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Our Sweetest Memory


“What about the most precious moment?”


It has to be the little girl clutching the flower at her father’s funeral you brought up as we stood on the Star Deck watching the scenes below. She wore a polka dot dres and what we used to call white leggings.

“She was so cute as she bent over to feel the floor of the Star Deck to see if it was real. My Star Deck on the Command Ship I was stationed on so long a time is total see through, walls, floor and ceiling.”


Yes, and it seems one is standing out in space. She was so cute, wasn’t she, clutching the little flower? Then she walked across the hall and you caused the sliding door to open to your swimming pool. She looked at it a moment then she said, “Ohhhhhh”. Then little Claudie grew up! And like sisters we used to fight some and then we’d make up, and like sisters we’d put up websites about each other.


“One as bad as the other.”


We don’t do that anymore. She and I opened my site back together. I couldn’t fix the new Ning and she could. And we swore we would never ever fight again and we won’t. I couldn’t have my site without Claudia Lee as she is my webmaster and co-owner of Eagleshaven.



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Alan, there was an email said you had a note here confirming this story? Did you change your mind or what? It's not here

Someone have a problem with my story of Cmdr Thor?  You know it's a Federa offense to claim to work for Government if not true..I have a book on Amazon called "Government Woman"... someone doesn't believe this story?

Ah, Valana, that is one of my most preciou memorie.My mother had a small circular garden and that year only one Easter Lily bloomed. My father died in mid may, and I knew Mom would whip me if I picked it, but I did it anyway. I also picked a whole bouquet of her Lly of the Valley that encircled our house. I held the flowers hehind my back when I entered the house and Mom's firs remark was for me to get in the car, it Ias time to go for Daddy' funeral, then  nervously I showed her the flowers. and I stammer out "He said you would not mind if I gave him your only Easter Lily". I saw my mother' face soften and she got a wet wash cloth and wrapped the  boutquet stems in it then wax paper around the cloth and told meit was so the flowers could stay alive. I never explanied to her that the he I spoke of was not my Daddy, but rather Abba. Anyway, when we got to the funeral home my other told the mortiician that I had wanted to have my daddy hold the flowers, as I had asked her if that was okay to do. He put the flowers in my daddy's hands and asked "Will you leave them there forever?" And he promised me he would never remove them. My dress? It was as Valana says, it was a red  dress with what we called Swiss Polka dots and white stockings with black paten leather shoes. Oh, and Mama's litte circlular garden, never grew another Easter Lily. I remember Mom crying one day as she dug up the garden and seeded it with grass and never planted a garden again.

Alan here inside of book page and also picture, will have to put pic turfe on other message, both came from frfont of b ook I knows this last one did... the General wrote the book I didn't and Generals arfe nevfer wrong, haven't you been in service? You know thqat…LOL  (joking)… But Ross was a good guy, he was a Routh!  That's "Thor" backward, where Val got his name...

Alan hope you can rfead it, it's sideways but it sayd lions head in Chevron, it was given because William d' Surdeval was knightged by William the Conqwuerer and given Routh, England.... as a gift for heroics in battle... his nephew Robgert married the Forester's daughter and became Lord of Routh.  Val says we were Lord and Lady Routh that's why he used the name to turn around and make Thor out of it... that happened don't really care who believes what... I don't question others, don't question me please as it's rude... oh I did question the blue lady forf demanding something we don't demand Americans especially from England but Val took up for Drekx and I have to go apologize, don'gt have to, but have to tell him what Val swiad is all ok... I will... :0(  

PS I was not questioning Drfekx as I met the Sirian leader, Val wanted us to get along as we always have about Val... so I guess I'll tgell him I'm sorry! Sure hate to..  ok

Drfekx IK'm sorry I spoke out of place you never said anything bad about Val and Val wants me to tell you he took up for you...

"Valana, go tell Drekx, don't tell Alan!"


Here's better picture... I tghink the lions in Chevron represent William the Conquerer? Not sure what they represent but that's what it says and Generl Routh got it from the British museum… he was stationed in England during the war and that's why he found Routh England and began inquiring about it... Well can't find it I'll have to go download it again.

aLAN I hope this works this time, here it is, hopefully..

Akan I asked Google...

What does a lion symbolize on a family crest? note the last part...fits the story of the d'VGinci code...
The lion is a common charge in heraldry. It traditionally symbolises courage, nobility, royalty, strength, stateliness and valour, because historically it has been regarded as the "king of beasts". Lion refers also to a Judeo-Christian symbolism. The Lion of Judah stands in the coat of arms of Jerusalem.

Alan, rhis could not be dogs as it's not a hunter's crest it was given to a Frenchman knightged by William the Conquerer when he was gtiven Routh, England... so they are lions not dogs... I really didn't know that until found it in the book, we have an ancestry book published by Brig General Ross A Routh Army retired who is now dead, last time I talked with Ross was when we got back from Okinawa, he visited my older daughter here and got pictures we had for his book.l.he travewled all over visiting with the Routh clan which came through Wales and Ireland to the US... we date back to 1030.// the lions in the Chedvfron is also the crest of Jerusalem and represents Jesus he was called in the Bible gthe Lion of the Tribe of Juda.   That's why it is important to me, I've always been a minister and we have a line of minitgers in clan, one helped William Penn start the Quakers... 

The crest was started with Richard d' Surdeval knighted bgy William the Conquerer so it wouldn't be dogs as he was not a hunter but a fighter.  We have not traced the Surdeval family back in France I would like to do that if had time to stop what I'm doing bugt I don't righgt now...I''m morfe interested in the Monastery there as it was firfsgt called "St John's Church" in the ear;u days..

I talked with the Commander of the Knights' GTemplar here years ago as he was interested in finding St. John's Church as it was rumored that's where Mary Magdelaine was taken by St. John as she was pregnant and they stayed there, gthis was in the de'Vinci code... The Cmdr of the Templars wanted me to go to Shrfe Lanka at the time for the world religions meetings hosted by the Dali Llama to represent the Star People and Val .. I did not go as didn't have tghe money and didn't want to ask for help....

Chevrons are V-shaped stripes whose use in the military go back to at least the 12th century. It was a badge of honor and used in heraldry. The British and French used chevrons -- from the French word for "roof" -- to signify length of service.Nov 29, 2007
cOLOR RED represents military Ross (General Routh) represented the crest well and he had no descendants that I know of so it bgounces to me after him and then to my children... one at least..or all in a way I would think... well represented by our clan as had direct Routh that was Captain in the Union Calvary shot off his horse by a slave fighgting for the South in the Civil war... he was a hero, decorated aftgfer death.... we're3 a military family from wqay fack… had Rouths that served in all the wars usually officers.
That's what the xrest stands for... 

Alan,  Val says not to leave him out as in that life I married him and made him Lord of Roth and this life he married me made me Lady Thor...  now we're even......

Wow Drekx, move over, look what Goodgle says my family crest means!  The Lion of England!  Val says he'll never be able to live with me now that I found out... grrr…;-)

What do the 3 lions represent?
The history of the three lions symbol goes back to the 12th Century when a red crest with three gold lions would be carried into battle to inspire English troops. The first one came from Henry I - known as the lion of England - who had a lion on his standard on taking power in 1100.Jul 14, 2018


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