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In 1961 over a hundred people in Hopkins County, Texas and surrounding counties, reported seeing a searchlight up in the sky about 200 feet or so each night after dark. The light would appear then disappear and appear later for a minute or so.


A few very reputable citizens  of Sulphur Springs, Texas such as the Sheriff and Mayor reported seeing a dark rim of a round object about the size of half a football field that the search light was attached. I was one that saw this and the rim of a ship.


Some boys misunderstood that when we said we saw it “down the tracks” we did not mean we saw it coming at us as on the ground but we saw it about 200 feet up in the air but down the tracks a ways from us…a little ways down the tracks from where we stood.


Soon a car with Government license plates and some men in black suits arrived to investigate for the Government. They stayed at the best motel, ate at the best restaurants, all at the expense of the American tax payer.


They interviewed all that wanted to testify and after a “thorough investigation, ascertained it was nothingt more than cars turning down a road further down the tracks. This was placed in the back page of the local paper and from the Sheriff on down, people were indignant and just plain furious. I was one of them.


So with a friend I went to the road where supposedly cars would turn when those at the other road would see the searchlight and found it led to only two or three farm houses and at the time we were parked there, no cars turned on that road but the searchlight was still being seen.


When I studied for my Usui Reiki Master Certificate, one of the other Reiki students told us that she applied to work for MUFON, the government agency that investigates UFO sightings and contact with Aliens. She was told that if the report was negative and the person perhaps hurt or frightened, even if it came to her through the bars of a mental institution, to take it seriouslh and write it up. But if the report was positive and perhaps spiritual teachings then to discount it as hallucination or imagination.

The above was told to the whole group in Austin, Texas in early 1990’s by one of the attending students.

At the time of this class, my instructor, who was also a Shamana, told me during class she saw Val standing back of me in a white robe. She invited him to assist in the Reiki Master initiations and he did. I had asked Val if he approved of my taking the Reiki course and he said he did and would be with me and allow the instructor to see him as she had astral vision.

I don’t teach anymore but as I told this on a mailing list back in late 1990’s I was invited to California to teach a class by friends on the mailing list, expenses paid. They all wanted Val’s attunement!


I didn’t charge for the teaching though they insisted on a love offering. All were different types of healers, I let all of them demonstrate their brand of healing. It was a lot of fun, love and friendship. However, I was glad to get on that plane back to Texas as the house shook every night from tremors.

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This is good sample of Government coverup of rreality of life elsewhere than Planet Earth.  My question is why any Government cares for their people to know there is intelligent life elsewhere? What is the big problem and why so much tax money is used to cover up obvious truth?  

Rock here's the one tells abougt MUFON and how honest our gov is about investigating sightings... 



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