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This video is an excerpt from Natalie Glasson's audio in Capsule 51 called "Speaking Your Truth". So to get the full audio (without the background music) - go to Natalie's web page:

Background audio is by Jonathan Goldman
Video & Transcription by Steve Hutchinson


Archangel Metatron focuses upon enhancing your ability to speak your truth in this Capsule of Wisdom. He describes the purpose of the throat chakra and what it actually means to speak your truth. Archangel Metatron encourages & helps you release unneeded energies connected to speaking your truth while assisting you in healing and reforming your throat chakra supported by the Creator

Allow yourself to sit peaceably & focus on your breathing. Allow your breathing to expand & hold your focus completely. You're allowing your body, including your energetic body to relax completely & become smooth & fluid. Allow yourself now to connect to your Soul. Imagine your Soul Star Portal above your head like a glorious diamond beaming Light down upon you that flows all the way thru your chakra columns & down thru your Earth Star Portal anchoring you in Gaia....and you feel yourself merging with your Soul.....and you  feel every chakra being a Divine expression of your Soul.

We ask that the vibration of your Soul always resides in your heart chakra so that you will always experience a true & Devine expression of your Soul. The Soul can be directly expressed thru your throat chakra, as well, in time, thru all of your chakras. So just allow yourself to be a fountain of your Soul Light that surrounds & embraces you.

So imagine sense & acknowledge now cosmic vibrations from the cosmic level of the Creator flowing down thru your entire Being.... 1000's & millions beams of Light..... cleansing & transmuting everything not of the Light....supporting your Soul & raising the vibrations of your Whole Being. Acknowledge these countless beams of Light & vibrations filling & surrounding you & merged with your Soul Light are those of the Creator merged as One....guiding & leading you to enter into the Sacred Vibrations & Divine Intelligence of the Creator which are now entering & being anchored in your throat chakra.

Imagine sense or acknowledge entering a tunnel of Light now & entering a vast chamber of Light that is the entirety of your throat chakra merged with the Creator. Allow yourself to breathe in all the  pure & Crystalline vibrations of the Creator thru your throat are breathing thru your throat chakra.... breathing in the energies of Divine Truth & Light & Intelligence of the Creator....and releasing everything in the throat chakra not of the Light.

And as you continue breathing in the Vibrations & Intelligence of the Creator thru your throat chakra - a most beautiful symbol appears in your throat appears in your awareness...a sacred symbol of Divine Expression & Empowerment of the most divinely perfect throat chakra merged with the Creator....its as if the walls of your throat chakra are crumbling and a new aspect & source of your throat chakra are emerging from this symbol. Allow yourself to discover this most sacred symbol, the most divine & appropriate symbol for you to help you express the Divine Vibrations & Intelligence of the Creator thru your throat chakra.

Allow this symbol to continue to flow into your throat chakra....and sense, feel, & acknowledge all the cosmic vibrations & your Soul merged together &  activating & integrating in your throat chakra.... expressing thru you and all of your chakras and your whole being the Divine Truth & Beauty & Intelligence of the Creator.....

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Dear Steve,

You are posting very good and important messages....!!

Thanks a lot....

With Love & Light Blessings...


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