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“You know, sweetheart, we may have our book started now. What about the funniest moment, the most unforgettable moment, and we could think of more. You don’t like the idea?”

I didn’t say anything!

“You didn’t have to! (laughing)”

I just think maybe we’d miss telling some of the most interesting parts of our life together.

“There you go. Tell the most interesting part.”

There’s more than one most interesting part!

“You keep saying you don’t know what to put in another book, I’m trying to show you we have a lot to put in another book. We have to tell about my visit in person through the transporter when you just ignored me and started writing on your yahoo mailing list, leaving me sitting on your divan all alone!”

Val, I thought it was my imagination and you were not there totally, you looked like a ghost only you were not a light body but just plain Val, just like your picture. Then Kor wrote on my email list that he had an unusual experience that night. You had summoned him to you but you were not on the ship. He hesitated to tell me but he finally said that you were in an apartment setting…with some woman! Then of course I asked him to tell me more and he described my apartment down to the one picture on the wall in my breakfast room where my computer was, and he even told me the color I had on.

“Haha then you looked around and I was gone! Served you right, too!”


He even told me what side of the divan you were sitting on.


“And you walked right by me, looked down, I smiled at you and you just went right on to your computer! Then there was the time I branded you.”

Stop laughing it wasn’t funny.


“You asked me to do it. You said you had read abougt others showing pictures of where they thought aliens had given them shots or scratched them or bruised them and you wanted me to do something that would prove to you that you were really swimming with me in my pool and it wasn’t just a crazy dream. So I made a “V” with my fingers, pressed them against your leg and now you tell what happened.”


It was a few days later I was taking my granddaughter swimming and we always put on our bathing suits at the house and wore our beach robes so we didn’t have to change at the pool. My daughter noticed the bruise on my thigh and asked how it happened. I looked in the mirror and it was a “V” very clear and very dark!


“Did you tell her I did it?”


Of course not. I didn’t want her to think me a nut cake! People don’t understand Aliens and their ways, not all people, especially families of people that do understand. Stop laughing.


“I thought it was cute of me! You asked for it, you asked me to do something so you could prove to yourself you had really been swimming with me and it wasn’t just a crazy dream.”

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Has anyone posted about the rain in Australia yet? I wonder if there were any videos of sps recently over Australia? Amparo, remember Val saying trhey would seed the clouds, where we were talking about it?

I'm not claiming he caused it but he said they would try and he's never said anything that didn't happen yet... batting 1000 over 20 years is good!  LOL

I'm still looking to see what I could have said you misunderstood...I would not offend you for the world, I like you... it must have been one of Val's jokes...people don't understand him...

We love you!  We knew what you meant...Val just thinks everyone understands him like I do and he's a big joker, he loves to joke around and wants to be thought of as just a regular guy...I know a lot don't understand him but one thing Frank and I agreed on is that the whole gang were big jokers unusual as most are so dignified and proper....

Val is the life of the party and sometimes I want to hide in a corner and not tell anyone I'm with him!  Especially when he carries a jug of water , takes a drink and staggers like he's he only does that at his own parties but he's knowm for throwing some good ones...then he will hug all the women and say, "Are you my wife, naw, my wife run off to Venus with my little brother to preach revival on the shore of the Great Lava Lake.  I hope they get my Venusian wife saved, as she's had twelve kids in the last twelve years, named them all after me and I haven't been back to Venus since 1950..."  

Val, be serious, these are trying times...

""I know they're trying times, and they're fixing to try me for alimony in Venus court, but I tried to go back to see about Diana, or was it Deena, old Frank forgot, a radio show host caught him one time, but he  said the name didn't matter, Valana said it did...oh well, I tried to go home, about to land on my UFO port and took a telescope to see how my wife looked since hadn' been home since 1950 and she was sitting at the window waiting for me." 

Well, Val, why didn't you go give her a hug.

"I started to, until I saw she was holding a sawed off shot gun pointed right at my landing dock and waving a book out the window at me."

What book was that?

"Got my Startrek telescope out and the book was, "Government Woman"...on sale on Amazon, get your copy befoe they sell out!"

Val!  I don't advertise my books, I give away the copy by email if anyone asks...

"Oh honey I'm sorry, I thought you were ole Frank's widow."

"Say goodnight, Valana"

Goodnight Valana

Nothing, absolutely nothing was said that was wrong, its all good Valana, and as far as I'm concerned Val is just my next door neighbor & is my buddy, (nothing more).  I love you both, period.  Now, what's next Valana? 

That's what he wants, Alan, no droolig adoration and actual worship that some ETs or Aliens whatever they are, want. Drekx is so right about that Sibiru warnings or wherever it comes from.  They tried that on Eagleshaven and Val did a warning to them! I haven't had any more warning! LOL (laughing)

I'll have to find what Val wrote and post it... they won't be back trying it...I don'tg think... they are afraid of Val he's real  Now I think they are real, too, and the problem is, there are those that believe that stuff. The Sibiru Aliens are real, but they are Alienss, Nordic Aliens we would have called them back in the 1990's, they were in contact then.  I'm supposedly Sirian ancestry... What they call the "junk" DNA tells us where our original ancestors  came from, one day they will have that code broken.  All of us have ancestry in the stars.

Good Night, Gracie.

Now you do understand Val was joking....?  

Yes I DO, I was joking back.

Alan, I prefer to bring our conversation here to my own group rather than on someone else's that does not refer to their topic an I have a lot to say. You ancestry is interesting.  A cousin of mine, Ross A. Routh, Brig. Gen. Retired Army published ours in a book   The Routh/Roth family has seven Coat of Arms, the one on front of the book that is most important, Ross told me, is a Chevron with one of those fancy hunting dogs with three lions' heads.  That may mean something to some.

The reason I asked about fingerprints is some think if you have none it denotes Alien DNA.  There are good aliens and bad aliens. 

When I came online in late 1990's there were a lot of Government whistleblowers retired and telling things at the Ufology conventions and on the Web  and Yahoo mailing lists.  The general understanding was that a "Nordic" was a human type body such as Val's picture, similar to an Earthian, and that is his coined word when all were using Eartling as to us, an Earthling looks like a little ET biological entity hanging on a wall with his long, skinny legs dangling and his arms, down to his knees or longer, skinny and dangling with long fingers and a pointed or super large round head with giant almond eyes similar to the autopsy photgos I put the url up to... that's an ET, we never applied the term to a Nordic (Human looking) Alien which denotes one that can propagate his own species.  ETs whose bodies were found in crashes had no reproductive organs, though very intelligent.  

The Aliens have long  been able to create robots in any shape or form.  Our Government, back as far as the 70's and perhaps further, have created robots that look just like us and have been programmed with almost as much intelligence or more than an Einstein and can carry on an intelligent conversation...Tey could live next door to you and you would not know it, they could come watch the world series with you and cheer for their team, drink a beer with you... you would not know it.

Those are the Nordic Aliens..I know so much as I went to the Ufology conventions and listened to the whistle blowers talk about what they had seen and worked witrh and knew to  be fact...then there was my story.

Yes, the one's without reproductive organs are Clones or Spirits of Aliens, they would not be able to carry-on any conversation's with me, Valana. I don't consume alcohol, (Beer) or watch contact sports, (I have no interest in it @ all.)  I will on occasion watch (Motor Sports) I like the go fast technology involved to make them go faster though.  I am a Nordic Alien (for real).  I went back to visit my Grand parents as a child, 55 or 56, by myself, stayed a few months.

My twin flame wanted me to say that because she calls me lovingly, her Nordic Alien, (and she wouldn't be wrong either).  Just from another Star System of Gaia, but whom really doe's know?  (all things are possible in time and space,) are they not?  Thanks' for letting us mess with each others minds for a little while, Valana. 

Some say there is a twin earth and science has proven dimensions on paper with math equations...

Many have believed they are Star Seed from other planets that are on here orf used to be, they used to talk about it...This has always been more of a spiritual site with levels or spirituality. I never thought of it as a Ufology site like the old mailing lists used to be...

I don't think you've been in my mind as Val protects me too well as to get into my mind is to have access to his and he does not allow that...someone may be fooling with you... you can look into my past if you have that gift butg not my present...oh that's what you meant... yes I wonder if I was on the Titanic I never had thoughts about being on it...and I have no past memory of standing in cirfcle singing or vowing to meetr again when the planet was in trouble..Val has told me that so I believe him.

Mosr that are spiritual at all have Alien ancestry somewhere back...Genesis six speks of the Sons of God finding wives on the planet and having children... Dr Boylan formed a group for chilldren that are star seed, they are usually different he used to have a test to see if you were a star seed, many were...I may see if I can find it and post it, it's fun to take and if you believe, find out if you have Alien DNA...most ofr us do..I was born in Texas...

Valana, there are 5 identical Gaia's (Earth's) out there.  One (1) is for the 3rd dimensional bad guy's to stay on and continue fighting amongst themselves, the Cabal/ Deepstate/ Elite, etc..  2 Gaia's are for the 4th dimensional people, to finish learning what they need to get to 5D.  And 2 are for the 5th dimensional Utopia, the Golden Age of Gaia.  Thank you for asking, Valana.



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