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“You know, sweetheart, we may have our book started now. What about the funniest moment, the most unforgettable moment, and we could think of more. You don’t like the idea?”

I didn’t say anything!

“You didn’t have to! (laughing)”

I just think maybe we’d miss telling some of the most interesting parts of our life together.

“There you go. Tell the most interesting part.”

There’s more than one most interesting part!

“You keep saying you don’t know what to put in another book, I’m trying to show you we have a lot to put in another book. We have to tell about my visit in person through the transporter when you just ignored me and started writing on your yahoo mailing list, leaving me sitting on your divan all alone!”

Val, I thought it was my imagination and you were not there totally, you looked like a ghost only you were not a light body but just plain Val, just like your picture. Then Kor wrote on my email list that he had an unusual experience that night. You had summoned him to you but you were not on the ship. He hesitated to tell me but he finally said that you were in an apartment setting…with some woman! Then of course I asked him to tell me more and he described my apartment down to the one picture on the wall in my breakfast room where my computer was, and he even told me the color I had on.

“Haha then you looked around and I was gone! Served you right, too!”


He even told me what side of the divan you were sitting on.


“And you walked right by me, looked down, I smiled at you and you just went right on to your computer! Then there was the time I branded you.”

Stop laughing it wasn’t funny.


“You asked me to do it. You said you had read abougt others showing pictures of where they thought aliens had given them shots or scratched them or bruised them and you wanted me to do something that would prove to you that you were really swimming with me in my pool and it wasn’t just a crazy dream. So I made a “V” with my fingers, pressed them against your leg and now you tell what happened.”


It was a few days later I was taking my granddaughter swimming and we always put on our bathing suits at the house and wore our beach robes so we didn’t have to change at the pool. My daughter noticed the bruise on my thigh and asked how it happened. I looked in the mirror and it was a “V” very clear and very dark!


“Did you tell her I did it?”


Of course not. I didn’t want her to think me a nut cake! People don’t understand Aliens and their ways, not all people, especially families of people that do understand. Stop laughing.


“I thought it was cute of me! You asked for it, you asked me to do something so you could prove to yourself you had really been swimming with me and it wasn’t just a crazy dream.”

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A glimpse into the lives of nothing really important happened that day, except to me it was especially shown to us Aliens as, kind of like a love bite would be to humans, (V-bruise) of happy times ahead. 

Actually, Alan, it was to prove the reality of Astral travel and that out-of-body trips, even without the outer shell we call a body here on the planet, is a reality trip.   So many do not believe in Astral travel or understand that we are not flesh and bone and blood beings but Spirits, parts of God... and we actually have many parts to us.  

One of my missions is to prove the reality of Human alien life not from this planet... also that astral, etheric etc are real.  For instance, glad you said that as something else just came to me we must put in the book, a healing that took place as my body slept but my astral body was taken to the tall women medics and the healing that was done took place in my body that was asleep.  

Another proof was when I was given an object in a dream state and brought it back. of course none of this was done as clinical exsperiments so it does not really prove anything except to those that are interested and believe.

Am I making it clear that I was not there in body? My body was asleep in my bed.  He didn't put the "V" on my body but my astral body and it appeared on my physical body.  That is what I'm trying to get over did you understand it that way? If not I need to clarify it a bit better.  

Totally and happily understood, Valana.  Been there & done that many, many times, since @ a very young age.  I believe, (I was born awake).  One of the hardest things to do is remembering what was made to be forgotten.

Alan, I want to say you are a very nice and sweet person and I am honored to have you join my group.

You may call the earth "Gaia" or any name you wish...long as you don't tell me I can't.. it Gaia myself most of the time...I'm part Pagan,, part Metaphysical Christian, anything that works.

And if the left gets their way everywhere we'll soon be calling it "The United Countries of World Socialst Republics.  UCWSR 


How are you doing Valana, I'm fantastic myself,  BTW, the Left will not in any way get their way, for sure.  I promise.  Now, it matters not what you call our Planet, only the fact of clear communications for all of us.  I have lived many thousands of lifetimes, I am from Lemuria, I am an Intuit/empath. I am so glad to have met you & Val, I believe I remember Val sitting @ the White House main office with this other gentleman who looked like he could have been Val's brother, both wearing dark suits & tie's, talking to President Eisenhower, I believe this was around 1955-56 give or take, I was really astonished @ the time the fact that Valiant Thor & partner was from another Planet, and was trying to convince IKE not to trust this other ET. Race whom was trying to gain favors with our Military and our Planet by offering old technology in trade.  Please, tell me if my memory is correct, its been a long time and due to ChemTrails and other things being sprayed on us has dulled my recall through the years.  Good one huh, Valana.  I have many memories, (I was 7 or 8 yrs. old @ the time.) 

I'm just very busy trying to write with Val as he's taking a few hours to write...but you write anything you wish.  Tell us more about your incarnations and do you remember anything of Lemuria? Did you sing Auld Lang Zyne and were you there when it started to sink?  What caused it?

We were on Atlantis when it went down and the ships were waiting for us on the plateau, I remembger climbing the mountain trail and helping others that were about to fall and the earth was shaking.... 

Val was High Priest of the Temple of the Sun, we were Sun worfshippers..and we vowed to return at the end of the next age to try to save the planet this gtime around.  It will be the American continent that goes down as well as Europe... if it goes... first time I was on this site I had the Atlantis group and we were hoping to gather our people that were with us at the last, we wore white robhes, held hands in a circle and also had a song similar with the tune Auld Lang Zyne, that's why that song is so impressive to people, so many of us have brought it from the past.  Since I've3 known Val in this life we are always together at New Years' Eve and sing it...Do you remember singing it? Amparo remembers, she was on Lemuria and I think perhaps we were, too, unless it comes also from's a tune that bgrings the group together..I must go as Val wantsw to write... you write what you wish it's very interesting...

The sinking of the ship Titanic was a lie, it was the identical Sister Ship that sank, it was set up to look like an ice glacier caused the sinking, sabotaged by the Elite, and swept under the rug, I believe it was to eliminate the feud of other investors @ that time. These people lived and died by the Dollar, life had no value. The name J.P. Morgan comes to light.  I do not remember any singing.  If it comes to me, I will try to remember, this is old information, it has been buried for a very long time.  Thanks for asking, Valana.  Namaste.

I read about it..It was all pre-planned to make it look like an accident...They wanted to get rid of many people in the ship...I forgot what kind of people...They were obviously important and influential people...So many things in history are hoaxes even about WWI,II and other wars...all planned ahead to kill people and sell arms...all for profits...but all will be known globally...All is coming per the Higher Beings of Love and Light...The truth will set us all FREE...

Hi Amp, how are you doing, terrific I hope.  Your post here is a, BINGO as in you hit the nail on the head, correct to the fact. There is so much that they, the Elite (Cabal) thought would still remain hidden from all of us, but like they say, that everything comes out in the wash.  Please read what I added to this post about conversation on this same subject matter.  Oh BTW, thank you so much for showing me this site of Commander Val & Valana, which is of course fantastic.  I remember reading about how the scientist figured out how to use the pilots seat from a crashed ET craft to go backwards or forwards in time called 'Operation Looking Glass' to alter our Planets Events by changing them to their liking/plans, even to go back in time to change certain Passage's in the Bible to fit their need @ that time, they eventually damaged it, and it would not go past era of 2012.  I believe it has since been repaired and used by the White Hats (good guy's) to warn our President as to where they plan to ambush or commit assassination attempts to be taking place, bless him & his family to be protected @ all times. 

No, I had not heard anything like that, Amparo, who supposedly did it?  About what was the date? i read there were two men tried to warn them that were not on the manifrest and said they were from the future.  But then the kids told me that was in the movie but it could have been true, too, as there were survivors.  

Did you all see where there was a man in CERN in the tube, that said he was from the future and came back to warn them to stop.  Val has written about CERN before it started up.  He agreed with Hawking? (sp) the scientist, that said CERN could collapse the universe.  Val explained how that could be done.

Many things cannot be undone even by them with all the technology they have...2012 is an crucial year and one very powerful for the Light...All changed in that year and it is not any going back from that year...We are in a forward motion since then...all for the highest benefit of humanity and of Mother Earth...I don't have much knowledge about many things but I like following my heart a lot and if for some reason I don't feel the resonance I stayed quiet...Blessings Alan and Valana...

Alan do you think the Titanic might have come to you because I was on it? I've never thought I was but I have thought about it. I was always interested in the two from the future.  I believe people can come from the future.



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