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I was initially going to add just one video from FierceLight to the main feed, however this is such a wonderful documentary that I am going to add a few more snippets and the link to their site in it's own discussion, and it can be updated anytime as more links become available.  This documentary changed my life, it is inspirational and the speakers are just amazing.  The creator, Velcrow Ripper, also has a documentary titled OccupyLove, about the protests, worth checking out also.  

A Fierce Light Flash! Exploring the idea of "love in action" - non-violence. Featuring some of the greatest spiritual activists of today, including Thich Nhat Hanh, Congressman John Lewis, Van Jones and Sister Chan Khong. Directed by award winning filmmaker Velcrow Ripper, produced by Cher Hawrysh.

The link given on the videos takes you to a japanese site (??) so follow this link to the film maker is recommended instead.

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Thank you Kel, this is a great blog on Non Violence, thank you for the introduction to "FierceLight" and the eye opening and truely inspiring insights that reside therein, I look forward to more research into the subject and to watching the full lenght video, as it becaomes available....

and as a side note, I was only just contemplating the wonderfull work that Daryl Hannah does as an activist and suddenly bingo, her face pops up in the second video in your blog, just literally minutes after I thought about her, synchronicity? ..  law of attraction or what?? ..

:-) Synchronicity is awesome... Daryl is amazing.  Julia Butterfly Hill is also an incredible activist who takes part in the documentary and is a friend of Daryl's, inspirational women.  Unfortunately, the protest in FierceLight didn't work out the way they had hoped... 

If you search the net, I'm sure you can find a copy somewhere... Thank you for being you, Luke :-)  :-) 



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