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By Val Thor
Scribed by Valana 2/18/2011

Val: "The human brain can only discern what the five senses discern. One in a human body on a three dimensional planet is limited to what the senses appear to discern, yet even in the human body there are the higher PSI senses that are developing and opening for many. 

Your Science has done away with matter yet you still speak of matter on the planet.  There will always be visible manifestation to the senses, call it matter, ether or spirit, there will be that which is discernable by the senses else there would be no existence at all.  There are levels of frequency vibration to the very same energy packets and that is of what the imensions consist.  You are packets of energy, discerned on various levels depending on the energy level of the observer which is also a packet of energy...but I'm delving into metaphysics which way I wasn't planning to go in this writing.

"With the higher senses, mankind is beginning to recognize there is more than the material level, there are higher levels, some very similar to the matter level in that they seem to be very solid and in fact they are very substantial on their frequency.

"It is on these higher frequency levels that an individual is aware of a completely different life than is taking place on the matter level. It is these lives that at times filter down to the individual in dreams and visions. "Man on the lower dimensions have not been able to understand this and will not be able to with the logical left brain understanding,

Let's take for example a fan.  It has blades but spaces in between. Throw a handful of sand at the fan and it will go gthrough the holes or hit the blades and fall to the floor.  Turn the fan on high speed and throw the handful of sand and it will be thrown back in your face.  What is the difference?  The speed of the fan makes all the difference in the world.  The speed of the vibration of the packets of energy which make up the universe make the difference in what dimensional level you are vibrating on, what you discern, and  how the sand reacts to the fan.

"It is not just our story but the story of every individual on the planet. All are living other lives simultaneously alongside the one lived on the planet. It's when a portion of those lives begin to trickle down into one's current life stream that the visitations and mystical memories of the dream state begin.

"Many now born on the planet are very advanced in their development and bring with them developed faculties yet much of what they know to be true is not explainable at the time.

"Everything I've shown you, our home on the planet under the artificial sky dome, being together, is reality on that level and it is you, it is not another woman, it is you! You are beginning to come into the understanding of this bi-level identity and there are more. levels.  There are ten major dimensions plus the hidden dimension, and each level has seven levels, and those seven have seven.  That's as far as we need go at this time.

"We each, and that includes all on the planet are multi-level identities. Go ahead now."

     Valana:  Then all are multi-dimensional, it's not something we obtain as we develop spiritually?

Val:  That is true.  We do no obtain it, we obtain the knowledge of it.  One does not obtain it as it always was but one becomes "aware" of it. Just as you at times feel you are with me somewhere in our home under the domed sky, sometimes with me on the ship as I project my identity there as Cmdr Thor and you project yours as Terese, the woman from White Rock Lake assigned to transfer my messages to her President in 1950."

Valana:  Then your identity on the Command ship as Supreme Cmdr Val Thor is projected from higher dimensions?

Val: "Yes, and you are with me in fact on 'higher dimensions' projecting there as your birth name though it seems to be the other way around. This is the same with most on the planet as you are "anchored" there whereas I am "anchored" where I am and projecting downward. You feel you project upward to be where I am at the time and this is necessary so you will have existence there. You must continue being "grounded" or "anchored" on the planet until your work is finished."

Valana: Then I'll just 'poof', be gone and Valana will still be with you and that seems unfair.

Val:  "Only because you are not seeing yourself as 'Valana' and you are 'Valana', there is no 'Valana' other than yourself on any dimension.   When all karmic debt is paid and mission accomplished there will be no need of an identity on  lower realm. However, some volunteered to go lower for missions.  I cannot tell anyone they are there on a volunteer mission that's something that has to be revealed from within."

Valana: So bi-location, multiplied by the dimensions is not just something we sometimes do but a normal everyday event?

Val: "On the six dimensions that fold in on each other and I'm not going to go into that at this time.  This comes from the Ancient Zohar, and also is now scientific knowldge at least as mathmatical formula on paper.  The upper four dimensions are the Light Beings, Angelic and Ascended Master realms. All I have for now.      

 "Thank you, darling -  Val Thor"

Added Feb 17, 2020

Note: Val has asked that I not use his rank and title on his spiritual writings. This was originally posted in 2 011 and is the one that some science trained members agreed was correct.  I am not trained in science so I have no opinion other than I trust Val's knowledge.  It does answer some of the strange dreams and feelings many  of us are having on occasions.   

Val has taken me to a place he calls our home on Venus mountain on 5th or 7th level Venus though he calls it the Crystal planet.  It is a planet in the Venus system as Ashtar is a planet.  There is also a home on Altair Five under the dome where Headquarters of the Universal Command is located. My times with him at the place I call "the Crysal Village" where our home is located have been both from vivid dreaming and awake out of body trips he's taken me by various ways.  We'll try to discuss the various ways of out of body travel in another chapter of our book. - Valana 

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Dear Amparo, This may answer  your question about the dimensions. This is an old post but we have added a few things at the bottom of it.  This ws first posted here and other sites in 2011 and I believe it was on the Galacic site that two trained in science discussed it as possible with the knowledge they then had of dimensions. 



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