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As a follow up comment to the discussion "The Human Drama", may I offer you a tustworthy link for your research and further information. Please feel free to save and freely use one of the best anom search engine and link reference "The Cooper Report".  (For better reading, copie text, open on a word pad and enlarge)

Please take into consideration how long ago this was and the fact that Congressional hearings are currently taking place around the world in top political circles as we speak, to get the truth out about Government contact with E.T's.  This is an awesome and very unbeliveable development, although it remains blacklisted and not fully mainstream.

I think it's a grid lock and there is nothing we can do other then draw attention to ourselves which would put our lives, families and close friends in danger. (note: Any attempts to expose CIA mind control tatics and activities are some of the most dangerous activities anyone could undertake.  We all are being mind-control whether we like it or believe it or not, and it's the last thing the dark government wants anyone to expose. They are very aggressive on this subject and do very quickly engage those who seek to reveal it's truth. So use your best personnal judgement on this subject.)

Nevertheless, what you don't know can hurt you and we must keep ourselves informed, to not get lost in the fact that someone or something is going to save us. Remember, the entire media has been infliltrated with mis-information. I ask you to seriously consider many of the things being posted here(ACC). Are they really productive and what relationship do they really have with the Galatic Command?

Commander Ashtar assures of us of any help in all areas of life for just the asking.  Please take this offer serious and do not play games, or the help might not be there for you when you really need it!  He has made it very clear that those aliens (grays) within the Cooper Report choose to ignore Universal Law, as do many Earthlings(direct quote), which is all about Love(universal law) and the way of Loving ourselves, the enviornment, our good space friends, Masters, Spirits and entities.  

Looking at the big picture of things, we must continue to present and repeat the truth of our mission on earth which is Ascension!  Without acheiving a higher vibration in our body and life, we cannot meet the criteria to return to this planet earth.  She is now fifth dimensional and without raising our vibration we will find our selves somewhat forced to appear on another planet with a lower 3rd dimensional reality. 

I hope it encourages you to know that we have eternity to multi-dimensionally evolve, so at some point and place we must learn and chose to elevate into higher understanding, wisdom and untimately, Universal Oneness.  Greetings from Commander Ashtar.

I AM CoMdr LightSpeed

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