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 By Patti Spencer (Valana)



How do I know that Hitler had dealings with an Alien race? 




It was in early 1960’s, I worked for a Defense Contractor located in Grand Prairie called at tje time, Chance Vought. Though Defense Contractor change names and owners often.  It later became Ling-Temco and today if I'm not mistaken it's either L-3 or Montauk.  

I had just started to work and was a low level typist in a Secretarial pool. There was a rumor one of the “Paperclips” was coming there for a special assignment. A “Paperclip” was a name given to those scientists that worked for Hitler that were given amnesty to come to America and work for our Government.

According to the rules one had to work several months before getting a better position and that’s how it is in most places that do business with the Government, I think they have to use Civil Service rules, I’m not sure of that, but that’s how it was in that place and I was not eligible for promotion so I didn’t put in for the job.

The man arrived, had an office and called me in, told me he wanted me to work for him in the job. I told him I was not eligible and he shook his head, waved me out, told me to go to Personnel and he’d take care of it…and he did.

Why did he want me? He had to know about the test and about Val, there’s no other reason possible, he also had to know I was to be in contact with Val via telepathy when Val was gone.

We moved to a building in Dallas to be separate and alone from the Plant with a hand full of Engineers that sat at a long table that looked like they were drawing plans. We had a guard at the door and my Supervisor’s office was glassed in all around. I think he had it made in that way as I was often in his office with the door locked, so there could be nothing said about us. I always sat on the other side of the desk.

Did he hypnotise me to see what had happened the night before and what information I was bringing him, put in my mind the same way by Aliens or by Val? I don’t know.

First, he called me in and pulled out a folder with red markings all over it. He asked me to read it. I fikrst said I wasn’t high enough in a Secdurity clearance to read it. He said it wasn’t my Government’s papers it belonged to him. It was about his work and his research and he could let anyone read it he wanted to let read it. So I read it.

What was it about? It was about contact wih Aliens done in Nazi Germany when Hitler was in control. The papers verified the story of Hitler’s contact with Aliens. That’s all I can say as that’s all I remember. It was all about Alien contact, Alien reality and Hitler’s Aliens. More than that I do not know.

He asked me did I believe it and I said “yes”. I don’t remember if he asked me why I believed or if we discussed either the 1950 meeting with Val Thor or my early childhood experiences with the Alien that showed me three stars over the dipper handle that I later found to be Polaris and after telling that story for years on the Internet, NASA found myh third star of Polaris in 2006, the buletin is posted with my story of my childhood experiences in my book, “Government Woman”.  Most of us used by Aliens in contact as adults have been trained in childhood for our missions.

This story is not in the book but it is one that needs to be told.  I will be ninety in November 2020 and I want to share everything I know because I believe it is important to those that want the truth of the Alien scenario and not fiction no Government Disinformation.  The papers about Hitler's Alien contact was not a part of the work the group was doing. It was that work I was under Government Security Clearance for and I am not discussing it nor am I going to discuss it but it had a name and since that name was used openly on the bid taken to Washington it would be alright to use it, it was called, "The MARS Project."

After confirming my belief in what I had read about Alien contact I begin to have contact experiences. I would awaken nightly with a soft white light in the room that would soon fade away. That light appears when one is taken in the Transporter technology. Val has taken me in that way so I’m aware of what happens when one returns through the transporter. The Transporter is not “Star Trek” my friends, the Star Trek writer got the idea from being shown around a ship some call a UFO. He got most of his technology if not all from what he was shown and all of it has been claimed by Scientists to be possible.

The man that took him told me himself.  The man's reputation has been destroyed just as all the real whistleblowers hoave been, including Bob Lazer whose story was true. How do I know? He mentioned something exactly the same as I had seen it concerning the tall women medics.  They were real.  I had that story posted long ago and I'll have to write it again as I no longer have a copy.   

The man that took the Star Trek writer aboard a ship was Dr. Michael Wolf, one of the smartest men this planet has ever known.  Paola Harris, the Italian Ufology Journalist, saw his credentials before they were destroyed.  She was going to do an interview of me for my story of Val Thor before I was tricked not to go with Dr. Greer to Washington by someone pretending to be Val on the planet and told me if I went with Dr. Greer's group I could never see him again as I had to stay low key and not be known.  As soon as Dr Greer's group went to Washington in early 2000's, Val suddenly disappeared and I knew I'd been tricked.  A website was put up and advertised in the email name of " and of course Dr. Richard Boyland and his Yahoo mailing list of over 3000 Ufologists believed it was me. The wegsite was to vilify one of the finest men I've ever known, a man that backed my story of Val and made it possible for me to be invited to speak at a large Ufology Convention. 

Of course when the website viligying Dr. Boyland went up and all believed it was my website, I was destroyed in the Ufology groups that had posted my story in their mailing lists.  That's hindsite, I have forgiven that and moved on but it's part of my story that must gbe told.  I am going to be ninety this coming November and I have a storyto tell that I've never told and I feel I must tell it as it happened.  I am not bringing up the past but those things are still against me and the truth must be told while I'm here to tell it or it will never be known.  It hurts the truths that I have to tell. 

I had nothing to do with any website vilifying anyone especially Dr. Richard Boylan who I met personally and was one of the most polite, and nhicest men I've ever met at his Scottsdale Convention for the ACCET. At Which time I met Dr. Leo Sprinkle who asked to do a past life reading for me to find Val in my life and he did.  I will post that as Val wants me to post it.  The website willkeep people that need to know the truth from believing me about the Hitler Alien story.  They are real and I believe I was put in contact with them.  My memory was blocked, I remember nothing but I was not hurt as I felt peaceful and had no fear when I was returned.

I know I was used without my permission by my Government in that situation and I would have assisted if they’d been honest with me about it. But the Government often uses their citizens, without pay, in dangerous situations and it is not the right thing to do.  I didn't mention the group moved to a Dallas location to work alone without any disturbance. We moved to an older building, upstairs with a guard and no one could enter so it had to be a very sensitive work the Engineers were doing.  This building was in a similar location to the building from which JFK was shot.  I'm just giving approximate directions, it might even have been the same building I don't know which building he was shot from but the building where we worked on the MARS project was very close to the old railroad station  This is all I know about it.


Patti Spencer (Valana)

Note: All the events I write about under my birthname I write them as speaking under oath and would tell the very same stories to a Congressional investigation of my Government's knowledge and research on Off World Inelligence. 

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     After reading your story Valana  I saw some pictures of the Grey Aliens with Hitler and the Russians had worked with many species of Aliens. Sometimes it's hilarious to read some the reports coming from some of the generals at that time.

 and thank you for sharing your story it quite interesting.

Thank you dear Hellen, and so glad you got your computer fixed so you can write and post again.

Is this the building you are talking about? Thank you Valana for telling us the truth...I sure want to know only the truth...Your stories are fascinating to me...

Dallas County Admin Building.jpg

Amparo, I appreciare your questions as I want to talk about things and don't want to just start telling things I would like to tell but feel no one wants to know... I don't know it all myself.  I was just talking with Val about how to write the book...we want to tell things that maybe no one else knows without appearing to be nut cakes!

That's a long time to remember a building which, at the time, didn't seem important, until after JFK was shot.

I know that's what you're ge3tting at but I cannot say that what we were doing in that building had anything to do with JFK's death...and I don't believe that was the building but I can't be seems to me it was in a row of buildings of the same heighth...all of them I'm sure have been torn down now or fallen down.  

I know this, if coming from the old railroad station going towards downtown Dallas it would be on my right....there was a door that led directly to a stairway that went upstairs, one did not have to go inside to go upstairs and there was a guard outside the upstairs door on the left where I went into the was one big room with the head man inside a glassed in office to the left of the door.  My desk was right there by his office....I don't remember the street but ther3e's Main then Commerce, it was to the right of Main, don't think it was Main street but again, it's bgeen a long time ago...   I'm pretty sure it wasn't that one though as there was a row of building about the same size not just one by itself like the picture.... we didn't have the skyscrapers in my day, the tallest building was the new Republic National Bank Building when it was first built and that wasn't very high...

I'm taking a guess here but I think my mentioning Jack Ruby in the story of meeting Val in 1950 may have caused some to mix it with this sgtory which has nothing to do with Val but with Hitler's  contact with Aliens.... I mentioned Ruby in the book as there was questions and rumors that he worked directly with the CIA and that Osward was set up-, this was the theory back when I first came online..I was just trying to confirm that he did work for what is now called the CIA as that would havfe to be the Agency that sent me to meet Val and that's where I was sent... So yes there was government connection, I could go further as after all, all they can do is shoot me for telling it... 

When I was in Italy and they is another story we were just discussing this morning about putting it in the book but I've written some about it on my old websites...the mystery man of Italy... long story maybe I'll write it, but he told me who masterminded the JFK assasination.  It wasn't the Soviet Union  or the KGB ….it was much closer to home...the name has bgeen told by more than one person and I'm not going to say anytghing that could possibly get me sued by gthe family of perhaps a latge Prresident… I did hear a rumor of a telephone cdall by LBJ that he told someone on the phone he'd give them their know, Kennedy didn't want war...Johnny wanted to do a full disclosure..everyone called him Jack but some called him Johnny...ever see the TV show Charlie's girls orf something like that...well that was taken from the rumor JFK had special agentsw, he was rumored to visit with prostitutes but they were not, they were special agents and one wrote the book and claimed to be a prostitute probgably to save her life  from being taken and tortured to tell what JFK was really into, which was Alien contact.  

Was jFK the Johnny of my Val Thor 1950 story? I do not know, IK really don't... All I know was I didn't call him and give him the message Val told me to give him because  of the lies my aunt told me... Val said this morning I should really take it from the top and briefly but clearly write my whole story of him because all these partgs I write cannot be3 understood unless the whole story is known which I've never told in one place in full, not evfen in Government W#oman.    That's whatg I should rfeally do and perhaps it will all make some sense.

Amparo, I think you are picking  up on the same curiosity I have, I told Val the exact same thing this morning, I want the truth, I want to know the trugth, well told him last night as we talkied abgout things...I want to remember what was in those papers from Germany I read and I remember nothing...I remember the man asking me if I believed it and I said was about Alien contact, that's all I know of the papers and I have good long tgerm memory so it must have been blocked from my mind after I agreed I believed itg...

I had a hypnotic session one time to try to read the papers or remember what was in them and he had gto bring me out of it as I had a bad trip... I was screaming at Val to go back, I was ok they wouldn't hurt me they wanted him, to get away don't try to come for me they'll kill you... and Richard brought me out of it... so were they using me to lure Val back to the planet so they could kill him, that's what it seemed to be but why?  We don't know the answers.  So then what did Val have to do with Hitler's Aliens?  Was he one of them? I don'gt know the answer.... that's all I can say is what happened...I was being hypnotized bgy a competent psychologist to read the papers from Germany, and I had the bad trip of telling Val to not come back for me they would kill him... and I was feeling I was being hit in the chest and I hurt for a week afterward....after the hypnosis and feeling bgeing beaten but I was screaming at Val they were not hurting me to go away they wanted him not me...

My take on it is they used me to try to bring Val back so they could take his technology and kill him and I kjnew what they were trying to do and I warned him not to try to come back for me... what that had to do with the papers from Germany I have no idea but that's what happened when Dr. Boylan hypnotized me to try to go back and read those papers. This was at Scottsdale Az back in 1999 when I went to the ACCET meeting to cover it for the Ufology mag I was asked to write for...the publisher and his wife were on my ProET yahoo mailing list at the time and he had published some of my story of Val and asked me to write a column for the magazine, it was agbout that time when Dr Greer was going to Washington in early 2000's and they wanted me to go with my Okinawa story and called several times, said all the witnesses had been threatened wanted to know if I had I would not go...but could not tell them why and wanted me to make a video and I could not...

Why I couldn't is that I was tricked, the deep state did not want a FCongressional investigation, Trump probably knows all abgout the ET connection but anyone can understand if he tried to do a full disclosure they would put a straight jacket on him..Nancy Polosi would do it herself so he can't do anything even if he wanted to at this time.  s

Why I didn't go with Dr. Greer to Washington back then is ...hate to admit what a fool I was but I thought Val was here on the planet and writing me via email...he made clear we could never be together if I went with Greer and if I didn't stop talking about him on the Internet and close my ProET group we could never be together and if I did all that he wanted me to do he would come get me and we'd go to the mountains and our dreams would come true and we'd live happily ever not those words but same meaning..and I fell for it... Val yelling at me it wasn't him tgo not open the em amails they were usingt psychotronics on me and I asked Dr Boylan and he said definigtely yes, they used it on him and destroyed him already, to do what Val said, edo not open the emails as emails can carry mind control, that's what psychotronics is... mind I didn't go with Dr. Greer's group nor make a video and none of the other good witnesses went...

I could have called up several if giving amnesty to talk they could have broken the disclosure wide open..inclujding Jim Carter. but I let them trick me and soon as Greer had gone to Washington and failed...Val's emails disappeared... he was… I realized too late I'd been tricked, I'd already given my Pro-ET list away to some man to have, closed my website, I don't own that domain anymore... 

Then the real Val came back with his proverbial funny remark,....

"Told you so!"  

I don't blame you for falling for the trick...Perhaps it was better that it happened at least you are here alive and so is Val...Sometimes, we don't grasp it, but things work out for our best and highest benefit...I love all you say, because it is the truth...and that will set humanity free...It needs to be told...I love it and so will many many others...Thank you Valana...You are very brave and you are almost 90 years young...Wow...I really admire your strength...Blessings and much love to you and to Val...PS. The bldg. is not by itself, you cannot see it in the picture there are two others of the same height next to it...I will get the other picture I saw with the bldgs...

Thank you, Amparo you cause me to be more relaxed to tell what I do know whih isn't really much.  I don't think the group I worked with there in Dallas were planning JFK's assassination bugt it is coincidental if we were in the same building...I'd like to know that...was he shot from a second floor window?   It's strange to me I cannot remember one thing I typed but the boss and I put it all together, we worked until 2:30 that last night it had to be in Washington the next morning and the plane was waiting on the run way for him...we had to do it ourselves as some of it the others were not allowed to see, when it was all put that works is one person works on one thing and does not know where it fits in the whole plan... but I cannot remember one single thing of it...yet my first job when in Highschool in the summer, I can remember things I did, and in every job I ever had but that one, it's a complete blank...why would I have my memory blocked of all of it?

I do remember it was about tracking stations around the planet...what were they tracking? We had radar for planes.  So it is sensible they were for tracking the UFOs yet our GTovernment still denies the existence and what they are going to do, is bring out their round anti gravity ships and say those are the ones everyone was seeing.  

And I read the other day Yahoo was nogt closing their mailing lists but closing them from the public so we cannot see how many Ufology lists and Alien Abduction lists there my opinion...they are growing, we just don't hear it on these kinds of lists, I used to forbid it on my mailing lists as I really did not believe it, but then I talked with too many that couldn't all be lying or crazy...something is happening and the ETs are involved and they are not all spirfitual and good.

This is just my opinion and I've heard it or read it I mean...and it's just another conspiracy theory but based on some things Val has said in the past, I rather believe it true...that Ike signed with the wrong aliens as they would assist us in weapons design and Val's group would not. Val would not allow any of his technology to be sold therefore denying some the right to it's bgenefits, and they told him that would destroy the eonomy… It's like FDR after the world war II, carrying ship loads of wheat and tossing it into the ocean rather than feeding the poor of the war torn world.. it's all about money..I remember hearing the old people talking about it, a lot didn't like it..nor. when he met with the leaders of the world in Geneva and took our Amerifcan dancing girls to dance for Hitler while Hitler was burfning up the Jewish people and our American and German boys were killing eacdh other in the trench holes... World leaders have never been truthful with their people.  Trump is different, he won't play their game that's why they want rid of him. The deep state is not just USA it's worldwide...That's why Val's interested in our politics he knows what's been going on here on the planet way too long..

The storm is still on the way and they say it is a bgad one followed gby a few more all Tornado 3 warnings, whatever that means. So I'm going to try to write whatever Val wants to write so I can shut down my computer while the storms go by.

I want to make sure I'm not leaving gthe impression we worked on the JFK assasination...I know what the official work was we were doing but I just searched google to see if it's there anywhere and since it is not, I can't discuss it but it was legitimate space age technology.... nothing bad… but because I was cleared I cannot discuss it...the work itself I know what it was... we were doing a bid for a Government contract to do what the engineers made plans to do and it was building something...had nothing to do with JFK other than he was President at the time I believe... but the congtractors send bgids in on prfoposals and it goes to the lowest bidder so they are careful none of their plans or proposals are seen by industrial spies... what was unknown about the situation was what was on the papers he had me read that he said was his own research and nogt the US Government's securfity therefore he could have read them whom he wanted to read them and I could read them...the papers had nothing to do with the work we were doing... 

I did find abougt the MARS Rover was on the drawing board at the time the project had no direct releationship to it bgut it ould hafve had an indirect relationship to it...if I could find it on the webg I could just say it but it was a legitimate project... we no longer would need itr since we have satelliltes that do the job better... 

Why don't I just say it was the tracking sttions we had all around the world tracking the UFOs... 

"Now honey, you know your Government does not believe in UFOs!" - Val

They don't?  Then why'd they spend all that money to build tracking stations all around the world to track them?

"Maybe they were tracking Santa Claus?" - Val

No, that's what NORAD did, I just found that on google.

"They built all those tracking stations back in early 1960's and they still don't believe in UFOs?" Val

No, they still say it's just air balloons and fake videos and the sick part are those that make the fake videos to fool people.  

"So that confirms that Johnny believed in us and wanted to get proof." Val

There's a bad storm front coming in and I have to go offline...if there's more questions I'll be back later if the electgric doesn't go off.  They are letting out schools here as it's supposed to be really bad.  

Amparo, I've been searching google and can find nothing on the MARS Tracking Stations.  I'm going to try the Freedom of Information now as I'm getting interested in why, after all these years it has not been declassified.  That means it's still in operation and what else could it be but to watch UFO activity?  I have no problem with that except to use our tax money for that type project and continue to deny the existence of UFOs and have the fake news make fun of any that believe in them is wrong.  Now the satellites should do all that so why keep them classified, I wonder.  

Amparo, thank you for asking the has opened up a can of worms I'm not ready to pick up yet but it sent me on a search, and the picture of the building increased my interest, then some very small, seemingly insignificant pieces of the puzzle of my life began to flash beacon lights in my eyes! (tha's an aphorism not to be taken ligterally!)   

I found the following I didn't know was public knowledge in my search this came from 


A story that combines UFO cover-ups with the assassination of John F. Kennedy is a gold mine for conspiracy theorists. And that's just what author William Lester says he uncovered while conducting research for a new book on Kennedy: a memo written by JFK and addressed to the CIA in which the president requests confidential information about UFOs.

>>>>In the never-before-seen, top secret memo supposedly written on Nov. 12, 1963, the president ordered the CIA director to organize the agency's intelligence files relating to UFOs , and to debrief him on all "unknowns" by the following February. Ten days later, Kennedy was assassinated >>>

Another seemingly insignificant fact Val kept insisting I put in my 1950 story was that the Aunt heard about the week long test from friends in the Naval Dept of the Pentagon where she had worked... another small, insignificant fact is I found, in searching info about JFK his connection to Office of Naval Intelligence....  add to this some insignificant words of Val from 1950 I thought not important enough to put in the story.....he laughed and said, "I work for the water department!" when he showed me the ID with the spread winged eagle and United States of America around the top half...

So it seems it's all pointing to the Valient Thor that worked on the Rainbow project whose picture was taken on the USS Eldridge but there's proof it had to be the Alien visitor at the Mengers as he specifically had pictures taken of his hands...for what reason? Perhaps he saw ahead.I needed that proof for myself...those hands are the same type fingers of the man I called Val Thor...the Valient Thor on the USS Eldridge had long, tapered fingers like the Pop of my childhood experiences that showed me the third star of Polaris.  He made sure I felt of his fingertips so I'd remember...

Add the mysterious phone call my Grandmother thought was a trickster that told her in a muffled voice it was her President, to tell her Granddaughter to have Terese be at the airport he had to talk to her, they were going to kill him and at the time I didn't remember Terese…. the puzzle is coming together.  

Plus, the building Oswald shot from was in Dealey was the building I worked in, IK remember that name and I found it today in doing the search on JFK.  I've found nothing on the MARS Project anywhere and it wasn't the Mars Rover.... it was tracking stations and all that could possibly be is for the space ships in our solar system.  Kennedy was President so he wanted them, had approved of them from the black budget,  I'm not saying that as fact, I'm just saying it has to be he did approvfe of what we were working on including the Alien contact.   With all this I have to go along with the conspiracy theory that they killed Johnny to keep him from coming out with the real disclosure...why is it so important to keep it secret is my question!  No wonder I've been followed and hounded with lies and tricks to keep my story from being believed. Val has kept me alive to tell it....

Even if the bullet that killed Johnny Kennedy did not come from the gun shot from the building used to design tracking stations for Alien craft,, it would be a warning to succeeding Presidents to leave investigation into the Alien question alone. 

Perhaps Val is right and we should simply be busy writing a love story of the past and leave Government skeletons in their closets where hidden.  It might be a good idea if our current one would do the same..



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