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Cmdr.  Val Thor:  LIVE 

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 This is a Cosmic Family Group

Val and I came online in 1997 and one of our purposes was to locate as many of our cosmic family as we could. If you feel you've had PSI contact or being taken to the ship perhaps for night classes, you may be one of our cosmic group.  

Do you have memories of being on Atlantis at the time of the sinking?  We were there.  

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If you can sing this with us you are ready to join this group.  Val is going to be giving us some of the inner circle teachings of Jesus Christ given in secret both when on this planet and on others he visited after his demonstration of Life over death. These teachings concern the final conquest on this planet of sin, sickness and death.  Immortality is the norm of the higher dimensions.  We are on this level to learn the overcoming and enter into Immortality.  One will continue to reincarnate on this level until they do overcome death which is the enemy not the friend of God's creations. We will allow only a certain number and the group will be closed to the public. If you are not led to join please do not do so our of curiosity. Our blessings of Light, Val and Valana Thor

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Comment by Patty on February 5, 2018 at 6:14pm

Valana it is so good to see you back!

Valana said: "[I] think it is like tin roof but tin does repel radiation, not sure of that, anyone know?"

Yes, tin works and copper works too. 

That is why the meme about tin hats and people who wear tin hats are crazy - because in reality tin hats work. If your brain is being targeted to put thoughts or emotions in you, or whatever, if you are wearing a tin hat it will stop it.  So the meme is meant to discourage you from using a tin (or copper) hat because of the belief that people who wear tin hats are crazy.

Comment by Valana (Patti) on February 4, 2018 at 7:33pm

You are exactly right, Amparo, and there are several ways to do it, all good paths.  One is the Metaphysical which Val has taught, "Perfect God, Perfect Man, perfect universe." As Metaphysics and Chrisitian Science teach, we must also see that in everyone else regardless.

Jesus taught same thing in "As you've done it to the least of these, you've done it unto me (or to yourself)".....  

Donn comes at it from scripture basis for the Christians that are living so far below their priviledges but a large group are moving on in the Word.  He takes Colossians 1:26-27" which I've always majored on in the ministry,

"This is the mystery hid from generations now revealed...Christ in you...."  Jesus tried so hard to teach that the same "Christ" (God) that was in him was in all but religion, as it did to Buddha, as it did to Krishna and others...soon as the teacher left the planet they worshipped the messenger and made a religion of it... they never taught us to worship them they taught us to follow them! Be like them...

The very same "Christ" that Jesus manifested fully is in us... you, me, the world, the same Christ is in the worst criminal on earth but he does not realize who he is or he would be better....  this is the great work we all must do, is try to get others to see who they really are...divine and perfect children of a perfect, loving God that does not create sickness, sin  or death... 

We have not only our own thouights to control now but the world long as there is one belief left of sin, sickness or death it will manifest.  We are fighting the Mortal Mind or Black Matrix some call it of world mind now, not our own,...and when we overcome something we have helped someone in maybe deepest Africa to overcome a sickness.... a Christian Science practitioner friend of mine taught me that as I kept searching my heart and praying to know my sin for this attack of sickness..she said it was not in me but I was taking part in Jesus' work of atoning for the world as we are all at this time, when we win a battle we win it for others, too... never blame yourself for anything anymore... we may loose a skirmish but the battle is ours.... back of the book tells us we win!

Comment by amparo alvarez on February 4, 2018 at 7:03pm

I forgot to add that still we need protection for the dark misuses its limited power, and  even though they know they lost, they are still trying to delay or alter things...

Comment by amparo alvarez on February 4, 2018 at 6:56pm

Dear Valana, as I write these words may you get stronger and stronger not just physically but emotionally and mentally too...

I know you are aware of what I am about to say...There are different reasons why I bring positive messages...One of them being that it is extremely important at this time to think, speak and act in a loving way for if we don't we will attract to us the opposite of it...All we do, say or think is coming back at us instantly of in a very short period of time...I am in the process of mastering my thoughts so that I stay only on a  high vibrational energy most of the time...When our vibrations or frequencies are very high nothing of a lower vibration can reach or harm us...(We reap what we sow)

Blessings to you and your family here and above...

Image result for images of sowing and reaping

Comment by Lee on February 4, 2018 at 5:48pm

Glad you are here, Valana. I know you will be strong and healed now. I always keep you in my prayers, as I know each of your friends do as well.

Comment by Valana (Patti) on February 4, 2018 at 12:14pm

Patty, I'm back now, please send me anything of Val's that might be of current interest to the UN or Nato.  I have two new friends of Facebook that requested friendship, one involved in Ecology in UN and the other truly don't remember other than a NATO rep.  I think now is the time for some of Val's more technical writings and opinions.  Just found their requests I suppose missed the notifications as I have just deleted it all when had too much email..hope have not deleted any of your Val files..please try to get  a few to me I have very few saved myself.

Now is the time... Trump will be the President to bring the disclosure in full if he can be convinced of it's reality.  Does seem I have some attention in both NATO and the UN, both men are heads of their departments.  I really paid little attention to who they were until it came to me I had the attention of people that could really do something for the disclosure.  Val had written a lot about ecology in the past see if you have anything on it in your files I will have to go thru mine I'lll try to get to it soon as I can been putting it off...

Love Valana

Comment by Valana (Patti) on February 3, 2018 at 11:20pm

That could have been a car parked out on the road instead of a plane, too, I heard...the vibrations were powerful and happened for two nights prior to the time went to hospital first time.  

I will do that.  Hilarion is here in the Etheric school over Greece and AA Raphaeil in theAngelic realm so they can reach me better than Val that is on this dimension now in the ship and quite a distance from here.  I will do that tonight... we need to ask to receive which is one of the laws of the universe Jesus taught us...often, I for one, just feel I have it when I have not directly asked for it.  

Master Chunyi Li says we must let the universe know why we are meditating.  I took part in his 7 day meditation for the world with the Tibetan Monks and bought the audios, trying to do them over as I missed much of it as it took place.  He is Qigong Master and developed Spring Forest Qigong for westerners an trying to use it, also. I'm coming back I won't be defeated!  Victory is mine and I'm claiming it.  We are the Immortals we do not have to be defeated.  We may loose a few battles but we will win the war.  The Enlightened are here now, alive today and being led on by the Light of God. 

I may have to put Val's sometimes negative views of Earth activities aside for the greater spirituaol work I believe I am here to do, and so are the select ones that are on this group.  Each have their own mission to fulfill.  No one comes here by chance, it will not be big in numbers but together we can change the world with our positive mind power and spiritual teachings.  

Amparo your postings are all so good and for all levels and groups. They are inspiring and a blessing.  

Comment by amparo alvarez on February 3, 2018 at 9:55pm

Hi dear Valana...It is so good knowing you are feeling better...I must tell you that AA. Raphael, Master Hilarion and AA Michael surround you...AA Michael is of the Blue Ray of the Will and Power of God, Faith, Peace, Strength...I asked Him to help you...I also asked Master Hilarion and AA Raphael of the Emerald Green Ray to surround you with their Green Healing Light and I thank them for their help...Please before going to sleep ask AA Michael for protection to surround your place from top to bottom, left to right, back to front with the powerful Blue Light which is the Power and Will of God and to not allow any discord of thought, action, or words to trespass that barrier of protection...You can also place a circle of Golden Light around your bed and around your house before going to sleep...I tell you these things because I used to have entities bother me constantly, and little by little the Masters and the Angels and Archangels got them away from me...They used to make me get into accidents and falls...and yes I had someone probably from the government parked in front of my house constantly and followed me when I used to go to the creek for walks...Blessings Valana and know and trust that you are safe with the Ascended Masters and the Angels and Archangels next to you...With so much Love always...

Comment by Valana (Patti) on February 3, 2018 at 9:19pm

Wanted to put this in another message to Lee as it says you posted about hour ago, did you send geen light around me then? I had another breathing spell this morning and worried it was going to do same think again so about hour ago suddeny my breathing normalized, I slept awhile and now feel ok and can breathe fine... also was seeing green around things, have thought it was healing light from the ships as they are sending some kind of protective light around me, they definitely think it was caused by the first experience of hearing the droning and feeling the vibrations coming down that was the first very serious incident, the other times not as serious just starting again but caught it in time.  I do not believe it will happen here as this is undisclosed location not really that close but in same area, never used this address so feel safe from any type technology attack... some part of some gov is very afraid I am going to start the Altair messages again but we have no plans at this time to do that.  Val won't let me be in any danger for him.  We will only post non-gov/mil information here, spiritual teahings which he has  lot of.

Lee I believe it was yoiur and Amparo's green light brought me out of that one thank you both.  Love Valana

Comment by Valana (Patti) on February 3, 2018 at 9:13pm

Yesterday I began to get my energy back and had moved out of my place to my daughters night before last. I had not heard the droning plane sound nor felt the vibrations but been in hospitat 3 times and better and soon as get to my place I start down.  So my son moved my recliner and computer to daughters lived next door and have a mobile home, think it is like tin roof but tin does repel radiation, not sure of that, anyone know? But better better all the time.


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