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dear atlantis master,your blog statement is very trur indeed,just the past 24 hours,there was a 5.5 earth quake in the Moe, and gippsland areas,and extending outward with its magnetic waves, i myself was sitting on a recliner are chair,and for a few seconds,the chair swayed left to right,and right to left,as the magnetic wave travelled thru the earth crust in this town where i live,but time is at hand, and the truth,and justice will surface for many eyes to see,blessings eve.

This is a map of Australia, that was desined with the visions of GORDON MICHAEL SCALLION,AND EDGAR CAYCE PREDICTIONS,and the graphic image,which i am adding to this comment was the end result of the image,blessings eve.

Many Blessings to you Eve for putting this map up. I hope all  "Aussies" get to have a look at this. I am on the border of NSW/QLD and have been trying to get the word out for a few years now. I'm in my older years now, reside my myself, and wish not to have to relocate.

dear Sunspiritsmiles, you are most welcomed dear friend, i live on the border of NSW/VICTORIA, near the murray river,cross the bridge here,and you are in NSW.the map is very detailed,and the darker shades of Green, is suppose to be the effected areas of Australia,Tasmania,from Earth Changes,that was given in vision from Edgar Cayce,and Affirmation from Gordon Michael Scallion,love,light,blessings eve.

Hi Eve I am in your part of the world but further south from you down the pointy end of Victoria , the Scallion map gives hope to those who think they will still be in this frequency in 2013 but personally I hope to well out of the way by then

Hello I live in the Northern Suburbs of Perth Western Australia,I am holding the light as best I can, would love to meet up with others  from Perth and spread the love and light.

Love and light to you all throughout Australia.



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