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Join in prayer, decree, command or however you pray as each one

adds their weight to the whole.  We can stpp the spread of the Covid 19

as we join together in brotherhood/sisterhood and love.

For one day let's put prejudice and hatred aside and pray together.

As our President of the USA tweeted today,

"The world is in war with a hidden enemy and WE WILL WIN!"

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I'll try to upload this is a good short dcree.Use it in numbers

of three and keep in mind you are speaking to

the Coronavirus. Visualize it turning to smoke

and evaporating.  You are planting a seed in

Universal Law and it must obey.  

"It is not I that speak but the Father within doeth the works" Jesus

Try this url I think you can hear it, hope so, still trying to post the decree.

Thank you Valana...I was going to retire when I saw you were here...I will look at it is almost 2:00 AM here...Good Night

If anyone else would like to add their prayer or decree you are welcome 

to do so.  Let us pray together as brothers and sisters of one family of God.

Buddhist, Hindus, Islamics, Jews, Chrstians of all kinds, prayers to Saints, all

are welcome to join in brotherhood/sisterhood at this time.

This could be the world enemy that will bring the world together in one family.

Val and Valana

The decree is Elizabeth Claire Prophet (lat name). She and her husband, Mark Prophet began the Church Triumphant based on the attempt to bring all religions together, with the Masters of the White Brotherhood, Saint Germain and others.

The world wide prayer was called by he First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints which has no connection with the other Christian religions nor Church Triumphant of Mark and Claire Prophet.

It is sad but there will be all types of religious people wake up with the thought they hope nothing happens due to this being a day of prayer called by what some call "The Mormons" therefore especially otgher Christians will be hoping nothing will happen therefore working against a miracle of God as most of the Christian theologies believe the LDS or Mormons, do not have the same Jesus as they do.  I have wondered why this is and all I can see is that the Mormons believe all mankind are one big family of God and somehow our Father-Mother God will bring us all back home eventually.  I rather believe that, myself.  

All types of prayer is good but those that don't want to see prayer work because someone is not of the same religious belief, regardless how holy they may live, I don't think they will get back home any time soon...just my opinion.

If the world would really get in one mind and one accord we could destroy the virus today... JOIN US AND PRAY!!  


Blessings of Peace, Love and Light to all life on Earth...We Are One...on our way to discover this great Truth...and as ONE we will co-create Heaven on Earth...It shall be...It already is...for it is Mother/Father's Divine Plan...And so it is...Beloved I AM, Beloved I AM, Beloved We All Are...

S o M o S 



Are One

People Standing as Heart Shape Stock Footage Video (100 ...



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