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A Val and Valana Coffee Break Sharing

Valana: Val, you're sending me mixed signals. Val's sitting at a desk, his hands folded in front of him, a few furrows on his brow as in deep thought. I'm picking up two very different pictorials of past incidents, which way do you wnnt to go with this one, Commander?

Val: "Oops, when she calls me, Commander, she's either mad or wants something, so which is it, darling?"

Valama: I'd like to know which way you want to go with this writing. What does the pink silk PJ’s incident have to do with healing?

Val: "We were teaching a class on healing together, that's what. Plus, I think it's funny and it would be a way to teach about the Astral and higher travel experiences all have in the sleep state but all do not realize they leave their bodies on a regular basis every time they close their eies in deep sleep, in the Delta brain wave state."

Valana: Do we really need to be in Delta brain wave for our consciousness to completely leave
the physical framework of what is called the body?

Val: "Not necessarily Even when awake, if one's mind wanders to another location a part of their consciousness goes with the thought. Flowing through the universe is the universal Mind substance that is impressed with images of thought that, unless negated, will become manifest as some seeming physical "thing" or condition. Wars are caused by accumulation of hate and lower animal instinctive emotions of enough of the population. When it moves to fifty one percent positive there will be an acute and dynamic change in the consciousness of all mankind. That's one of the purposes of the astral classes aboard our larger ships and the Ashtar ships in the solar system. The larger ships do not approach near the planet, close enough to be observed, it's only the smaller protection squadrons that are seen. Let's talk about your pink PJ's!"

Valana: You won't ever let me forget that. time years ago I found myself standing by al teaching a class aboard ship. I knew i had worn my pink silk PJs to bed, Suddenly it came to me I was in my pink PJs I whispered to Val,

Val: "I cqn't stand here with you and teach in my PJ's!"

Valana: He laughed and said to look at my reflection in the ship wall which reflects like a mirror. I wore a bgeautiful long blue dress and my diamond Tiara he gave me years ago. Now how that's done I truly cannot explain it but we seldom wear the same thing our bodies are wearing in the sleep state. That's just how it is as it's not our bodies we are in but our astral or higher bodies we travel outside the physical manifest world in our sleep state.


Val: “You used to call me your ET Healer. Tell about some of those times. What about the Reiki Master Atunenment when I was seen with you, tell about that."

Valana: That was back in early 1990's when I went to Austin for Reiki training and it was in my last class on Reiki Master Attunement. My teacher was also a Shamana and had astral vision. I knew you were with me but I had not mentioned you to any there. She looked over and saw you and told me I had a very high Master with me and invited you to come into the center with her and assist her Asian Reiki Masters in the attunemment. In Reiki, the Usui Reiki, one always has Reiki Masters that join in the Attunement to assist.

Val: "My other thought was on the small ET healers that appeared to you back when we did the healing of the woman in Missouri. I think they should also be in our book. "

Valana: Val has been seen by several people that he allowed to see him through the years, in my healing ministry. . This is how the four appeared and disappeared that Van Tassel talks about in the video posted the other day. This is something they can do as they lower their frequency vibrations of their bodies to visibility then raise them higher than the human eye can observe. They can do this at will.

Valana: At times I’veI called him my ET healer and was showing his picture to the daughter of a woman we had just prayed for at a meeting in Missoui. We were sitting in the dining area, most had gone but a couple stood near us I knew were listening to me and they asked if they could see Val’s picture. They sat down and I waited for a lectur4e, thinking they would say ETs didn’t exist but instead they acknowledged they knew him and told us they also had ET healers that assistged in their ministry. Their ETs allowed me to see them, it was like going into a trance like state and leaving present reality. They appeared slowly and then slowly disappeared as in a fog. They were about5 the size standing up of the couple’s shoulders that were sitting down. They have very oval round heads and rather large, otherwise they looked like little children. I felt a very powerful and high spirit from them as they looked at me and greeted me telepathically. Then they disappeared.

Val: "Did you see the Acturian healers at the Ufology convention, that greeted Cmdr Ashtar and myself with you as you sat down with the woman for a reading at the Ufology convention?"

Valana: No, I didn't see the Acturians but she said they greeted both you and Pop Ashtar, which were her words, and that you both were with me at the time and both of you wanted me to tell my story of you both. I think that is where I first got the idea for my book. The Acturians suggested I write about the both of you and my experiences with you.

Val: "Are there any other groups you know of that specialize in healing for the planet's people?"
Valana: Yes...the tall women medics. They were at Area 51 and that is why I do believe Bob Lazer told the truth of his work there in back engineering the ships, though the government of course denied his story. He described the tall women medics, where they were working and the stairway going down to where the round ships were docked exactly as I remember it. When I read that, i knew he'd been there as that's exactly where you took me for the healing I first called on our website, "Healing Aboard A Medical Ship". When I read his description I knew it must have been area 51 where you took me back in the 70's.

Val: "Of course there was the time I appeared at your place and sat down on the divan and you just ignored me. I never shall forget that! Then I summonded KOR to come and verify to you later that I had been there on a visit and you just ignored me!"

Valana: That's like the time on Okinawa you sat down by me in the club and I got up and left!
Val: "Not at all! I was really on the planet, my ship, my small one I travel to planets in from the Command ship, was sitting on the North security field. That was not a projection. You are a great telepath when I'm half way across the universe from you, but sitting next to me you are absolutely not!"

Valana: I thought you told me to get up and get out it's a trick!

Val: "I told you to let's get up and dance a trick!"

Valana: Well, you had that dance later, as we danced barefoot on the beach of Okinawa, Japan.

Val: “Until the two sailors came rushing down the hill yelling for us to put on some shoes as there were deadly starifish on the shore that would kill us if we stepped on one.”


We left out a very important point  of the message.  They way I was seen dressed by the group was controlled by Val's mind power.  This is the secret back of shape shifting.  It is done by the power of the mind.  I did not do it, Val did.  One must walk in a high degree of unconditional love to attain the powers that re possible of the mind.  The danger in technology mind control is it takes no morality nor high spiritual development for its use.  It is a serious danger in the hands of the wrong people.

One of the things Val showed me in the 70's he wanted my Government to know about was a place where there were antnnas similar to the type that receives signals form the cell phones from thre satellites.  This was being done by workers in space suits and it seemed to be a high place and I saw men in uniform in a building.  Val's message was that if fell in the wrong hands the construction we witnessed could be used for mass mind control.  Where it was and what hands it was in I do not know.   Valana

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I really enjoy reading your experiences (yours and Val's)... I am trying to understand Val's current level of enlightenment...Is it possible you can share his current level of Beingness...? He seems more advanced that any human being here on earth, yet he is going through many learning experiences and he can relate to yours here...Does he feel any negativity or he is on the 5th d. and above...? Meaning is he below the 5th dimension? Thanks Valana...All of this is so interesting to me...

Dear Amparo... It is so interesting that you ask this question.  We paused this morning to consider writin something about Val, sort of an introduction to him, that would have answered your's not surprising you would ask...this has happened before that you seem to be right on the same line of thought.  We wo;; dp tjat sppm/  We have one more thing I really want to write that could involve you and your twin flame and I had it before on the front of my group the first time I was here, we have a picture of the world and people in robes around it laying hands on the globe do you happen to remember it?  Some remembered being there and for some reason we felt you might have been there as there is so much similarity between us.  

OK let me answer your question briefly and we'll do the run down on Val later, also...Val is from 7th level, he's a Light Being that has lowered his freqnecy to take assignment here on is Ashtar, not sure which level Ashtar is on but he also is a Light Being.  Seventh Dimension is the last dimension where we are similar to here in that we have bodies though of much light frequency of light and have the family uncircle unbroken...

When we rise thrugh the dimensions we do not loose our feelings and empathy nor unconditional love for mankind but it grows deeper and stronger and is almost painful to feel the hurt and sorrow of those on the lower dimension... that's why it was so easy for Jesus to say on the cross, "Father forgive them they know not what they do"...our mercy and love for all growws much more powerful rther than fades and it's not easy for one to come back down to a lower dimension because each dimension they increase in the ability to feel and surfer with others...\Also, while here, though Val is very high in his attainments and status, he tries to become just one of us, some as we say of some on this dimension, put on airs of greatness and aloofhness… not Val...he gets down with people on their level... 

There's a saying that when one is in the presnese of true greatness, they leave feeling their own greatness and when in the presence of a litle greatmenss, they leave feeling themselves little...that's why Val jokes around so much and sometimes talks much like the hippies he loved so much out west in one of his trips here...he said of them, "they are real"... some he had problems loving were the phonies, you know the kind I mean, the super spiritual that didn't know the word spiritual... those without the "love"... Val has a tremendous repore with others in person more so than through me, as you meet Val through me a lot of my personality gets in the way of who Val really is...

This is something I've really thought about doing a lot lately, exactly what you have asked so I know it's got to be done... bring Val over a a way people truly know him and can I do it? I don't know but I've got to try for our book and it has to be a special chapter, perhaps a forward and I've thought much about it as I know the way he seems to come over isn't the Val I would really take a professional writer that really knew him as I do and no one knows him as I do, so it has to be me that somehow does it... 

Now he's going to be mad if I say this...but the only way I could explain it... is a god come to earth acting like an earthian that cared nothing about being a god... Jesus might be an example...he put on no airs, he dealt with the sinners, the poor, the discouraged, he didn't go sit in the council of the knowing ones, that shunned the common people... and another would be Gautama Buddha, that shunned the palace of a Princed that he was to live and walk on the ho9t desert sands, with a stick, knocking down idols and teaching those that could never afford a teacher... 

If I should link Val with two that would be closest to him, and I'm not deifying him as he's about to get me for what I have already said here...but I would say he'd make a threesome with the Buddha and Christ and not be out of place, yet he could sit with a couple of hipopies or a gay couple on the streets of Frisco and not be out of place but be one of them...not too many could do that, fit in with both the highest and the lowest...Val can...that's about all I can say I don't know any other way to say it... 

I hope this helps, to bring him over as a reality being...there's another picture I have of him that I dearly love. but I'd have to explain a lo to set the scene so I'll wait on that one... he's sort of like the Bodivisas, like Quan yIN, THE Chinese Goddess that stayed down until all are aascended… only Val came down to take the assignment here just as Ashar did..they had both ascended above ever having to return, but they returned for the ones hee...and many did he same thing and don't have the memory but it's there, butg if we hd it, Amparo, we wouldn't be able to relate to others and "feel" their needs and supply it... that's what other ohne I want to write soon... that I think you and a few others are in... James and Joanna, Matghew and his's a spirit I feel with them and you hat is very poweful connection...Pet Rock and Drekx, though we certainly do not agree, Drekx and I, hat spirit is in him and I believe he was with us in this meeting in the sky I call it for lack of a better world, ikt's a very high ahnd sacred ceremony where we determined the outcome of whats about to happen here in 3-d land..I'll do that one Val's been wanting it for a long long time and then I'll tgry to describe Val like I kknow him to be..bugt I know my descriptgion will come off very short of what he is really is...

Amparo, here's what I'm thinking... it's fixed where I can post again, could have been pn my side but I didn' do anything but I did paste that today as just won't do an alt V type...but I bypassed the note I can post what I started to about Ashtgar and where he came from...and Val came from the same place so that's what I'll do now, I'll have to go find it..what Tuella wrote which is true, she was his chosen channel at the time she was alive...though she authorized or backed others that were good... but Van Tassel was his sifrst and I hink he did audible channeling... if I can gtet it postred about Ashtar tonight you can put Val's name in it and it should answer your question better than I can...

And I want to write about the ceremony where we set up this end time scenario about to happen, when we rise into 5th...I'll try to do it tonight...thank you for asking this, it gives me a target to head to... it truly needs to be in the book...

Thank you Valana...Val is really a supreme being of Love and Light...for him to have come down and helped humanity..I know they refused his help the way he wanted to help...Those in government only wanted what was good for them not the people...Valana I wish I could remember things but I don't...This morning while in meditation I was in a trance, it happens very often to me where I know I have gone somewhere yet I cannot remember a thing of it...But as St. Germaine said...In this life I am to be more on the quiet side...I suspect the reason for this and I am fine with it...I just remembered when you said if I was up there at that meeting...Many times over the years I have had trouble making myself small...In meditations I got too big and I used to see myself covering the whole planet and I see myself looking at earth from space very often...Now I am able to control that a bit better...I know that I go to councils at night...I remember a time when I saw myself flying next to Archangel Michael and I asked Him...Archangel Michael what are you doing here? And of course, I added...I know...I should not have asked the question...You are everywhere...hahahaha...Blessings Valana and I am so glad you are going to write your book (yours and Val's)...It is the best thing for all to read the truth of you two, and at the same time people will be amazed that all of it was going on while we were all "asleep" (not having a clue about anything at all)....

I said on another message I just woke up...after writing you today I went sound asleep and don't remember a thing...but now I am going to try to find that about Ashtar I said explained more abouve Val as they came from same level, I remember when I read Tuella's book Val said that's where he came from, too...they all came together, many came down now and some incarnated. O a;sp ,ist write what I talked about as you and some others might resonate to it... 

The song is so important we sang and at this gathering I am toing to write agout we sang it, too..and I never thought what the song was until you mentioned it (Auld Lang Syne) and then it seemed so right.

Now abgout seeing yourself big, you are having Cosmic consciousness..that is good do not stop yourself you are becoming one with Father-Mother not try to stop that... you are encompassing the world in love and it so needs love.

I am not any religion I have studied them all and all are good and all have bad poihns and good points and I try to take the good from tthem all...I am a followered of the true teachings of Jesus which are not the religious version at all... but here is something that has helped me and it comes from Mary Baker Eddy of Christian Science from the collection of miscellaneous writings she did...

This one comes to me so I will also write it as when things comes to you it might be God whispering it to say it so I will: It's from her textbook the first lines of Preface..

"To those leaning on the sustaining infinite, today is bitg with blessions."

Now I have to go find and copy what I had in mind to write:

I have a tendency to loose stuff so I'll close this out and put it on another message … just in case, as I have to go get it and this computer is weird...someone hacked my other one the other night and locked me out of it... it's a matter of time they will get this one so I'm getting a Mac and they can't get on it I've heard, I hope not...


Amparo, I remember having a meditation program long ago, it was on cassette, and can't think of who it was but someone well known, and in one of the meditations they said to see yourself bigger than the world and encompassing it with love, so that is a way of meditation and never hearing about it, that's really neat you did it, shows you had help...

You may not think this is anything but it has happens much to me in my lifetime with Val...anything he tells me like about world problems, happens but also about personal... it was before Christmas or right afterward and I didn't get any flowers, have not for few years really, and I used to get roses, of course it was someone did it in his name as they usually admitted it when I kept on at them it would gbe people that knew Val and me,k too, mostly on n my old mailing lists, hasn't happened in long time.

Well it was after Chnrfismas I said I guess he didn't love me anymore as I never got flowers..and he said I was too human or he was, as he truly thought he didn't need to do that as roses were expensive and he didn't like to ask his friends to keep doing it, just like a man! Excuses! So I said ok I undertstood, so then he said "Would one rose be enough to show you I stioll care?" And I said ok one rose would be enough... so he said, "I'll make it a pink one this time so you[lll know it's from me"...ok I said and put it awayh and actually forgot and was not egern thinking of it so it wasn't my mind doing this and causing someone to do it...but last night around eleven or so my daughter came in from a little party of some friends and for some reason, someone there felt led to give her a rose and a pink one at that! And she gave it to me and it's in a vase this morning and I thought about what Val said.

Oh, Dear Amparo... I think I'll cry...but I'm too mad to cry...well not mad, just sort of numb...I can't believe what I'm going to tell you... I think Val is the absolute meanest man in the universe! If he did it but maybe not...I wrote since I wrote you this morning, I mean wrote like this and it was so long and so interesting, I did an interview with Val and the last part he just seemed to take over in the writing and I had no idea what he was going to say next, but I was writing it, and so interesting and there was prediction or prophecy and if it had gone away in the midst of it I would understand.. I had decided to write on the discussion page so if it didn't let me post I could post it, I can post anything I wtrite myself on it, but sometimes I cannot post something else it won't poast without a note coming up saying have to do it another way and when I do it "control - V" it won't work..anyway I typed on the discussion part and as I signed his name, it let me sign the name and when I hit the last "r" was gone..and I had not saved, I had thought I would save as I wrote a few paragraphs to be sure I kept it and I forgot to do it..and it's all gone..over two hours of writing! I don't know if Val did it but if so I am mad... an ad popped up it just flipped to an ad page and I lost it all...I could write some of it but not all of it...I just don't understand how it waited until I hd totally written it all and then just disappeared, all I had to do was go down and post it...oh well, two or more hours of time lost... It was like something was waiting for me to finish then just zipped it away. Just so strange it was after I finished and signed his name...

I will say it briefly what he said in a lot of words... a group of us, many of us, are from a very high dimension and we had a council meeting...this is the one I have been planning to write that I had here on my frontpage of my group first time I was here, and others remembered being there, too.  I remember Athena was there with Ashtar.  Val and I, Jesus Sananda and the Magdelaine were there.  Donn and Jill we sitting next to me and we all joined hands slowly and as we did, lights sparked on a black round globe that had appeared on the table bgefore us, we were all sitting around a large oval table..and as hands joined around the table lights sparked on the black globe, then they gbegin to send rays of light to each other then the globe lit up as the last hands joined and the gtlobe rose up into the air and vanished...that was planet Earth ascending... so we that were there came down to the lower dimensions to assist in the4 ascension and we had promised to come together and have been at different times like the sinking of Atlantis and Lemuria, we are always there at some crucial point of the planet.  I know that Val said we that are on it are here to savgve it not some other beings they need to attend to their own planets, we here on this planet hae the authority over it we must not give our power to anothert that is a false god... this was again part of it as it is a part of Val's existence ..and our own... it not just up to one, Jesus, Asthar, Val or any of us, we are all in this together and it takes us all filling our part of the plan...\So the history of Val is the history of us all... And our group, that has come together in many lives, and we lived at the time of Jesus, and watched the great demonstration ofr life over death, the ultimate gtoal of us all or why were we created?  LIFE did not create LIFE to die..we are created to live and we will live... 

That is the outline of it all but why it just disappeared after I wrote the last "r" I don't know..or why I didn't keep copying it I don't know why..but this is the basic of it all... all of us, not just Ashtar and Val and Jesus and the saints but all of us are of equal importance to our creator God, our Spirit gender is in all things, even in the atoms and parts of the atoms, there is attraction and repulsion and our scientists say now evern the smallest parts they have found of the universe marry and divorce..attract and a law of the universe called, gender..and it is in everything..and therefore the twin flames must all come together as a part of the Great Plan...that is a summary of what I wrote for two hours... 

So Val says not to look to them as gods nor to any as gods but look within as Yeshua taught, "The Kingdom of God is within you" and begin to see it and it will appear right where you are and it will extend as we grow to encompass each other then the world then from the world the galaxy and from the galaxy the univferse and from the unigverse the multiverse....and so it isl..Amen

Val and Valana

Note: Can you tell where Val came in on it? If not I will change the color or something later... the last part was Val's words...

Is this Val's part?

So Val says not to look to them as gods nor to any as gods but look within as Yeshua taught, "The Kingdom of God is within you" and begin to see it and it will appear right where you are and it will extend as we grow to encompass each other then the world then from the world the galaxy and from the galaxy the univferse and from the unigverse the multiverse....and so it isl..Amen

Val and Valana

Yes, that's  how he teaches... that don't look outside yourself for God...God is within, you are not God but God is within, God is ALL and God made all so what did he have to make anything as there is only God and God made us out of God...the scriptures tell us that "ye are gods" and Jesus reprimanded the Pharisees he said "the scriptures say we are gods yet you accuse me of saying I am a son of God... "

The     scriptures teach us that we were with God before this planet was created millions of yers ago... Val says we were with God at the beginning... all of us and the Kaballah teaches that, many of the secret orders teach the app-roimate same thing in different ways.. Val teaches that we are Immortal, we are Spirits that have a soul which consists of various bodies, the mental, the emotional...and the ancient teachings of Krishna and of India, the Hindu religion teach similarly... we have incarnated thousands of times for learning experiences and to work out our karma...we keep making...

What Val says about the ones like us, and the others that are trying to assist mankind to rise in ascension is that we came down from higher together, incarnated I a similar time period to all be here at this point in time... like we were together when Atlantis and Lemuria went down and we vowed to come back when needed and this time not fail to achieve th ascension for all the world..  Kaballah teaches we will all go together or not go but we have a loot of very low level and mean people to lift if that is true, I'm still not sure myself..I feel it's each one should rise as high as possible some just don't want to try...

He's done a lot of teaching over the years, hard to get it into a  short writing...but then that's his way of believing, I'm not saying he's infallible there are some things I don't agree..but remember Jesus said when we pray...believe we receive (present tense) and we shall have it (future)...more and more are seeing that principle, it's what heals in Christian Science... seeing it already done...not going to be... so why wouldn't it be the same with ascension? Seeing it already done..believing… the Kingdom is right here, that's the true gospel Jesus wanted to manifest the Kingdom right here... to pray "thy Kingdom come" not to go wherever  people think of as going..or rising...but it's here now we just do not perceive it... it's a higher frequency vibration like Pop said in the "Frequency" writing...they are right here but on a higher dimension, of Einstein said, a rail road track could be going thru your living room and a train come throu every hour but you don't know it because the atomic structure is of a different frequency...that's what Val means...                        

Amparo, it's that  people want to blame Jesus for what religion has taught, all the great prophets went thru the same thing, Ghatama Buddha went around with a stick knocking down idols and soon as he left the earth they made an idol of him... none have taught what their leaders have taught... Jesus didn't teach religion he taught a way of life leading to Immortality, his teachins are all about gaining Immortality, as w e already had   it   and somewhere lost it.

That's what Jesu was all about...teaching us to overcome sin, sickness and death the great triad that has destroyed us...Paul said there would be a people that would overcome the last enemy...which is death... we must firt destroy sin and sickness from our lives and we're on the way of doing that as we talk about proper nutrients and that helps but as we raise the vibrations of the atoms of our body and turn them to light which we do in meditation... we will eventually rise h igh enough there will be no more death that's what it's all about, that's why we are here in our learning experiences...we are rising, not just to fifth dimension but into Immortality, jesus did it and showed us how we used to sing a song, "to be like Jesus"... to manifest God is why we are here and foillowing his teachings..the beatitudes and that prayer on the cross, when we can really from our heart pray that prayer for all that offend and intentionally hurt us... I believe we will overcome the last enemy, death, the Bible calls it an enemy...                    God did not make us to die...God made us out of him/herself...God is Spirit not flesh and bone...we are his imae and likeness...Spirit, and Val says after 7th   dimension we are total ly S pirit...Light beings and the tenth is the  Luminous dimension.    the scriptures call it "the Liht where no man can approach....not as a man, but as Lihgt..Remember Kuthumi teaches that  decree, "we are Light..."Val has somewhat to do with my wr itin all this but his teachings I feel are important and I want to write them someone will take them and run with them, use them, and will be in our lifetime I truly believe someone will make the final demonstration..Mrs Eddy believed it but said it wouldn't be her...I believe it, all my life I have believed in Life and Immortalit




I am not sure who Don and Jill are? 



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