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Channeled by Valana


Would you like to know what we call you Lightworkers here at Headquarters of the Universal Protection Command? We call you, “Angel Makers.”

Now we are not speaking of the Arch Angels or other Angelic groups that have identity of their own. We are speaking of your very own Angel band that surrounds you and goes forth, at your bidding, to perform the tasks you direct them to perform.


You might ask, “When did I ever create an angel?”


You create angels each time you speak or think. Your Earth Scientists have measured your thought energies and know that the energy generated by a thought does not stay within the skull.

In fact, if I were to get into the very deep explanation of “thought” I would have to say you do not generate thought energy at all. Your brain is only a receiving and sending station for thought already created.


Let’s put it together in this way:


A equals thoughts generated by higher entities on higher dimensions, sent “down” to assist those on lower dimensions that are open to the higher vibratory thought waves.

B equals thought energies sent from

  1. Lower developed life forms
  2. More highly developed that are trying tp play god with your mind
  3. Negative thought concerning you bpth sent forth by others as well as yourself..

Do you see how angels are created? Every positive thought you allow to flow through your mentality creates an entity in the spirit realm with the intelligence and the power to manifest and will do so unless you lose faith in it’s truth.

Can you see why bad things happen to you now? Every negative thought that you allow to flow through your mentality becomes what your Bible calls, a devil and turns on you, and continues to turn on you until you destroy its power by rejecting it as truth.

A worse scenario is that the “devils” you create about others go to work their work as created to do. Do you see the wisdom in the teachings of Yeshua that said in his famous Sermon on the Mount that when you hate someone or think evil of someone in your heart you are a murderer? And we know no murderer will receive the fullness of the Light until there is repentance or the law of Karma receives full justification for the harm done.

There was once a short short story written and considered Classic in the 1950’s on your planet. It was about a criminal that was brought into an arena full of just plain people such as many of you. At the command spoken, they began to hate the criminal and judge him. The criminal slowly burned to death in their sight. Think about it a moment. Think about it the next time you start to allow a negative thought of someone else, a judging thought, a thought of condemnation, to pass through your mind.

What the ancient Kabbalists called “angels”, the modern Metaphysician calls “thought” and the materialist Scientist calls an “energy module” or some similar name.


New Agers, Light Workers, Christians, we love you and would request, for us, that you would stop finding fault with each other, accept everyone’s path to be what it is and where they are on it. Stop trying to make fun, mock and brag about being so far above them…it could be you are below them so far you can’t tell where they are.


Now let me finish hon, or delete the whole thing, either way!

I want to say just one more thing. Valana has been very ill, at times she can hardly make it to the computer. It was not her wishes to return to writing for me. I’ve asked her to, I’ve begged her to and I want to say this clearly. The next time she’s insulted or hurt on this or any other site will be the last time any message will ever be posted from the REAL VAL THOR and I AM that real …

Supreme High Cmdr Val Thor

Universal Protection Command

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