "Bring her up!".

Then aother voice from a distance at first thqat got louder saying,

"Mama, wake up and make me a peanut butter and blackberry jelly [email protected]!"

My son was home from school..His bus got home around five in the afternoon.  I had gone walking on the beach after he left for school that morning.  It was after five in the afternoon.  Where had I been all day?  It had been several hours since I heard the mans' voice from the head of the steps saying, "Bring her up".... what happened during those hours?

I fixed supper and after the family was asleep I took my portable typewriter to the kitchen and began to write of my experience of that day.  I then wrote the question, "I wonder what happened to me today?"  As soon as I had written the question the lighting in the kitchen seemed to change to a more tgolden color and I heard that same telepathic voice say plinly some words I wrote down.  This is how I bgan to write for the man called, Val.

I would like to write my whole story as I've never written it all in detail just as I lived it.  I would hope to finish it and publish it perhaps with some of Val's writings.  I gbegan to write with him and I wrote pages and pages as I asked him questions and he would ask me questions.  Always the questions would begin to be personal as he would ask about my past, when I was very young and to tell him if I were ever in love in a special way with a special person.  I would tell him, "No, I don't brelieve in that kind of special love at all." And I would tell him if he continued to question me I would stop writing with him so for awhille he would stop. Then he would start atgain asking me about my early love life and wasn't there someone very special I was once very much in love with and perhaps planned to marry one day? And I would again tell hyim if he did not stop trying to ask about my past I would stop writing with himk so he would again stop asking me questions and let me ask him about space and the ships and other civilizations in our universe. 

Then one night soon he asked if I wanted to see his ship?  I said yes.  He told me to lie down and close my eyes and not be afraid.  I could feel an energy radiating from his hand over my heaart center then the energy and light wsurrounded me, I opened my eyes and it seemed a beam or searchlight came down through the ceiling or from the window that in Itay was high in the wall and it was open.  I'm not wure if this was the transporter technology or tractor beam but suddenly I felt I was swooped up in the light beam and then I was standing on a ship and in front of me was a man in uniform but not like our military uniforms.  It was the man I'd seen at the lake in the earlier exprerience. 

He said, "I'm Commander Val, don't you know me?"

I knew I had known him but I didn't remember where or when, and I new I had been deeply in love with him but I couldn't remember him from this lifetime at all.  Back in 1952 I had a near death experience and they told my family if I came out of a coma I would be a vegetable and could not have any memory at all as I'd bgeen out of oxygen way too long.  However, when I came out of it, I told them my name, address and social security number.  One of the doctors said it was the man upstairs, they did not do it but it was a miracle.  However, there was much from my past I did not remember...the man called Val wass one of those memories.

To be continued

Note:  At this time I do not see very well as I have4 lost my glasses but I felt I had to begin to write this story and if there are typos or I got my hands on the wrong keys please forgive me.  I will try to edit it best I can but Val wants me to write the story and post it so I'm trying to do as he's asked me to do.  So m,uch of myh story seems like a fairy tale or science fiction but perhaps by my telling it all as it happened I can encourage others to come out of the closet and tell theirs.  I will be ninety my nezxt birthday and I have no reason to spin a tale that is not true just for the fun of it, as there is no fun in being a contactee of a real Alien presencce.  There is much heartache, tears and sadness when people intentionally insult both the contactees and the abgeductees.  I do believe in the abductee stories as all are not good on this Earth therefore we cannot experct all from other worlds to be good.  I hope my story will help someone else to tell theirs. I know there are a lot of real contacts with those from other worlds that have been going on for a long, long time.

God bless you and thank you for reading my story.  I will continue it as soon as possible. - Patti Jean Spencer (Valana)

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Thank you Valana...I love your stories...I know them to be true...I just know...and I truly enjoy them...Thank you again for sharing them and Commander Val is right by asking you to write them...Many will enjoy them as I do...I wish you a very happy birthday whenever it comes...and as of now too...Blessings to you and Val and much Love always...


DThank you dearest Amparo, for posting this.

Blessings of Light and Love to you and all

With all my love...Sometimes I do not come to the computer and other times I do not see blogs or discussions but when I do I take action especially when I like something...and you know I love your stories (real stories) ...Blessings dear friend...and keep on writing...You do very well...even without the glasses...Pray that you find them and you will...I always find things that I loose...I ask my Guardian Angel and sometimes even when I have just said His name boom right then and there I find the lost items...I send you my Love, Peace and Light...from my heart to your beautiful heart of LOVE...

Mary Magdalene: 

"A belief is a resonance and alignment to an energy. When you believe in love, safety, and health, no matter what evidence is shared with you to dissuade you, you align with and become love, safety, and health."


From Mary Magdalene:  " Remember you are the Creators of your reality; you have the divine right to choose what you wish to experience; this has never been so important. If each person and soul on the Earth were to realize they have the power to choose what they wish to create all illness, fear, poverty, and any other harmful energy would be powerless and non-existent."

Dearest Amparo,

Thank  you for all the nice things you say...they give people strength and encouragement

and are so important.

I almost did not tell aboutg the ring of fire and back thenh I had never heard about

any sort of thing other than the Bible scriprure, speaking of those that love God and

try to live for God Zechariah said,

"I'll be a wall of fire round about her and the glory in the midst of her"...

Now literally that is speakikng of Jerusalem however there are four major ways the

Rabbis (and the Bible was written by Israelites) translate the scripturfe...the Literal

is only one way...there is the spiritual interpretation and two others...but one can take

all the promises of the Jewish Bible ND APPLY THEM INDIVIDUALLY and their is 

a literal "wall of fire" round about those that have purified their souls and have unconditional

love for mankind and every living creature... Val is on that spiritual level...

When one is on the level they can see this level, they know instantly if a person

is good or bad to be around..some are actually surrounded by black smoke on that


Val wants to use my experiences to teach and if we ever do the book he is going to

do a sort of like a footnote only long one and explain varius things like in this story where

I was on the ship all day with the missing hours... this ring of fire is the psycfhic fire

spoken of in the Bible around God's people for protection.

He will also explain rthis as a form of time travel, taking me back in time to when the

ship came down at White Rock Lake in 1950 and he deliberately blocked my memory from

that time until I was playing piano for him my repertoire the next day for my protecdtion

at the time....and bhecause we did not get back ktogether for him to unblock the

memory, the lack of oxygen in 1952 NDE destroyed the key and he thinks I will

never regain that memory of what we call "the missing hours"...and he did it for my

protection as well as the protection of his technology he did not wish to share at

the time with this planet he had shown me, however part of that memory has returned

or he has shown me again what happened and I plan to write it if he ok's it and if

not I won't...

He also wants to teach about time travel, how it's done and that t's not that rthings

are still going on that would be worse doctrine than hell fire as think if you were

trapped in a burning building in another life and burned to death, if it were still going

on you would still be screaming and that is not possible nor sensible..

But a master of the material realm and Val is one of the Masters....can take one

back in time to the place where it occurred and reconstruct the wscene in a situation

similar to the holodeck of the movies... this is how people tragvel in time but they nee3d

to be careful trying to use technology on this planet as they are not progressed spiritually

and the wsame rthing will happen that happened to the USS Eldriridge...

Spirirtual advancement must go along with technological advancement or bad things

occur... this is how Val wans to use the book and our experiences... this he definitely

wants to teach...never attempt time travel to change anything... unless you rruly are

working with the highest of the Light Powers and Authorities...U ciykd wrute nire in tgus byt best ti ket Val do it.

Love Valana

Thank You for sharing your story Valana. I like the part where you were walking on the beach and you had this feeling of '' deja vu '' as if you lived somewhere else on another planet. That is a great story Valana and it's all true .

Than tiy Hellen and I believe your story, also, as I understand how it occurs.

Dr. Einstein said a railroad track could run through our homes and a train come through every hour and we would not know it.  Your eyes were opened to a higher vibratory frequency for a fe3w moments and you saw the ships.

I remember Betty Hill, the lady they call "Mother of Abductions", was asked by a reporter why she could see shi8ps so much and he had never seen one.  She told him, "Because he didn't believe."

  yes, I once read an article on Betty Hill and her husband who was abducted in the early 1960s is what are you referring to?

Yes, Hellen, Betty was called "Mother of Abductions" and she waned me to come visit her and I was goijng to do an article on her as I was then writing for the Fifth World Journal, a Ufology magazine that asked me to do a column for them back in late 90's...the publisher and his wife were on my mailing list and that's why I went to the Scottsdale ACCET meeting, was to do a write up on the meeting where they found my Implant with the magnietic counter or whatever it was...

Betty and I corresponded by email and she said the psychologist that did their hypnotism regression caused them to speak with some fear as it was the unknown and that they were not hurt at all and they showed Betty a star our astronomers did not know aout that I believe they later found.

Betty said they were not evil and the psychologist she felt caused them to say things that he made money off his book and it was not true, she was not afraid of the Aliens that had taken them and waved at the wships and would say, "come and get me"... She passed away years ago and I never went to visit as it didn't work out for me to go financially... 

Then Paola the Italian Journalist that intervewed the Cardinal of the Catholic church wanted me to visit her one summer and do an interview and write about my story and that did not work out because of something that happened I couldn't go... she told me she interviewed the man that was taken up out of the fishing boat and others saw him go up in a tractor beam, you remember that one? They made a movie of it and it was fearsome... he told Paola that if he did not know that movie was his story when he went to see it, he would not have known it was his story and he wished he had not sold it to Hollywood to do what they wanted with it as it was not like the movie at all and they painted the Alienw much worse than they were... fear is one of the big prohlems, fear of the unkno0wn.  I am so thankful I've never had to face anything like that..there are bad Aliens and they do bad things, and it should be known, not all are the good guys... I have been lucky in that they know who IVal is and they won't bother me... But I do believe the abduction stories as the fact that a group has used Earthians for experimentation is true, those people are not making it up and it has not ended.  The truth must be known.  Love you so much for your sincere comments and your friendship through the years...God bless you and keep you safe and in peace....



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