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We'l l keep this as a continuous question and answer page and delete the oldest for more room if necessary.  This an informal discussion between the Supreme Commander of ships, some of which are in our solar system and observing the planet at this time.  This is an informal discussion by telepathic channel.  Do you have anything to say at this time, Val, I have no further questions?

Val:  For some that are not aware of who you are and your right to write for me, tell us something of yourself in one or two paragraphs.

Valana: You limit my story to two paragraphs? He's laughing.  I am the Government woman sent to work with you in 1950 for my President only.; The transfer of your messages were for his knowledge only and no one else's.  Contact was to be arranged by a man we'll call just "Johnny".  I met Val July 14. 1050.

Due to circumstances too long to mention here, my memory of the event was blocked until 1970 when I was put in contact with Val again.  I was asked to go under a Security blanket and promise to never talk about Val nor my meetings with him in relation to my Government but Val asked me not to do so as he wanted the people of the planet to know what is really going on in their skies.  So I did not do it and what I do for Val is free and is for the people of this planet and not for myself.  It has not been an easy job and there is little thanks and a lot of lies and opposition by both Government disinfirmation agents paid to do so and ignorant public that is not aware of the extent of the ET problem for the planet. I still do it, sometimes I wonder why. This is a part of our work.  All I have Commander, you have more to say?

Val: Yes, I'm sorry I didn't let you go under the security and just pass my messages on.  How many times were you told you were the best telepath the Air Force ever met and could you name names if asked by someone with proper ID?

Valana: Yes, I could name one name at Hqtrs USAF Randolf where I worked awhile and the location of the other officer who told me that in direct relation to your message that was passed direct to my President at the time and acted upon.  

Val:  And you received a private apology for what happened to you in 1950 and full recognition for your work at the time?

Valana: Correct.  It was done by orders of and on behalf of my President.  Then I was offered a ride to Washington to meet him with "the Commander".

Val: You knew I was getting at this didn't you? And what did you tell the officer?

Valana:  I was thinking he meant the base commander and since we had a hand in having him taken out of duty, I said I was afraid of him! I did not mean I was afraid of you but you wanted me to make this public in hopes it would be read by the right person with the need to know and I have done that.

Val: And I thank you for doing it.  You seem to make my reputation worse each time we meet. Shall we talk of the other times in order to clear my record completely?

Valana: Which time do you want to talk about?  Let's go with White Rock Lake incident in 1950.  My Aunt thought you had gotten me in trouble with the Government when the agents came from Washington to take me to you in Washington.  So she told them I did not want to go and that you had raped me and beaten me and left me for dead at White Rock Lake.  She confessed this to me in 1980 so I suspect you had a rather bqad reputation in Washington when you came back?

Val: I suspect you are right.  We won't go into the Island off Panama, taken over by the ilitary  where I came down in 1957 and you were bright to me to write my proposal, and you kicked me in the shin in front of two Generals which did not help my reputation with women in the least!

Valana: You should not have tried to kiss me in front of two Generals when I didn't recognize you either. 

Val: I had no idea your memory had been blocked of me.  Thank you for explaining the circumstances surrounding our fight now if the two Generals are alive they can clear my name of hurting you. If not I suppose it will have to stay in the grey area unless you clear it in person which is why I wanted you to go with me to Washington.  You again said the wrong thing, that you were afraid of me.

Valana: I was not afraid of you, I was afraid of the Base Commander we had pulled off duty.\\

.Vaj: I don't want this deleted as it's the basis for your writings for me at this hour when they are vastly important to the world.

Valana: What is going on in our skies at this time, Commander.

Val: You should know me well enough you could call me Val. (grinni

Valana:  When we write official messages I prefer to be more respectful. explain what official messages are.

Val: They are messages I deem important for the people of the planet to know and not messages that would in any way harm any security of any country.  We do not work for countries we work for the safety of the world and have worked jointly with more than one country at the same time with Govrnments that have psychis, remote viewers and telepaths.  Do not consider that they do not as they do.  The American Military is much farther advanced than any on the planet and their understanding of the finer arts, such as the PSI powers is immense as Valana knows.  Her work is well accepted in high circles with the need to know, it's the public that do not understand her, and well and good.  Those that need our messages understand well what we mean.  I am careful not to give her anything that would upset any national security that we have worked with in past or present time. I believe this is all I have at this time, I will return. Cmdr Val Thor

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We have re-written this as the first of a series of question and answers many have about both Val's reality and my work for U.S. government that does have a paper trail and will be revealed with the full disclosure.  In the Ufology community we find fakes that wqnt to get some glory and mostly make money off fake Alien names....I am not one of those...I pay my own way and do not ask for donations to post on my site.  I give my books away for the asking.  And there is no fame to being an Alien contact.  my one moment of glory was the private "thank you" and "apology" from a former President. That will also be in the full disclosure and I pray it will happen in my lifetime.  Thank

you for reading.


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