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May the Archangels connect with you and assist you perfectly.

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This feel so good.
Thank you for this Chris.

Thank you so much for sharing this. It really came in handy! I have received the Archangels in my home until yesterday and His energies are still very high here. By the way, do You know anyone who would like to receive them and have their rituals for 5 days? If you do, please contact me.

Stay blessed 


Hi lightbeingonearth,


I would like to receive the Archangels please.


Love & light,



Dear Qan Dek,

Thanks for all the Angels 7 Archangels all at a see and watch is  a Pleasant Moment....

To take help and Blessings is a Fortune....

With Lots of Love, & Blessings...


THANK YOU Archangel Michael!  I love knowing that you're standing at my right side pouring courage and strength into me to bring positive results to my endeavors.  THANK YOU for cutting all my negative cords and attachments with your sword.  THANK YOU for placing the deep blue cloak of protection over me so that only that which is of the highest and purest light may enter my aura.

THANK YOU Archangel Gabriel!  I love knowing that you're standing at my left hand side in your pure white ray.  I am blessed knowing that your pure white energy is constantly pouring into my aura to bring me guidance about my next step or pathway.  THANK YOU for illuminating and activating the symbols of my life's mission.  THANK YOU for bringing joy, grace, clarity, understanding, generosity and order into my life.
THANK YOU Archangel Uriel!  Knowing that you're always standing in front of me and filling my aura with your purple and gold ray of wisdom and peace is tremendously comforting.  THANK YOU for soothing all the conflict in my life and replacing it with serenity, brotherhood and sisterhood.  THANK YOU for breaking my mental and emotional chains and freeing me from all my fears.

THANK YOU Archangel Raphael!  I love knowing that your might is standing behind me with your emerald ray.  The word 'gratitude' seems inadequate for your outpouring of healing and abundance into all levels of my being.  THANK YOU for protecting me on all my journeys as well as impressing me with justice, truth, and vision.

THANK YOU Archangel Chamuel!  I invite you to live in my heart so that your pink ray will constantly expand the flame of love in my heart.  I love you, too!  THANK YOU for helping me to find compassion and forgiveness for myself and for everyone I have ever harmed knowingly or unknowingly.  THANK YOU for opening my heart at a personal and cosmic level.

THANK YOU Archangel Jophiel!  Invoking you to always fly above me to pour the golden light of wisdom and illumination onto me through my crown chakra is an awesome blessing.  THANK YOU for helping me to learn and teach at the highest level through the use of your wisdom to light up and inspire my mind.  Asking that the symbols of wisdom which I've accumulated throughout my lifetimes be lit up and activated will always light my way.

THANK YOU Archangel Zadkiel!  You must be responsible for all the purple light beneath my feet which the clairvoyant told me represented obstacles that I've overcome.  Therefore, when you pour the violet flame into my aura, you seem to be protecting me from below:  using your violet ray of mercy, joy, and transmutation.  THANK YOU for releasing and dissolving all my negativity and replacing it with joy, diplomacy, and tolerance.  May I be incapable of ever creating any more negativity.

Thank you Qan Dek for distributing this.

Thank you Diana Cooper for channeling and sharing the material.

Thank you Chris Comish for creating the video...

The energetic gifts which were given to me during this invocation and meditation were extremely high vibrations.  As suggested, I paused the video at the recommended places.  I spoke to each Archangel at the beginning of each pause.  Then, as suggested, I waited for that Archangel to finish the energy work and listened for any messages.  I physically felt a lot of energy throughout my body during this Invocation and Meditation.

This packs a lot of power!!  I highly recommend it.


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