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It was over twenty years ago as I’d been writing with Val, that he asked me to clear my breakfast table and go over it with a damp cloth, making sure nothing was left on it. I knew there was a purpose to do this though at the time I did not understand why.

After clearing and cleaning the table, I went to bed and soon was asleep. In my dream state, I was standing slightly below Val and another, taller man I believed was Cmdr Ashtar Sheran, that I called Pop in my childhood experiences that showed me the third star of Polaris back in the 1930’s that MASA discovered in 2006.

Val took off wings from his left lapel and placed them in my hands with his hands over mine. My hands began to become very hot and I awoke, my hands were still hot. I went into the kitchen to rinse them and have a drink of water.

I turned on the light and at once noticed, in the center of the table, a shiny object. I picked it up and it was silver wings with a small heart attached. The heart had a “V” on it and on the backside, there was a small “V” at the top which changed back and forth to a “T” as the wings are slightly moved back and forth in a direct light.

I had a Psychic neighbor examine them along with a picture of White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas, and she told me they felt as though they had been in the hands of a very powerful person not of this world.

I had printed out a picture of White Rock Lake and given to her along with the wings. She placed the hand with the wings on the picture and said,

“He is telling me he left his mark here” as she touched the group of trees in the background.

Val and I had walked back on a beaten path that led to a small clearing where a large tree grew in the midst of the clearing. On the tree were numerous hearts with initials of lovers that had come to the clearing. Val put our initials in a heart on the tree.

Several years ago we found that someone that had followed me and tried to discredit my story of my 1950 meeting with a man from another world I named Val Thor, had put up a webpage claiming it was obvious that I had painted the V on the heart using a Paint program.

The above as well as everything else the woman ever claimed was false. For that reason though, I am offering to any well known person or researcher that I will FedX the wings, payng the expenses both ways, for them to hold them, look at the “V” and write a signed statement for our new book that the “V” is made within the heart and it is not possible that it has been painted into the picture.

Val and I have discussed this and if Drekx Omega lived in the States he would be our choice to witness the truth of my wings and heart. We have confidence in him as being sincere in his work though that does not necessarily mean we agree with all he believes.


We are not interested in having anyone agree it is a teleport. We are interested in a known person of some popularity affirming the “V” is not painted on it as the website, sent to all my friends and Cosmic family, claimed. This has caused me much concern and suffering and I should like it cleared up as the picture was cleared up by Claudia Lee Finkle on a webpage and I will find the url and post it where she apologized and said we were both tricked by a third party over a picture she had accused me for six months on this ACC site in the Discussion name of stealing her family picture and trying to pass it off as Val and I.


Note by Supreme Cmdr Val (Valiant) Thor

“Which was a lie from hell devised, as other lies through the years, including the use of my name in an email address of “ValThor50” to vilify the best friend Valana had on the Internet and turn him against her, destroying her chance of speaking on the Ufology Convention Cirtcuit of me and also destroying the chance she had of being interviewed by the world famous Ufology Jounrnalist, Paola Harris from Rome, Italy. All of this needs to be added to the website apology concerning the picture and posted every place the lie was posted which includes the Ashtar webgsites of the ACC and Galactic. This should be done legally as the insult was illegal slander and should have been taken to a Civil Court in America.

All I have…

Supreme Cmdr Val (Valiant) Thor

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I had this whole article re-written and edited and was about to post and when I copied it totally disappeared. I must have either a bad ghost or a very bad hacker and I'll vote on the very bad hacker...a ghosts are usually helpful. I no oubt made some typos as I wrote this huyrriedly but am calling it a night...I'll look at it tomorrow...Goodnight and God bless the hacker and/or ghost...  

Thank you for sharing...The more you do the more I love it...It is history...Imagine, a man from another planet coming here to Earth and then people here trying to interfere by lying and doing all they could to make you suffer...I call that jealousy...But I am glad that you are beyond any of that and that you are looking to do the right thing about it...Letting all know how things were...Blessings and don't worry about anyone trying to interfere with your posts...I know someone is out there paying attention...They do it when I bring certain messages they don't want people to find out about...And they don't allow for them to be downloaded but I always find the way...I am stronger...Blessings Valana...

Anoarim I realized when Val wanted me to post about my wings how severe the past years have been on my ability to write about Val.  It seems everything I think should be in the book, something has been said negative and by the very same person and to those that were important to me as friends and Cosmic family.  There has been apology to me but she says there is nothing she can do to repair the hurt to my character and story but there is...she could go where she did the damage and tell the truth. Yes, the truth hurts but it does not hurt any more than it hurts me to post something I know many that read willjust say they know I painted the V on the heart with the Paint program.

She did not mention that on the bgack of the heart there is a little "V" at the top that changes to "T" back and forth as it's moved slightly in the sun light. How did I achieve that effect???

I am simply telling what happened, perhaps a ghost dropped them and I just happened to dream what I did or perhaps a thief came through locked doors and placed them there but I didn't, and it happened just as I have described so all I can say is they were a teleport.  

But I do feel badly and it is not the same anymore as when I first came online and wanted to talk about Val and our experiences together. I am actually ashamed of knowing him and that breaks his heart and mine, I do care very much about him and do believe we are twin flames and will be together someday when this life is long past and forgotten.

But I also feel I must explain these things that have happened and have my day in court and make them lies at least speak my side of the picture that was claimed I stole to deceive this site and stayed posted six months with my name in the headng called a thierf.  I feel everytime I post that comes to some minds here but I stole no picture and she does have that apology posted on a webpage somewhere but here is where it needs to be posted and also the Galaactic Command site where she told the lies she knew were lies as I do believe sincerely she was the one gave me the picture to trick me, knowing I don't see well, and all my site agreed it was Val and I and to be honest I have never received any proof it was not as the picture was sent to her own daughter who did not know anything about who it was and surely her daughter should know her own great aunt and uncle..

These things are what have kept me from writing the book and I hope it is not too late to finish it, he wanted it written so badly as it is history and one day, when the full disclosure comes, perhaps a real movie of the real story of the real man that came from the stars to visit planet Earth can be believed...the story of "A Man Called Val".... 

"And it will be, Valana, because of you! - Val"


Amparo! Val said you would be the perfect one to send my wings to, would you want to see them and see that the "V" is not painted on the picture but made as part of the heart? And see the V turn to T on the backside. I don't know how that is done but it does it.  That makes it a bit too clear that it could only be a gift from someone with those initials... now let me think, who have I known with the initials "VT"? :0)    

Drekx Omega!   This is the post and I've underlined next to the last paragraph which concerns you.  This was posted last night, prior to any other compliments you might have and Val and I consider it the greatest compliment we ever gave anyone as we are hard on fakes... weve exposed "Outwitting Tomorrow" as NOT written by a Valiant Thor but a James Gardner, under the pen name, "Frater VIII" and published in 1939 by the Golden Dawn Publishing Company now defunct...same words, very same words...but sold under the Valiant Thor name until we exposed it onlone several years ago. The another camer out under both Valiant Thor and Frank Stranges name as I did not buy it to see if same words but I'm sure it was not, however the other two books were the very same book as I had both copies.  

My question about Ashtar is sincere as I believe he was the Pop of my childhood experiencer story where I was shown 3 stars over a dipper handle over and over and told is since 1997 on this Internet and it was not until 2006 that NASA found the third star of Polaris... I'll see if I have that story posted here, also... Remember, I've been out of the Ufology information for nearly 3 years and still under a death sentence it's just how long God lets me stay to work... but I'm also still believing in a mirfacle but let's not send bad mind energy my way as this is supposed to be a spiritual site, not a war zone like it used to be..and this gal has said nothing to offend you..I asked a question I'll ask it again, what happened to Ashtar Sheran?   



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