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A Group for those who love the works of David Icke & the great teacher Shaman Credo mutwa.

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British author David Icke has written 16 books and travelled to over 40 countries since 1990. His research exposes the Big Brother fascist dictatorship predicted by George Orwell in his book, 1984, and charts the history of the Illuminati with its connections to unseen forces in other dimensions of reality that some call ‘extraterrestrials’. Icke refers to this as the ‘Reptilian Agenda’. His books reveal how a Hidden Hand is behind world-changing events like the attacks of 9/11 and the manufactured wars in the Middle East, as part of a mass mind manipulation technique he has dubbed problem, reaction, solution. What David Icke wrote about in the 20th century has proved to be so astonishingly accurate in predicting the events of the 21st and continues to be so.

Nowhere else is there such a unique library of information showing how all of these apparently diverse and unconnected subjects are actually part of a Global Agenda from the Origination, History, Symbolism and Bloodlines of the Illuminati; Secret Societies; Big Brother Surveillance; the Manipulation of Wars, Politics, Business, Banking, and Media; Microchipping; Problem-Reaction-Solution; the truth about 9/11; the 'War on Terror'; Mind Control; Religion, the Reptilian Agenda and so much more. David Icke also reveals how we live in a virtual-reality dream world, very much like the one portrayed in the Matrix movies.

While being hugely controversial and often heavily attacked, David Icke has driven on with his unrelentless investigation into subject areas that no other author or researcher dare touch. He reveals information that has been kept from a "dumbed down" population and has allowed the establishment to treat them as nothing more than slaves to a sinister hidden agenda. His 18 plus years of hard work are now being recognised and he continues to grow in both popularity and credability. Thousands of people worldwide are now starting to see the conspiracy uncovered in his books and this is increasing at an incredible rate as humanity experiences a consciousness shift prophesised by advanced ancient cultures. This is just the start of the journey, the best is yet to come.

David Icke is recognised as the leader in his field and is an inspiration to a new generation of conspiracy theory researchers around the world.

He is the Morpheus of our time.

Credo mutwa:

Credo mutwa is a zulu shaman or senusi who not only confirms ickes research on the reptilian blood line but knows how it started and also the real history of africa he has been in danger loads of times with humans and aliens alike he has risked his life and families life with comeing forward in revealing the true history of africa and the horrors of whats happening to the beautiful country.

Reality is an illusion albeit a persistent one. - albert einstien.

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Comment by Tristan on August 5, 2009 at 10:41am
Also most christianity is a front for satanism most christian rituals are taken from prechristian beliefs. The drinking of the blood even tho its symbolic it is still a satanic ritual. Dont forget jesus doesn't exist so that means the last supper never happen so ask yourself this whose blood are you symbolically drinking? Um in fact its all linked to the reptilian bloodlines effectively your worshiping the reptilians as dont forget in church or pray your energy is focused to those you worship. Even ashtar himself according to those who claim to speak for him say do not follow false prophets and yet jesus is one of them.
Comment by Tristan on August 5, 2009 at 10:32am
Sorry that was meant to be no alligance lol
Comment by Tristan on August 5, 2009 at 10:31am
Basically he says its another form of control created by the system like a form of new age christianity. Christianity also being a form of control. Dont forget in children of the matrix he has found that most alien contact on earth and abductions are done by the bad reptilians shapeshifting into disguises decepting us so as to when contact is final made we great the visitors with open arms without realiseing their here to enslave. Also because of the conditioning currently happening. I see the scifi V becoming a scary reality. Thats why i have on alligance to any org and why i'm not a prisoner to a belief system. The dangerous thing is i've seen on the internet people in ashtar believe in jesus and that he is from ashtar etc when in fact as you have read he does not exist and is merely another form of control. If people look up tammuz and horus also dionysus they will see where the romans who are the real source of christianity stole it from. The new testament never actually existed til in the 300ad period. Funnyly enough the word testament comes from the word testes because they use to swear to tell the truth on the sake of their testicles so apply that to the bible in new english you then have the old bollocks and the new bollocks which explains alot but also shows you how much the church are laughing in the face of its followers.
Comment by Tristan on August 5, 2009 at 10:14am
Well would he said was most new age beliefs are forms of control created by the illuminati and the word ashtar is the name of a sumerian goddess called ishtar goddess of war as ashtar is arabic and greek name for ishtar. But knowing this did not effect my decision to join here as with any org the leader or idol is not important its the people within it.

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