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Find A Comfortable Place where you like to sit with out any type of Disturbance from Outside....Your Daily Usual Place of Meditation.....with A Aasan of your selection ....
Be comfortable if you want to sit on a Chair also....You can go in silence.....
Take Few Deep breaths....and try to be with your subconscious Mind.....Go deeper & Deeper.....continue taking deep breaths that will connect you with the Source of all in few Minutes.....

You invite Your Higher self And also " I Am That I Am.."

You invite your Spirit & Your Master Guides....

You can invite Angels & Archangels who are always with You for your Alignment and Ascension process making your Consciousness Clear and Powerful....removing all the Negative implants from your Cells & Organs of The Body, Mind & Soul...!!

You can take help of your Personal Masters for having better & Strong Alignment with the Divine Forces and The Source....!!


Feel your Aura surrounding you and feel the vibrations also of your Life & Light Body.....
See A Pillar of Light ......having triple colors....On left side Pink, Right Side Blur and central is Golden...
starting from your base going upwards as you can feel up to the source.....And The Pillar is also extending to the Heart Center of Mother Earth.....
Visualize this Triple Pillar Of Light and continue to take deep breaths.....
Now You are with your Light, Love & Wisdom......Blue, Pink & Golden Flames are your these tree types of Energies....
When you go deeper & deeper...You will find your Aura is getting expanding above as well as on all the sides...and you can feel so calm and contented....Just watch the triple ....visualize that now all the colors are merging to gather and it makes a very brilliant Light ....slowly converted in to Golden & Then White Light....just like Platinum Light...

Heal your Body , Mind & Soul along with Your Higher self and " I Am That I Am.."...actually I Am That is Pure ....will make Pure and your Mind will become Crystal Clear...!!
Now Align your self with the Source by intention and say ..."I Align My Self With My Source Of All and also with the Heart Of Gaia.."
.and You will be Healed completely and will feel better when you will finish your Meditation of minimum of Half an Hour....

So This way this meditation will help to align your self with The Energies of Our Father in heaven....and Mother Earth below...


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