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The Cosmic Eye - November 03, 2019 - Joy Gaffney

Cmdr. Aleon interview with Joy Gaffney - Shaman Healer/Teacher, Psychic/Medium, Spiritual Counselor

Joy offers her clients the opportunity to choose wellness in all areas of their life. She offers her expertise as a Therapeutic Massage Therapist specializing in the healing process through balancing energy in the four bodies, mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Joy has a strong background in teaching spirituality, which she pulls from over 18 years experience of walking the path of a Shaman. She utilizes her strong intuitive gifts as a Psychic, Medium during her spiritual counseling sessions helping others to find peace and reconciliation with their loved ones both on the physical and spiritual plane. Joy's true strengths are shown through her dedication and passion with helping others reach their goals toward internal peace and self love, along with teaching them a greater understanding of their spiritual self.

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