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A chapter from “Strolling Memory Lane With Val”


A chapter from our new book, “Strolling Memory Lane With Val”.  This started out as a message post to a picture posted by one of my nicest members of my site and it just got longer and longer and we decided to use it for a chapter in our book later with some editing.  It has some interesting information about space and how they live on some of the planets so I thought I’d share it here.

 Yes, so true, our planet is enslaved to money. .  Back when Val was offering his proposition to our Governments they wanted his technology badly but not bad enouth to make a deal as he wanted it used freely for all Earthians and they said it would destroy the economy.  He was asked how much money it would take to buy it then use it as they wanted to use it, of course putting a price on free energy etc.... and he laughed, and shook his head, he said, "Money? I have no use for your money!  We don't use money!"  If I ever feel like writing again this is one of the things he wants explained in our new book, about how they live on different civilizations as all are a bit different...where he comes from they don't have our kind of economy.  But they are highly developed spiritually, also.  I am tempted but I won't go into any details here...of course they have the robots that do the manual work but everyone works, at what they want to do and are developed to do.  

I'll just briefly say for instance, Val was born on a ship and he will always put himself back on one as soon as he's finished with what has to be done at headquarters and they replace him he's going back on a ship, that's what he loves and they do what they love.  At our homes and he has one there on Altair five where Headquarters of the Command is located and we also have another that we've had through incarnations and will go back to, if he ever retires from the ships but he won't, as long as he manages to survive he will always be at home on the ship.  

We have a gardener that loves to work with plants and flowers.He keeps our rose garden supplied with the latest rare plants brought in from other planets just for beautyand the plants that grow there for food and for beauty and he's always planting something new and exotic that came from somewhere else and was given the crews to share.  He does it because he loves to do it and he takes care of some other places when they are out on the ships, doing their work of protecting the planets...that's his work and he needs something he goes to get it,  It's hard to explain their type of living... as they don't have commercial stores or commercial food products, everything they put in their bodies are nutritious and have a purpose, they are organic and raw, they eat a lot of algae that grows on the clean waters, there's no impurities in the air as they live under a huge dome with artificial atmosphere that is perfect for their bodies.  

When I'm with him there as I am much of the time now, astrally, we go out in the backyard and pick greens for a salad, fruits for dessert and of course no one is carnivorous, the animals they have are all tame and pets because there's no fear of being killed.  There are no "wild" animals that are dangerous.  Val loves birds and they come to him when we're sitting on the patio and sit on his shoulders and legs, and he feeds them seed from some of the plants that produce seeds the birds love.  They are different than any birds we have here; similar to a cross between a parrot and a small peacock with all colors of feathers and the big tail feathers of the peacock.  Val has names for them all and them come to him when he calls them.  They are highly intelligent. 

Everyone loves what they do and do what they love and ther are no slaves nor eight hour work days, they just know what they have to do to assist the ommunity and are happy to do it as their needs are all met... 

The education is all home education by what we would call television but there is always one wall of each room that is used for the television screen or they have the holographic television that is an actual scene in the middle of the floor you can walk in and converse with those in the scene.  In that way they study geography and history of the colonized planets, it's more of a game to children and everything they need to learn, they learn it by playing games and having fun with it and they love to study, it's all one big game to them.  A typical child there speaks several languages before they reach their teen age, at least.  

When Val was first assigned to Headquarters he had to have a place to live and he picked a piece of land on a hill and put in his request and what type house he wanted and the robots built it for him and it was ready on his first return trip...this was life times ago for me.  Our original home we've had over 70,000 years is on 5th or 7th level Venus, I really don't keep up with the leels and dimensions it's not important to me, I leave that for Val to remember where we live.

Well, guess i've rambled enough about the past... these are some of the things he wants in our new book if I ever get around to writing it...I really have not been able to write much...without tiring.  When I get started about these kind of things I don't get tired, that's strange..

When I first had the heart problem and left the hospital I couldn't.write at all, I could just barely turn on the computer and read my email.  I've come a long way back which surprised everyone as I really wasn't supposed to come back but I did.  Val won't let me leave until I write our book, "Strolling Memory Lane With Val" so I guess I'll just write a little each day and maybe put it all together then we can go home.  He promises to retire from the Command but he won't.  He says he's going to take are of his own rose garden.  He took some plants back from here and his people told him to bring them back, their roses do not have thorns, and that's true, they do not. After the first year would you believe, the roses he took back from here did not grow thorns.  It is the mental atmosphere on the planet Earth of negativity and hate that causes the thorns and briars and hurtful things to happen to people.  If we would keep love and peace in our hearts as many of the Alien civilizations do we would not be bothers with things like flies and ants at a picnic.  Those are only the negative thoughts of others and when you have a similar negative mind set you will draw those type things to you.  

When we do our book Val is going to add a bit of his teaching along as we go to try to uplift the planet a bit.  That was our purpose in coming on the internet, was his teaching to try to uplift planet earth from it's negativity though I didn't do a very good job of presenting it as it's gotten worse!  

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Thank you Valana and welcome back...Love to you and Val...

I was back and fell and broke a hip bone so been gone again for a few weeks.... I'm not going to be defeated....all that can happen has happened and I'm seeing only good things ahead so will be writing again soon... 

All is well!

Love you....Valana and Val



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