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The life of Bridget Nielsen, a Mother of Hybrid Human Alien Children is the product and intentions of the Gray Aliens. The conditions and deal made with President Eisenhower after WWII, was to receive future UFO and stealth technology, etc., etc.

The Gray Aliens at that time were not clear as to their reasons to abduct humans on a limited and periodic basis for the purpose of medical examination and monitoring of our development, with the stipulation that the humans would not be harmed and returned to their point of abduction or would have no memory of the event. This is not the case!

Now, after some sixty years we are beginning to see their real intentions and claim that they are our future and have returned to attempt to correct gentic mistakes that we are in line to make, just as they did. Remember what happened from the Movie "Back To the Future" when anyone starts travelling back in time to correct mistakes in the present, it only gets more complicated.

In conclusion, the Universal Law of Non-interference continues to play out as our only hope in that, we have eternity to multi-dimensionally evolve, for we are the one's who have and maintain soul levels, which the Grays do not have. Our governments have sold us down the river and humankinds spiritual progress has taken a major set back. Only heaven knows how many thousands or millions of earthly years it will take before this drama will correct itself.

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I think its great that the consciousness is out there of the terrible things that were done in WW2, there was a lot of experimenting that was done in connection with time travel, that Grey's were involved too is new to me but makes a lot of sense. I strongly believe that the more light is shed on it the better as we all have wounds to heal stemming from WW2 that are effecting us today even radio active frequencies which effect us to this day. I think things that were done the horror of things that were done effected human minds to such an extent that it caused a state of planetary brain damage which we are now living with and trying to heal.

Thank you for the link, very informative and at the same time very shocking, what they left unsaid is the millions of people they are pilling with various drugs to keep mouths shut even children being pilled on various drugs because they don't want the truth to come out and whenever anyone displays the slightest sign of knowing a bit more the reaction is to shove medication (pills) down the throat of that individual . Thank you again for the informative link. Bless you Salute!



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