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And future prediction for America

“Alright, why did you add my title to this one?”

Because they were all made from a command position.

“And that’s a sneaky way of saying I cheated!”

Not necessarily but you knew what you were going to do in the November 1999 meteor shower. You’d already said that a part of the Protection Command was to protect young planets with civilizations from outside space danger such as meteors and astrenoids coming too close.

“Let’s talk about the 1999 November meteor shower. What happened there on Gaia. :-)”

You’ve been spying on me.

“I want you to stay off the message board and write our book. You’ve been promising to do it for ten years, almost. Talk about the meteor shower of 1999.”

I just want to say that all say, “Venusian” no one says “Venusling”, they say, “Russian” they don’t say “Russling”. Why are you laughing?

“They said “Russling” back in the wild west!”

You kbow a lot about history.

“I know the history of the world. You first started back five civilizations ago with colonies from other planets that took part in a great experiment. We’d had many space wars in the distant past. It was planned that if several of the warring planets were put together and mixed up a bit in innermarriage, that perhaps a race could be brought out of the maze that would be able to bring peace to the universe.”

Did it work?

“We’re still watching. Now talk about the meteor shower.”

Then our work is more important in both the new age community and the other groups of individuals brought together to uplift the planet.

“Very important.”

Ok there was some big name in Ufology that said on Coast to Coast radio that he had inside information a very large meteor was targeted to hit the East coast of the USA in the November meteor shnower. This was confirfmed by several, in fact I don’t know of any that did not confirm it, including astrologers, predictors, Tarot readers and the rest.

There was a lady on my Pro-ET mailing list that was afraid and about to give up her job and run. Val wrote her everything would be alright and only a few small meteors would be seen and she believed him. Someone took it and posted it elsewhere and it became viral over the Ufology community. When it happened as Val said, I got a lot of fan emails thanking Val and wanting personal predictions, which he does not do. I looked it up on an astronomy site and they said they had expected large meteors to come thnrough but only a few small ones were seen. Exactly what Val had said. What do you have to say about it, Val?

“Well, I could have used my crfystal ball, if I had one, or I could have gone astrally to the future and read what the astronomer site said, or I could have ordered a Black Eagle squadron to flank them for awhile and try to turn the large ones and try to divert them which we always do, and if not, destroy, break up in small pieces which they did. That’s part of our work cut out for us by Headquarters. Now I’m at Headquarters.”

And you want back on the ship, I know.

“Any ship will do. I get unbalanced and dizzy walking on a planet. Honestly, I can feel the subtle movement. I prefer a ship floor under my feet. Do you remember any other prediction that came to pass?”

Certainly. The big ship that was supppsed tp cpme dpwm low and circle Gaia and scare the daylights out of the world! Actually it was meant to just let the world know the reality of the Star Visitors but you felt it would cause panic and said you would prevent it from coming.

“It was coming but we met then at the rim and convinced them it wasn’t a good idea so they turned back.”

The Millenial new year’s eve that was supposed to be the end of the world or at least a lot of terrorist attacks turned out peaceful as you predicted.

“You remember more?”

I probably would but I’m very tired right now. Do you remember more?

“I know there were more.”

You want to consider the numerous times some have said Ashtar was coming with Michael or the ETs were coming to divide the money and change the planet to a utopia and you put out an official communication that it was not going to happen. Do you count those as predictions as I know your fleets were planning to stop them at the pass if they tried.

“Honey, you’re going to turn everyone against me. If the intentions had been to assist the planet they would have my blessings but the group I have in mind that only pretended to be the Galactic Fleet and were not, wanted to do a take over and enslave the people and at the time I was under a partial agreement to protect the planet. I can’t speak too clearly about agreements openly as you know. I will say again my proposal is on the table and I won’t change any of it. I would have to leave a detachment to make sure my technology was not abused and my wishes that it be used for all people of the planet kept, without money. No price will be put on my technology and I do not trust the leaders of your Governments. Money is the idol of the planet it is not ours.”

I am not going to ask if you are a socialist society as I know you are however it will not work here at this time, as they would take away our right to worship God as we believe, they would take away our sacred marriage covenant which they have done, and absolutely nothing is sacred anymore and the Chrfistian religion has been bound, gagged and thrown in a well but thank God Trump got us out the other day but watch some left wing Judge change his attempt. A judge should not be allowed to rule our country, we did not vote for him to rule we voted for the President.

“Are you using my writings for a political platform, darling? (smiling)”

No one listens to poor little me, but I captured a little audience there! Just my opinion. I’ve watched this left wing monster grow from a baby to an atrocious giant. While the left is trying to impeach our President he just keeps doing good things for the country and the fake news won’t even tell about it, someone has to tell it. He just signed a trade deal that even had the Democrats voting for it.

“You ready for another prophecy?”

Go ahead.

“If they impeach your President, there will be blood running in the streets of America. If he wins another term the same thing will happen. Your country is on the verge of Civil War. You have more people at work, more off the welfare rolls, more Blacks have jobs, the illegal alien situation would be fixed if they would let your President do it. Every campaign promise kept. You can’t beat that. And if he can get control of both the House and Senate next term I look for open disclosure and I will be back. If the left takes over Government, there will be no United States of America in less than ten years. My predictions for America. I believe we can post this and say goodnight.”

Cmdr Val Thor

Channeled by Valana

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