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By Val and Valana

I'd played piano for him all afternoon on the Baby Grand where I'd been staying to take the test to work with him as his contact with my President.  It was to be only with my President and no one else.  I was to have a contact, a contact we called, Johnny.  Was it JFK? ik can't say, I'm saying I don't know, I'm saying, I can't say.  

The night we first met he had told me I had pianist's hands. We'd driven out to White Rock Lake.  He said we needed to go somewhere we could be alone and talk about the assignment, so we drove out to the lake and he seemed to be looking for some special place and he finally found one, with a large sandy beach and a clump of trees much farther back from the water than most places, so we'd stopped there.

The very first thing he said was that the assignment was to be a paper marriage.  A marriage on paper only, no culmination, no s**, as he didn't want a woman from here.  I thought he didn't like Texas women. I had no idea he meant from the planet.  

I'd wanted to be a Nun so the idea fitted what I wanted out of life as I wasn't a bit interested in men so I agreed.  Then he said the second part would be that I'd be his contact for my President and when we were separated, which would be most of the time, I would hear him. I never questioed how I'd hear him.  He was the type man that when he said something, one just knew it would be.  I don't remember ever questioning him.

Then he wanted me to look at him closely, etch his description in my subconscious as I might have to identify him at a later date, much later, like years later.  He turned his profile to me, still watching out the front window of the car like he was watcdhing the stars.

Suddenly I became very sleepy and the next thing I knew, I was coming back into my body from an out of body trip.  He had taken me out of body but I didn't remember anything about it.  I looked down at him on entering my body from the head chakra and I wondered why I was so in love with this man.  He wasn't that extra handsome, he was just like any other Earth man, maybe a little more handsome and he certainly had charisma. I don't know why I felt I was in love with him as I didn't think I was, not emotionally, yet I was, if that makes any sense at all and I knew I'd always loved him and always belonged to  him.

His arm was leaning on the steering wheel and his ring fascinated me, it picked up the starlight and they twinkled at me from the large black stone ring on the little finger of his left hand.  He opened his eyes as he entered his body once more and said,

"My ring fascinates you." 

He took it off and tried it on my ring finger saying,

"I'll have it cut down for your wedding ring if you like."

It was way too big for me so he wanted to measure our hands and we put them together.  My fingers were long and tapered and his shorter but rounded, but his hand was broader than mine.  He took my hand in his and felt of my fingers.

"You are a pianist, you have pianist's hands." he said. 

"Yes, I've been told by my piano teachers and others that knew music I have what they call the special touch and can interpret the music as the composer means it to be played."

"You must play for me sometime." he said, still feeling of myh finger tips. he'd been so very professional, so cold and indifferent, very business like and he'd never caught my eyes with his or I'd never caught his, he seemed to look half way away like he didn't want me to look directly in his eyes.  This time was different, he looked directly at me for the firrst time and our eyes met.  They seemed to just hecome stuck together, like neither of us could break the stare.

"You don't have fingerprints." He said. "Feel my finger tips, I don't either." He gave me his hand and I touched the tips of his fingers, they were so smooth, more so than mine. He then took off a silver chain he wore around his neck, put his ring on it and came over closer to me and put it round my neck.  He kissed me gently on the forehead then our eyes met again and again I felt completely a part of him, like we'd never been separated,

"You're my wife, don't you know me? My Twin Flame, my Celestial,Companion.  I've looked for you across the universe." Then he took me in his arms, and kissed me, and the moon hid behind the clouds an d the stars bowed their heads in respedt as two souls from the distant past met once more on the shores of time and became one.

I was thinking of that moment as I played Tchaikowsky's Theme from his Concerto No 1 in B Flat Minor...which had been made into a popular song, "Tonight We Love" and other of my large repertoire.  He loved my playing and said I must continue my music someway as I should bge a concert pianist, I played so beautifully and was so talented.

There was a piece of sheet music there on the piano and he reached for it. 

"Can you play this?" he asked.

"I can read music well, I can play it enough to hear the tune." I said laughing. 

"Then I can sang it if you play it once for me to get the tune of it as it has the words.  The name sounds nice. I'll dedicate it to you.  The words speak for themselves to tell you exactly how I feel about you."

"I can't wait." I said anxiously.  I opened the music and began to play, and when I finished I nodded at him I was starting over, now he could sing. I knew he could sing love songs like Frank Sinatra, only better, he had a pretty voice but I never thought he had the voice that could sing this one.  But he did and he sang as well or better than the Mario Lanza on the video below.  Listen and think of Val singing, sitting on the piano bench beside me, touching my hair with one hand and watching the music as he sings.  Then he takes a rose from a vase and puts it in my hair, all this as he sings to me let's listen as Val sings....

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Thank you Valana...How beautiful!! I appreciate your telling us the story...Such a lovely story of you and your twin flame...How come he had to look for you throughout the universe? Wasn't he allowed to know where you went in this incarnation? I am curious...Blessings to you...and Val

Thank you so much for this, blessed Amparo.  

First, I took my replies off because I wrote too fast and didn't realize

I could not correct my typos when I had rested awhile.

The reason we do not know the location of our Twin Flame at times

is because that would defeat the purpose of the law of karma.  We have to

work out oour own karma before we can go higher and it's possible for

our twin to move on ahead. Even then, they are not omniscient.

One of the mistakes in the new age community is believing because

a contact is invisible, that they are omniscient.  Sometimes those in the

world of spirit do not know as much as we do.  One must be very

careful...especially with known names such as Ashtar and Thor.

There are imposters that harm ande rape innocent women that think

it is the real person.  Val and I have helped several that have been deceived.

It truly defeats the purposes of those of us that have sacrificed much to

try to educate the public of the reality of other world beings when these situations

occur.  Val wants me to make clear he is not romancing any Earth women and I

am his Twin Flame from the beginning, we have met many times in other

reincarnations as we did in my current one.  We are officially as well as spiritually

united in a sacred marriage covenant, we have sons conceived the old fashjioned way

of love/s** relationship, in person on this planet, and he is not romancing anyone.

He asked me to make that statement for him this morning so I've made it...

We love you so very much Amparo for your sincerity and "realness" which is hard to

find on the Internet at times.  We "feel" the difference in love from the lips and love, pure,

holy, unconditional love from the heart.  You have the real and you will win!

Our sincerest love and peace to you dear Sister in Light....

Valana and Val

Thank you so much Val and Valana..The purpose of many of us here is to be love incarnate...and that takes a lot of letting go of the old energies...I am in the process of mastering the balancing of the energies...Not an easy thing to do...When I think I am getting better something pops up that is not what I thought it would be...I am still letting go of many things of the past here on Earth and in other incarnations..I think what you and Val have is precious...I am waiting for my twin flame...I know he is on the ships...I lost interest here on earth for any man...especially since I woke up...I have always known that there had to be someone out there...I did not know what to call this person, now I do...I had a "dream" with my twin flame...He is definitely my eternal companion...He could know what I wanted before I could even finish telling him...I know I was in the ships with him...I have been in the ships with blue beings...I know I was there...I saw my body laying on the bed...I knew I was in my sleep state while I was up there talking to blue beings...I knew my way around the ship and everyone knew me... Blessings and much Love to you both...

Dearest Amparo,

Let me rest awhile and I'll answer you more fully...this may be why we are led together.  I'm met the Blue Alien Commander and yes they are blue I have two short stories about that but I have been writing too much and very tired right now.  I'll talk to you later and I do understand.  You were bi-located, I do that a lot and so does Val.  

'll rest awhile as there's a lot I have to say both about the Blue Aliens and possibly your twin flame and we may have met on Val's ship when he was on the Altair Command ship.  It's an oblong ship, possibly miles long I don't know as that's his security not to be told. It does not come near the planet, it's too large, our son is now Commander of it as Val's at Headquarters Altair Five under the big dome...this is exciting I can't wait to tell you what I know of the Blue Aliens..

Dearest Amparo,

Val and I were discussing doing one of our old “Coffee Breaks”. Neither of us drink coffee but we called them that, and they were far the most popular of our writings for years, they got more hits than his official messages. We were discussing talking about the various types of Aliens I’ve personally met on his ship. (g) My Blue Alien stories were going to be a part of it!

In fact, I may have met you is why we have such an affinity. Have you ever attended a party on a ship decorated for our type of New Year’s celebrations we have on the Earth planet?

The Blue Alien Commander is about a half foot falter than Val. I was 5’7 1/2” back in 1950 and my temple touched his cheek as we danced so you can figure about how tall he was, somewhere close to 6’, a bit less maybe.

I say he was a Commander as that’s about all that are at Val’s parties when he was on the Altair Command ship, he had so many of those, actually could have been a Fleet Commander. He was at least a half foot taller than Val and his Lady was tall but, as I remember, a bit taller than I but that’s hard to say as on the ship I look quite different.

I don’t know if we reverse age or it’s our Celestial body. The scriptures speak of us having a Celestial body reserved in the Heqvenlies that we will have when we leave here.

There is something about your picture that is very familiar, the energy or frequency is very familiar. This woman with the Blue Commander is slim, rather long hair, she wore a gorgeous blue slim line dress. Now that may mean nothing as one time I found myself standing with Val and teaching a group, and I looked down and had on my pink silk PJ’s I was wearing in bed. I whispered to Val, “I can’t stand up here in my PJs take me to your Quarters so I can change to a dress!

Val laughed, told me to look at myself in the ship wall. The walls of his ship were like mirrors and one could see their reflection. I had on one of my beautiful dresses that hang in Val’s closet in his quarters.   I don’t know how they do that but I don’t bring back a complete memory. Hardly ever have I done that and don’t know of anyone else that has either. It seems to be another dimension yet it’s on this dimension, but we don’t have the ability to completely understand..not the real ones.


The Blue Commander was in uniform. As I remember, he had bangs in front but not like hanging down but were just his curly hair down on his forehead and he’d push it back, similar to Val who has that curly hair that comes down over his left eye. I’ve pushed it back so much it’s funny, I’ve threatened to get the scissors and cut it.

There are stories I’ve heard of Blue Aliens. One was a man driving up north to Shasta and he picked up a man walking down the road. The man told the driver he had to get to Shasta before morning and he appreciated the ride. He said he had a way to go home but they were leaving early morning. The man asked where was his home? He leaned over and looked out the window, pointed at the sky and said,

“See that big star? Well, it’s the small one next to it, that’s my home and I haven’t been back for years!” The man said he would just thought he was a kook but when he leaned toward him he got a good look at him. He was blue.


Amparo this is the rest of what I have written in answer to you about what I know of the Blue Alien group, I believe they are Pleaideans but not really sure, I don't know everything I can ask Val when he gets time, he's got Council meeting going on at Headquarters now for a few days...






It was in 1999 I was at a meeting of the ACCET Group in Scottscale, Arizona to write up the meeting for a Ufology magazine I wrote3 for at the time. The publisher and his wife were on my mailing list, ProET. I don’t own it anymore, turned it over to a man and don’t know if it still exists. But at this meeting all were Clinical Therapists that specialized in helping those that have had real experiences with ETs and been on the ships and wanting to understand more. Some had bad experiences some very good ones. All of the members had at least a Master in Psychology and most PhD’s. They were not kooks is why I’m saying that.

We went out to lunch and I had told about Val and that’s where I met Dr. Leo Sprinkle who was co-sponsoring the meetingt with Dr. Richard Boylan and Dr. Leo wanted to do a past life reading of me to find my relationship with Val and he did two, and I typed the parts about space and Val and I may post that, it’s interesting.

This one woman, when we were at lunch, hit her fist on the table and said, “This is all hogwash”, and may not have been that word but that’s the best I can use here! Another lady started to cry and she hit her fist on the table and said it is not either. And she told about her experiences as a child with the Blue Aliens. She said it was a family of father, and mother and a little child and they were Blue, too, and they were real. I may not have told about Val yet, Richard asked me to tell something about my experiences, I didn’t speak long I just stood up and said a little I don’t like to push my story, I get started and it’s hard to stop but that’s why Dr. Leo wanted to do a past life reading.

Then there was a man visited the meeting that had some technology that could find implants and he found mine in my left ear lobe and most felt of it and said yes, there is something there. When the meeting was over this woman that believed it was all hogwash came sat down by me and asked if I’d help her understand, that she felt she had been wrong and it was not all hogwash, especially my story, that when I talked about Val it seemed he just seemed to be so very real an she truly wanted to understand. We wrote for a long time.

I didn’t get a formal education because of what happened about Val and I but Richard and Leo made me a real member of the group on the basis of my contact with Val and used my Reiki Master status as the education, the rest were highly educated. I felt it was one of the greatest honors of my whole life.

Dr. Boylan was a fine man and so many lies told about him. He was one of the nicest men I’ve ever met and so polite and afraid of women. We all hugged him when the meeting was over and scared him half to death, he just held his arms out he didn’t touch any of us, he had been so hurt by lies, the government set him up to destroy him for his knowledge of Area 51 and his contacts. Dr. Michael Wolf another destroyed by lies but that man was real, too. So strange the real ones are not believed and the false make a fortune off fake stories.

That’s why I give my books away to any that will send me their email address and ask for “Government Woman”, I’ll send the text copy via email. I would never use the Val Thor name for monetary gain, and he doesn’t like it being used in that way. Nor would I use Ben’s site to advertise to get money as some do about Val. We won’t do that, Val is real and so is your Blue Alien, I have a feeling I may have met you, do you remember a new year’s party?

Now about seeing yourself in bed at same time, that’s bi-location. The ancient teachings, the Yoga philosophy that I’ve read, teaches about how that’s done, and the various bodies we have. The real Kabbalists teach that there are 60 parts to us and when we sleep 59 parts leave and go elsewhere and leave only 1/60th of us in bed so we are real when we go to them and we have a body and it’s much younger and more beautiful than we are here.

Another thing about Blue people. I have a friend that is a nurse that goes to homes to people, and she has a patient, she showed me the picture, of a Blue Earth man. He took too much Enzyme CoQ10, like he drank it by the bottle for some health reason and he’s very healthy but he’s really blue. So could be there is way too much CoQ10 in the land where your Twin Flame came from .

One of the reasons we want to write the new book is to talk about some of our experiences, similar to yours, as so many people have real experiences with real Aliens that perhaps some of mine, as Val explains them, will help others to understand theirs. We started to call the book, “Strolling Memory Lane With Val”. That is a major reason for the book, to help others understand their experiences as Val and I explain mine through the years with him.

And dear Amparo, we don’t have to be perfect to find our twin as I’m surely not perfect. But karma will bring us together. I’m working the same path you are, trying to move on from the past. When you posted the “Forgiveness” decree of El Morya it led me to go back to reading the decrees and “Science of the Spoken Word” last night, and I feel hope about the condition they tell me is hopeless and I’ve turned it over to God because I won’t do Chemo, it destroys our mind and I must continue my work for Val until the very last moment and I must finish our book it’s so important that he be made real to the public and not as he calls it, “a comic book character”. I’ve bren told when I write of him he jumps off the screen into their hearts.

It was Val, not me, that wrote the lines, “A very human man born on another world and a girl born in Texas that he promised to love with all his heart and soul forever and a day and that made him the same promise. He wants me to make him real in this book. We didn’t talk too much about our love affair in Government Woman, I wrote it carefully so I could speak as a witness under oath about everything in it and Congress would not understand about bi-locations and out of body trips to New Year’s Eve parties! Can you imagine if our President wanting to disclose that he knew Cmdr Val Thor today?

Could it be possible he wanted to do just that and that’s why the Left have tried to say he had mental problems? Just a thought…

Love to you,

Valana and Val

Dearest Amparo,

I talked to Val last night about you...well, still night but I'm up early almost 3 a. m. here in Texas and I just woke up and Val said now he can't tell you your twin flame but he can suggest something about your problem as I have the same problem in trying to grow spiritually and the little things of the past come up and he'd given me something that's very helpful and he wants me to share it with you, it's something we used to do at his Sanctuaries... it's a ritual he brought from Atlantis, it's similar to Lord Michael's Blue Flame Sword ritual...  but also he suggests that your twin flame may be an Angelic like Donn rather than a Commander as the Angelics are actually higher at this time...

Have you heard of Michael's Blue Flame Army?  Covered with the Blue Flame they are blue.  There's also a song, have you heard of Mark and Elizabeth Prophet?  The song about Michael is one that is similar to what they sing when we've ...what Val calls, "Walked the plank!"  In the ceremonials they have at times and had on the Command ship, and at Headquarters, when they do the promotions or other special events that we go to, we come on on a ramp to the ceremonial room and they are playing some music and it's not the same but it's very similar to some that they have there at the Church Universal that the Mark and Eliabeth Prophet started. 

We used to do this ritual in what we called the Sanctuary...Val and I have the golden robes from our Atlantean Temple where he was High Priest at the Temple of the Sun on Atlantis and we were there when the waters began to rise... our group joined hands in a circle and we vowed to be here on the planet when the danger of the next destruction was eminent and this time do something about it...every since we've been online we've tried to raise the vibration of the world thought.  This has bgeen our goal  Val says it will only take a few to reach the goal...we first must be perfected.

He's given me several things for you and I may should do a post on it in general for anyone that has problems they need to cut awqy from.  In our ritual on the sanctuary we did, and people could image it in their own homes and when they make mind contact Val and I could really seem to be with a bi-location sort of situation, and I truly don't understand a lot to explain other thank Val and used to work with the Astral Light group made up of off world astrals and planet astrals...  

Ask Lord Michael to come and cut away the things that seem hard to overcome and see them, if they are in regard to another, see a very tiny light ray connecting you and let Lord Michael or you can call upon Val if you wish and he works in his sleep in the astral and he said he would come and cut away the cord with the blue flame sword, he has a bloe flame sword, also, we used in our Temple work on Atlantis... I have gthe golden sword it's for another use... I think I wrote about that experience not sure it's here..anyway… he said he'd come to you and ypu go into meditation and perhaps listen to the song that the Prophets had used in their work, I don't know who wrote it but it's very similar to when Val and I walk into the ceremonial room and they announce us as Cmdr Thor and his Lady or Valana I really don't know when they use which, different for different ceremonies.  Valana is what they use at times and that's why he's always called me Valana and let me use it here on this site when I was here first time and we all got new names and he said I could use's my spirit name he says, the name my vibrations translate to... we all have spirit names that go with us to identify us throughout eternity...Valana is mine... actually "Ana" and the "Val" is the twin flame name with it...

When you meditate and feel ready , stand up and call upon Mord Michael or Val, you can say the Lord Michael mantra and still think of Val and he will help you...and ome cut away the cord that connects you to the past... you visualize him or Michael with the4 Blue Flame Sword cutting away thee problem, cutting the cord of light that connects you to the past... and know it's gone and be thankful...Therre's a decree that goes with it and this is already long so I'll do it in another message.  I hope I can remember it..

Thank You Valana  it is a lovely story and you are telling like it is and it is all true. I was reading somewhere there was some memory blocked in your past life I often read that something like this happens to some people? I notice while reading here it seem like changing scenes or locations of different places all happening very fast as I can only describe it. 

Hellen, are you saying you felt that way about yourself or the story?  I've had the very same feeling reading it...ou may have read my chapter by same name I had on my site, and I went into a bit more detail, about some that gathered around to listen to Val sing but this chapter has depth to it in some way, it just seems to take me back there in real time, like being bi-located

     That is correct Valana it is ' bi - location '' Thank You. I was reading the story. 

There are always memory blocks with very high security Government work.  They use us but don't want us to remember.  I could tell more, not in regard to Val but other ways they've used me in contact but not important. 

Val said last night I should have mentioned how hard you worked to keep my site going when I was not well enough to get to the computer...thank you, too, so very much for your beautiful videos, I w9ould come watch and listen to them when I was not able to write more at the time...bless you, love you so much.  Val sends his love, too.

   I always try my best and I glad you enjoy the music videos I keep forgetting to post Don's blue grass music i mean the ones he likes. 



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