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Channeled by Valana Terese Thor

By Alien Implant Technology


“It is a known fact that the President of the United States of America likes ice cream.


“My advice to you, President Trump, is that you make sure it never comes from one particular place, unknown until the time it is picked up. Do not order in advance, have a very close associate pick it up for you without prior ordering. Your phones are not secure as you well know.  


Buy from the Supermarkets.

“The life you save may be your own.”

Supreme Cmdr. Val Thor

Universal Protection Command

Note: Cmdr Thor's messages may be re-posted without change to any of his words and my name left as channel with my web address: Cmdr Thor's messages are copyright to me only as I am the woman sent to him in person by my Government for his messages July 14, 1950 and was confirmed by Cmdr Thor in 1979 to my President. We do not deny others right to use any name they wish but only his official messages will come through the government woman sent to him officially for his messages.


"Government Woman is on sale on Amazon and Amazon Kikndle

I do not use Val's name for financial gain, I will send the text copy FREE to any that email me their email address.  

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One question: How is he going to know about this message...? Thanks...

It was forwarded before posting to Evanka because of the urgency of the moment but it would have been picked up. There are certain words or phrases that are automatically picked up by computers that read all that is written on the internet. It does not have to be manually read to be picked up.  That's for the safety of all Americans not to spy on Americans.

From there it is sent where it needs to go.  Anything I write with Cmdr Val Thor in the heading will be picked up and sent up where it needs to go. I've been told this by an NSA that was my contact until he died suddenly and I lost contact.  I don't get paid as I refused to go under security in 1979 and never tell about my knowikng Val Thor. He asked me not to do it and I didn't so I don't get paid.  We don't do too much anymore he's busy at his new work and I've not been able to do much.  But he wants the book written and we're going to talk about some of these things. we Just discussed it before I came to the computer tonight abgout a chaper of this very subject! I think we are on the same spiritual line!

Thank you for asking we love to answer questions.

The most afraid I've ever been is when he told me to walk in an office on Base on Okinawa with a message from "the Commander in the space ship that just landed last night on the north security field, put it on your hot line to the President at once for him.  I was thinking, Val you better be there or they'll toss me in the funny farm and I'll never get out!  That story is in "Government Woman" did you read it? If you send me your email I'll send you a text copy free.  but Imy message program here won't work, so I don't know if it will work the other way or not.  

Val is not an oracle or seer but he has reconnaissance ships in the area and they have technology to read and photo very small print through concrete walls.  He's often writen "Plans are on the tahle

for so and so to happen" as he's reading it, he's not psychic... he is to an extent very spiritual gbout Val is a man born on another planet and he wants to bge known as who he is not who he's been imagined to be.  We have the same powers he has bgut we don't have the ships with the technology he has. 

I could write an hour on this.  Remember in the White Rock Lake story he told me when we were separated I would hear him.  Now maybe you didn't read it, I write as though everyone already knows all my story as I've written it so much over the years for the Internet.  Someone told me I needed to write as though no one ever heard my story instead of presuming all know the history of it.

I'm still searching my mind, trying to bring back the missing hours that are so important. That's why I keep waiting to write the second book, I want all the story and I don't have it.  I know so much of it and so much he's told me but I want my own memory of it.  And I have to hurry and write it, the biopsy report came back today and it's not good and if I have surgery I may not be able to write for a long time so I must write it now and must finish  our book.  The book is so important it's going to answer a lot of questions about real alien contact and yet a lot of the answers, I don't know.

Love from both of us.  



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