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My golden locket Birthday Present in 2003 from Val


I personally have no past life memories other than the ones Val has shared with me. Val tells me the locket was a gift from him in another lifetime. The etchings on the locket have some symbolic meaning but I do not know nor has Val revealed to me the meaning.

In the center of the locket there is an oblong, narrow, circular object and on both sides are curved objects that look like three leaved Ivies. The object could be a space ship on a rocket base. It was created in an era well before NASA or any type space program was ever thought about. It also has the three leaved Ivy vine around the top half of the locket.

As I describe the Ivy vine a song comes to mind I had not thought about since July 1950 when I taught it to Val. It just popped into my mind as Val was hummiong it so I believe it might have something to do with the locket. The words we sang together at White Rock Lake go like this.


I did find this on Youtube! I actually had not thought of it in all these years until now. I wanted this as a part of my book as my golden locket is so precious to me. The way Val led me to it, I could never doubt it is one of the many gifts he’s given me over the years. It is not an expensive locket but it has his love back of it and the sentimental value is priceless.

t was early morning and I just got out of bed and had walked over to the bureau to find something to wear and I felt Val’s presence come up back of me and his hands gently placed on my shoulders.

“ I want to give you something I found not far from here. , it's a golden locket as a special gift from me. It’s in a small Antique shop, hanging on the wall, by the door, on a golden chain, over a money machine.”

“You mean a cash register.” I corrected him.

“No, it isn’t like a cash register, I know what a cash register looks like and this does not look like a cash register.”

Sometimes Val gets a bit fussy at me and I fuss back at him. We sound like an old married couple. His favorite saying is, “I told you so”, when things turn out as he said they would and I have not listened to him.

“There’s a slight problem,” he continued, “you may have to pay for it so take some money with you.”

 I said ok I had a little money with me and I started out.

 I went to two towns, into every antique shop I could find and there was no golden locket anywhere. He explained again it was hanging by the door on a golden chain near the money machine in a small antique shop. He had told me he wanted me to put his picture in it. I asked if it was the picture I had seen on the web that had the name, Val Thor on it that some claimed to have met in late 1950’s. He said it would be fine.

  All right, I said, I'd searched every antique store in the area and there were no lockets anywhere. I decided just to buy a new one to place the picture in. As I was standing at the counter Val clearly said to put it down, as that was not the locket he wanted me to wear. He wanted me to have “my” locket. 

Did he mean it was mine from a former lifetime, perhaps with him he’d given me as a gift and it ended up in an antique shop?  I only know he called it my locket.  He has told me we were together in former lives.

I'm giving up, I told him, as I've gone to every antique shop in two towns, and I'm going to the house. So I started to my place in the country and at the crossroads I heard Val say,

 "Turn the other way, that's where the locket is. Learn to listen to me more carefully and I can lead you better."

 I argued with Val, as many times I do argue with him about what he says but he always wins. I said,

 "There is no antique shop up that way I know, I go that way every day and there is no antique shop, Commander!"

Because he seemed so very insistent and because nothing up until then he has ever told me had been wrong, and because I trust him completely, I turned back up the highway toward town, arguing with him that there was no antique shop on that road!

 We soon came to a place where a woman sold second hand furniture. I had been there a few times and she also had some nick knacks and books in a big storage place but no antiques. Val told me that's where it was, to turn in the driveway and ask the woman that was standing in the yard about the antique shop.

 "There is no antique shop, Commander!" I said, rather tired of telling him that.

"THAT’S IT, TURN THERE!" He shouted,

 I told him that was only a place where this woman sold old furniture and junk and she didn't have any antiques! But to show him I pulled in the drive way and I asked the woman if she knew where an antique place was in the area and she said she had one right inside her house.

“I told you so!” Came over loud and clear.

 At this point, I could hear Commander's laughter. We often joke around and have a bit of fun; it’s never boring or lonely with Commander Val in contact.  And he always adds,

 “I told you so!”  Those are his very favorite words to me.  One time when it had been raining for a few days, I started out the door to go somewhere and suddenly Val was in contact and said,

“I would walk around the building the long way to get to the car as it could be very slippery ahead.”

“No” I said, it’s not slippery, it’s a sidewalk!

The facts were, it was not one that was ordinarily used and moss or algae had formed under the rain water that had covered it the last few days, since the drains were also clogged and when my foot stepped on it I slid and landed on my arm, breaking it! 

Sometimes I do get mad at Val and if he were present in body I think I would just smack him one!  I heard him say, “Told you so!” 

  So I went into the lady’s antique room and there it was! Right by the door on the wall hanging on a golden chain by an old fashion money machine, which didn't even look like our modern cash registers. I asked how much the locket cost. Bought it and it’s one of my very most precious things other than the rings Val has given me in mysterious ways. I’ll talk about them later perhaps.

Sometimes on our anniversary of our meeting in this life, the night my life changed forever, he has someone send me roses in his name or he leads me somewhere to something I know he wants me to have.

One night in a dream, it was last year on our anniversary, I had a very vivid dream of his placing a diamond ring on my ring finger. In the dream I took it off and placed it on the nightstand by the lamp. The next morning, I remembered the dream as I remember for years dreams that are real out of body trips with Val and I looked on the nightstand at my lamp and below is what was lying there. There was no way any ring could have simply appeared there unless Val put it there. Here is a picture of my last gift from Val on our anniversary.

through the years, Val has given me five rings which I've managed to loose in different ways.  One, my Granddaughter's cat ate.  He had said he would give me no more rings but he did give me one more and when I post the picture of it I think I'll find the song that is so fitting to go with it.  It means more to me than I could ever say.  This last one means more than any gift Val has given me because with it was the promise that we'll be together again one day and he's waiting, just for me and he proved it by this ring.

Thank you, Val, for everything you’ve done for me and everything you’ve given me, and for the beautiful roses that came our last anniversary. And most of all, thank you for just being you.

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   To Valana and Val

Hellen, thank you for the beautiful picture and the ring is much like the one he gave me in 1979 in person and I still have it.  He wants a picture of it in our new book.Now I must find it....

Reminds me of back then.  We slipped away from the guards to have a dance on the beach alone and when they found us they said,

"You're not barefooted here in the beach?"

Val said why not, as he wanted me to remember the White Rock Lake beach where we danced barefoot in the sand...but that was Texas.  We were on Okinawa and they told us that no one went barefoot on their beach as there was a deadly Starfish if one stepped on it, they were dead.  They had one beach the Navy kept clearing off but most didn't swim there, it was too dangerous because of the deadly Starfish or some kind....

It wasn't until I left Okinawa that my Aunt told me the truth that he never called to say he was married but agents came from Washington to take me to him and the Aunt told them I didn't want to go as he had hurt and rape3d me and left me for dead at White Rock Lake.  The fact was the ones that kidnapped me blocked my memory with perhbaps drugs and hypnotism and that truth shocked me into remembering all abgout Val and 1950's.  And I realized what I had missed.  I had actually been in his arms and turned down a hance to go with him but I would not have left the chldren.  That was a very sad decision as he'd made me fall in love with him all over again since the 1970's in Italy and my experiences with him out of body.

Our story would really make a box office sell out and it's true, there's no fiction in it.It doesn't need added "spice" it has too much spice now.  Maybe one day when the full disclosurfe happens someone will gtakre my amateur writings and do a real movie script.

I'm not a writer, but Val says I make him real, I make him jump off the screen into hearts and that's what he wants and he just wantw to be known as a very human man from another world, not as a space god or high hancho in the fleets, whih he actuall ys the big commander somewhere in other skies...He wants me to make him human and he is just as human or more so than any male birthed on this planet and I'm the only woman that can do that as he says I'm the only woman that's been in his arms since 1950 our time..and I believe him as he had tears in his eyes when he told me that.  Val is real and he's not born on this Earth planet.  

Hellen, we want you to do have a real twin flame that is watching over you right now and someday soon you will know if you don't already.  We can never tell anyone about who their twin is as so many have been deceived and it has blocked the real from contact so we never do that as no one really knows about another, no one is high enough for that as each of us are "the Christed ONE" am atom in the body of God.. Too many begin to see truth and think they are all of it, so many claim to be God both on this planet and on higher dimensions and want to be surrounded by worshippers but there is ONE God, we are parts of that ONE, no one is God and no ET is God... Val wishes he could make that clear, to stop worshipping tbhem, it bgreaks his heart when people look to him as some supergod as he's not, he's just a very human man born elsewhere, actually Val was born on a ship and he wants bgack on one and out of Headquarters!  But he's needed there at this time.  Val is on Altair Five under the big dome at Headquarters of the Universal Protection Command.  He is not on the planet and not in our skies, and he wants me to say that so I have...Thank you dear Hellen for giving me the chance to write you dear Hellen and you are very spiritual and your PSI gifts are working well...I needed the picture to write what I you, both of us, Valana and Val

If anyone would like the text copy of "Government Woman" send ;me your email privately

and I'll send it to you and delete your email, you will never receive any requests for money.  

I write solely to present the REAL Val Thor to the world and wouold never use his name

for financial gain. I have too much respect for him than to do that.  He is real.

I will be happy to share my story with you. I am "the Government woman" sent to him

on his first visit to the planet July 14, 1950 and I am still his only official voice to the


Cmdr Thor is no longer in our solar system but has left many years ago for his work at

Headquarters of the Universal Protection Command.  

He has asked to please, please do not worship him nor look at him as some superstar.

He is just a man, and a very human man at that was not born on this planet. 

That is how I know him and how he wants me to present him. Maybe if here, he could

be the only one to beat Trump in 2020 but I wouldn't want that...I would not want to be

First Lady at this time in history.

"And you would be, if I were President there.! But I don't think I could beat Trump. - Val"

I would not vote for you!  I wear a Trump hat.

"So would I.  - Val"



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