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A Val and Valana Coffee Break Sharing

Valana: Val, you're sending me mixed signals. Val's sitting at a desk, his hands folded in front of him, a few furrows on his brow as in deep thought. I'm picking up two very different pictorials of past incidents, which way do you wnnt to go with this one, Commander?

Val: "Oops, when she calls me, Commander, she's either mad or wants something, so which is it, darling?"

Valama: I'd like to know which way you want to go with this writing. What does the pink silk PJ’s incident have to do with healing?

Val: "We were teaching a class on healing together, that's what. Plus, I think it's funny and it would be a way to teach about the Astral and higher travel experiences all have in the sleep state but all do not realize they leave their bodies on a regular basis every time they close their eies in deep sleep, in the Delta brain wave state."

Valana: Do we really need to be in Delta brain wave for our consciousness to completely leave
the physical framework of what is called the body?

Val: "Not necessarily Even when awake, if one's mind wanders to another location a part of their consciousness goes with the thought. Flowing through the universe is the universal Mind substance that is impressed with images of thought that, unless negated, will become manifest as some seeming physical "thing" or condition. Wars are caused by accumulation of hate and lower animal instinctive emotions of enough of the population. When it moves to fifty one percent positive there will be an acute and dynamic change in the consciousness of all mankind. That's one of the purposes of the astral classes aboard our larger ships and the Ashtar ships in the solar system. The larger ships do not approach near the planet, close enough to be observed, it's only the smaller protection squadrons that are seen. Let's talk about your pink PJ's!"

Valana: You won't ever let me forget that. time years ago I found myself standing by al teaching a class aboard ship. I knew i had worn my pink silk PJs to bed, Suddenly it came to me I was in my pink PJs I whispered to Val,

Val: "I cqn't stand here with you and teach in my PJ's!"

Valana: He laughed and said to look at my reflection in the ship wall which reflects like a mirror. I wore a bgeautiful long blue dress and my diamond Tiara he gave me years ago. Now how that's done I truly cannot explain it but we seldom wear the same thing our bodies are wearing in the sleep state. That's just how it is as it's not our bodies we are in but our astral or higher bodies we travel outside the physical manifest world in our sleep state.


Val: “You used to call me your ET Healer. Tell about some of those times. What about the Reiki Master Atunenment when I was seen with you, tell about that."

Valana: That was back in early 1990's when I went to Austin for Reiki training and it was in my last class on Reiki Master Attunement. My teacher was also a Shamana and had astral vision. I knew you were with me but I had not mentioned you to any there. She looked over and saw you and told me I had a very high Master with me and invited you to come into the center with her and assist her Asian Reiki Masters in the attunemment. In Reiki, the Usui Reiki, one always has Reiki Masters that join in the Attunement to assist.

Val: "My other thought was on the small ET healers that appeared to you back when we did the healing of the woman in Missouri. I think they should also be in our book. "

Valana: Val has been seen by several people that he allowed to see him through the years, in my healing ministry. . This is how the four appeared and disappeared that Van Tassel talks about in the video posted the other day. This is something they can do as they lower their frequency vibrations of their bodies to visibility then raise them higher than the human eye can observe. They can do this at will.

Valana: At times I’veI called him my ET healer and was showing his picture to the daughter of a woman we had just prayed for at a meeting in Missoui. We were sitting in the dining area, most had gone but a couple stood near us I knew were listening to me and they asked if they could see Val’s picture. They sat down and I waited for a lectur4e, thinking they would say ETs didn’t exist but instead they acknowledged they knew him and told us they also had ET healers that assistged in their ministry. Their ETs allowed me to see them, it was like going into a trance like state and leaving present reality. They appeared slowly and then slowly disappeared as in a fog. They were about5 the size standing up of the couple’s shoulders that were sitting down. They have very oval round heads and rather large, otherwise they looked like little children. I felt a very powerful and high spirit from them as they looked at me and greeted me telepathically. Then they disappeared.

Val: "Did you see the Acturian healers at the Ufology convention, that greeted Cmdr Ashtar and myself with you as you sat down with the woman for a reading at the Ufology convention?"

Valana: No, I didn't see the Acturians but she said they greeted both you and Pop Ashtar, which were her words, and that you both were with me at the time and both of you wanted me to tell my story of you both. I think that is where I first got the idea for my book. The Acturians suggested I write about the both of you and my experiences with you.

Val: "Are there any other groups you know of that specialize in healing for the planet's people?"
Valana: Yes...the tall women medics. They were at Area 51 and that is why I do believe Bob Lazer told the truth of his work there in back engineering the ships, though the government of course denied his story. He described the tall women medics, where they were working and the stairway going down to where the round ships were docked exactly as I remember it. When I read that, i knew he'd been there as that's exactly where you took me for the healing I first called on our website, "Healing Aboard A Medical Ship". When I read his description I knew it must have been area 51 where you took me back in the 70's.

Val: "Of course there was the time I appeared at your place and sat down on the divan and you just ignored me. I never shall forget that! Then I summonded KOR to come and verify to you later that I had been there on a visit and you just ignored me!"

Valana: That's like the time on Okinawa you sat down by me in the club and I got up and left!
Val: "Not at all! I was really on the planet, my ship, my small one I travel to planets in from the Command ship, was sitting on the North security field. That was not a projection. You are a great telepath when I'm half way across the universe from you, but sitting next to me you are absolutely not!"

Valana: I thought you told me to get up and get out it's a trick!

Val: "I told you to let's get up and dance a trick!"

Valana: Well, you had that dance later, as we danced barefoot on the beach of Okinawa, Japan.

Val: “Until the two sailors came rushing down the hill yelling for us to put on some shoes as there were deadly starifish on the shore that would kill us if we stepped on one.”


We left out a very important point  of the message.  They way I was seen dressed by the group was controlled by Val's mind power.  This is the secret back of shape shifting.  It is done by the power of the mind.  I did not do it, Val did.  One must walk in a high degree of unconditional love to attain the powers that re possible of the mind.  The danger in technology mind control is it takes no morality nor high spiritual development for its use.  It is a serious danger in the hands of the wrong people.

One of the things Val showed me in the 70's he wanted my Government to know about was a place where there were antnnas similar to the type that receives signals form the cell phones from thre satellites.  This was being done by workers in space suits and it seemed to be a high place and I saw men in uniform in a building.  Val's message was that if fell in the wrong hands the construction we witnessed could be used for mass mind control.  Where it was and what hands it was in I do not know.   Valana

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Amparo, why not ask Val that question! I just thought of that or rather he just told me why not ask him and we were talking of doing something like that, as I that's what I will do and do it on a discussion as perhaps a chapter for our book... I doan't know why I didn't think about it, I was trying to go bgack and remember what he had said in past about our home being on 7th dimension we would go to after I leave here and his work is finished...oh and it's kind of about Ashtar, too... it all fits together, and also explains abou Venus and the planets of Venus on higher dimensions...and what Pop said about the stars... suddenly it all flipped into my mind like I had been working on it but had not thought about it, it was after I told you about the one rose and I thought to thank Val for it and all of it came to me all at I used to say sometimes my writings for Val were like a computer zip file and when I slept it would come into mind and when I awoke it was like a file unzipping, it would just all be there, planned out like I'd worked on it allo night and had not thought about it...but it makes sense and everything he's said and what Pop said in the Frequency article al fits into place..I'll write it now... it's almost 6 a.mj. and I'm musually us by 2 or 3 a.m., I slept late this morning...

Thank you Valana...I will ask him directly when we are in conversation whenever I have something to ask...Speaking of late hours...In the weekends I stay up very late and then I fall asleep on the chair hahahaha...I cannot fight sleep...When it is time to rest I need to rest...My body just gives up...hahahaha Blessings Valana 

In trying to edit  this I notice we missed one of the main points we were going to make...we've been asked why it is that some have noticed when in vivid dreaming or actual awake out of body trips, they are not dressed the same way their bodies are dressed.  The answer Val wanted to explain is that the power of the mind is such that they control how they are seen and how we are seen.  This is the secret back of what some call "shape shifting".  It is not a change in the body itself but hypnotic control of the minds involved.  Most of us on the planet are not advanced enough to be able to do that.  This was the point of explaining about the pink PJs and the blue dress I was seen wearing.  I will add this point at the b iotto of the discussion above.  

Thi type mind control is possible but mut never be done to harm or cause another to harm as there is a great karmic debt incurred in such action.  It takes a great degree of unconditional love to reach the ability for mass mind control.  The use of mind control technology does not require the high morality and therefore is a threat to humanity unqualed by nuclear holocaust.   

I incl used the note in the article above along with a  mind control facility Val had shown me he wanted my Government to be aware of in the 70 's, that in the wrong hands it could be used for  mass mind control. Where it was I do not know but it was not in America.  



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