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and NASA's 2006 Bulletin Confirming my third star of Polaris location shown me as a small child.


My childhood Experiencer story has been posted on the Internet on various websites since 1997 as the Pop and Katie Story

This is an old copy in fact the first one I wrote for a magazine in late 90’s, “Fifth World Journal”. The publisher and his wife were on my first mailing list online called, “Pro ET”. I had lost all my writings in a computer breakdown and I found this on the late Sassy's World of the Strange website and also my NDE article.  Bless you where you are now dear Sassy you will always be remembered and loved by all that knew you.  

Most of us that have recurring experiences during our lifetime of contact with what are generally termed as “Aliens” have had contact early in life. The reason for that is our lives have missions relating to Aliens. The story below has been published in several magazines and other websites since I first came on the web.

After posting my story on a mailing list when I first came online, I was told that there were only two stars in the Polaris sector. But I knew I had seen three stars, as Pop would tap over and over on the third star! In 2006 NASA put out a bulletin that by pushing their technology to the limit they found three stars in the Polaris sector. That proves beyond doubt my childhood experiences really happened. This bulletin is placed after this story. I know of no other since Betty Hill and her famous abduction story that has ever brought back something that could be proven. And it happened in early 1930’s when we had no television nor computer screens on the planet, and I had never heard of a UFO or space ship and I called where I had been taken, Pop’s round house in the sky.

Who is Pop? He’s an Alien in a space ship where I was taken many times as a very young child. I remember my very first birthday, the small white cake trimmed in pink roses and the one candle. I remember my Grandmother saying,

“It’s a shame no one came to help her blow out the candles.”

I tried to tell her someone came, my Pop and Katie came and they would help me to blow out the candles. But of course she did not understand as I probably could not form words well at the time but I knew exactly what she said and I thought as an adult not a child. You would be surprised to know how smart very young children are inside their heads but they cannot get it out in the open.

Katie was what the old people that raised me called, my invisible playmate. They would tell me to stop talking out loud to her, as people would think I was crazy so I did. That was perhaps the best thing ever happened to me because I began to be able to “think” to Katie and I knew what Katie “thought” back to me. It comes into the consciousness clearly but not audibly. I cannot explain how it works one just has to be able to do it then they will know and I’m sure I’m not the only one on the planet that knows.

Katie often wanted me to go up high somewhere and go to sleep with her. We would go on top of the gazebo into the foliage of the ivy or up into my Great Granddaddy’s hay loft in the barn and we’d go to sleep. I remember one time I will never forget, as I received the worst switching I ever received on my poor little naked legs. In my deep sleep state I would astral with Katie to Pop’s ship and he let us swim in his swimming pool. On this occasion I have been swimming in his pool.

What does astral mean? It’s when our consciousness leaves our body and goes elsewhere. Sometimes our body goes elsewhere, but this has to be done with ship technology, it’s called on Val’s ship, “transport”. Do those things really happen? I think when you finish reading this book you agree they do as I have some little proof that they do but that comes later. But one particular experience was proof enough to me.

Pop taught me to swim. I do not really remember what he looked like, if he was a Nordic or some other race of Aliens. I just remember two major things about Pop. One was watching his long finger point to a screen similar to my computer screen with stars flowing on it. The stars would move upward until he stopped it and began tapping with his finger on stars up the handle of a dipper. At the top of the handle were three stars, one very large one, one smaller and one very tiny. It was the tiny one he tapped on most of all. That is my third star of Polaris that NASA found in 2006 but no one knew about it in early 1930’s when I sat on Pop’s lap and he showed it to me.

I remember his big hand he’d put on my belly and let me float in the water in his pool. Katie could swim like a fish and I soon learned to swim that way, too. But at first it was scary and I’d feel that hand slipping away and I’d grab his thumb and hold on tight and scream, “No, Pop, No”.

I’d had a swimming lesson that day and suddenly I awoke hearing my great grandmother screaming my name. I hurried down the hayloft ladder only to get the worst switching I’d ever had in my whole life! My hair was soaking wet!        

She accused me of turning on the hose which I had done it the past but my great uncle had tightened it so tightly that I could not do it anymore. I kept screaming, “I did not do it, I was swimming in Pop’s pool in his round house in the sky!”

Then I got another switching for saying that and told if I mentioned Pop and Katie again I’d get two more switchings. So I never mentioned them anymore to the big people but that didn’t stop me from playing with Katie. She would color in my coloring books with me for hours. I’d color one and she would take my hand and color one. I’d show hers sometimes to the old people and they’d just think they were so pretty and that I would surely be a great artist one day. Then I’d show them what I colored and they told me I didn’t even try on that one. I tried to tell them Katie painted the good ones and I was threatened with switching so I stopped telling them anything about Katie. But I didn’t stop going to Pop’s roundhouse in the sky.

One night I said I was going to spend the night with Katie so they would not worry. My Great Granddaddy said I didn’t even know where Katie lived. I told him yes I do! I pulled a kitchen chair over to the window and pointed up to a big star.

“That’s where Katie lives, with her Pop, in the round house in the sky!”

I was threatened again and granddaddy said there was no such thing as a roundhouse in the sky. A roundhouse was where trains turned around and there was one in Greenville, Texas. So I remember that well.

And I remember when they left. I don’t actually remember them leaving but I do remember sitting on my back steps holding my white Persian cat and telling her she was all I had now that loved me, as Pop and Katie were gone and left me alone. I suppose they’d told me they were leaving and I cried and perhaps Pop blocked my memory of it, they can do that.

I really have no memory of ever seeing his crew. All I have memory of is Pop and Katie and I have none of Pop. He was so big and he always held me in his lap in front of the screen where he showed me the three stars over the handle of a dipper. I knew what a dipper was because we had a well in the front yard when I was growing up and my great grandmother would pull up the bucket on a rope with water in it, and we had a silver dipper we’d dip into the bucket and get a drink from.

I never forgot Pop and Katie though they were not in my conscious mind but they have always been there just as we never forget a loved one. They were like my family and I loved them and I knew they loved me. I always knew about them but I got over them leaving me. I was in school so I had a lot of other things to keep busy with but I’ll always consider Pop my father image as I had no father and my mother died when I was born.

I do not claim to know everything and neither do any of the other Experiencers but we can only tell our experiences and what we think about them. I have never been harmed in any way and to me; Pop and Katie are like my own family.

Below is the NASA 2006 Bulletin about my third star.

Erica Hupp  Headquarters, Washington  (202) 358-1237

Donna Weaver  Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore  (410) 338-4493

David Aguilar  Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, Mass.  (617) 495-7462

Jan. 9, 2006

RELEASE : 06-004

There's More to the North Star Than Meets the Eye

By stretching the capabilities of NASA's Hubble Space Telescope to the limit, astronomers photographed the close companion to Polaris, known also as the North Star, for the first time.

"Hubble's exceptional pointing capabilities combined with the wonderful performance of its instruments allow scientists to see the universe in finer detail than ever before," said Michael Moore, NASA's Hubble program executive. "It is that clear vision that makes these types of images possible," he added.

The North Star is thought to be a steady, solitary point of light that guided sailors for ages, but there is more to this star than meets the eye. The North Star is actually a triple star system. While one companion is easily viewed with small telescopes, the other hugs Polaris so tightly that it has never been seen until now.

"The star we observed is so close to Polaris that we needed every available bit of Hubble's resolution to see it," said astronomer Nancy Evans of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, Mass. The companion proved to be less than two-tenths of an arc second from Polaris. That is an incredibly tiny angle equivalent to the apparent diameter of a quarter located 19 miles away. At the system's distance of 430 light-years from Earth, that translates into a separation of about 2 billion miles.

"The brightness difference between the two stars made it even more difficult to resolve them," said astronomer Howard Bond of the Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore. Polaris is a super-giant more than two thousand times brighter than the sun, while its companion is a dwarf star. "With Hubble, we've pulled the North Star's companion out of the shadows and into the spotlight," he said.

"Our ultimate goal is to get the accurate mass for Polaris," Evans said. "To do that, the next milestone is to measure the motion of the companion in its orbit," she added. Astronomers want to determine the mass of Polaris, because it is the nearest Cepheid variable star. Cepheids' brightness variations are used to measure the distances of galaxies and the expansion rate of the universe. It is essential to understand their intrinsic physics makeup and evolution. Knowing their mass is the most important ingredient in this understanding.

The researchers plan to continue observing the Polaris system for several years. The movement of the small companion during its 30-year orbit around the primary should be detectable. The researchers presented their data today during the 207th meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Washington.

The Hubble Space Telescope is a project of international cooperation between NASA and the European Space Agency. The Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore conducts Hubble science operations. The Institute is operated for NASA by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy, Inc., Washington.

For images and additional information about this research on the Web, visit:

For information about NASA and agency programs on the Web, visit:

end –


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I don't claim NASA began looking for the third star of Polaris because of my story.  I had a man that was connected to NASA write me several times concerning my childhood experiences.  Then a few years later, in 2006, he wrote again and sent me the 2006 Bulletin, saying that NASA found my third star of Polaris. 

I believe this shows that our Government and Military do pay attention to the PSI experiences of the public.  That is why we must be so careful that we don't send them on wild goose chases or give them the wrong understanding of benevolent space beings.



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