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18 Incredible Photographs Of The Shaman Gathering In Siberia

The Call of 13 Shamans is a four-day festival where Shamans from all corners of the globe gather near the village of Khorum-Dag, the spiritually charged centre point of the Asian continent. This festival coincides with natural cosmic cycles and its purpose is to help maintain harmony between humanity and the universe.

Original Publishing: The Siberian Times 

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great pictures Kelly ..i like the turquoise emblem on the feather head dress ....Thousands of years a the European continent was once the home of the native tribes ..

Thanks, Hellen, can you imagine how long it took to make those costumes?  Beautiful.  I wish I had been there, it looks amazing to have such different shamans from all over working together. 

yes it must have took days to make these costumes Kelly .i have to agree they are beautiful ..yes, i like to know their history and many other things..

Amazing photos, Kel ... (you can almost feel the energy flowing from the Shamans) really vivid colors too, very uplifting to see, and inspiring to me as a painter. I am tempted to borrow one of them and paint it on canvas using oils :-)

Thank you so much for sharing such an uplifting post :-) 

Thanks for checking it out, Luke - would be lovely to paint them if I had a smidge of your talent :-) 

The photos are fantastic...Would love to have been around all those shamans, the energies must have been astounding...What an awesome share!



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