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  Prior to 2007 and my official awkenning, but more so from prior to 2005 I used to see 333 all the time as I'm seeing the 11 all the time now.

 It was weird I used to get up at night and it would be 3:33 AM.....many times?


Anyone know what the significance of 333 means?


Thank you and Peace.

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I guess its personal pref. but i use Doreen Virtue ones, also others. But here is some info. As im sure you'll get other posts.

333 - The Ascended Masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love, and companionship. Call upon the Ascended Masters often, especially when you see the number 3 patterns around you. Some of the more famous Ascended Masters include: Jesus, Moses, Mary, Quan Yin, and Yogananda.

111 - Monitor your thoughts carefully, and be sure to only think about what you want, not what you don't want. This sequence is a sign that there is a gate of opportunity opening up, and your thoughts are manifesting into form at record speeds. The 111 is like the bright light of a flash bulb. It means the universe has just taken a snapshot of your thoughts and is manifesting them into form. Are you pleased with what thoughts the universe has captured? If not, correct your thoughts (ask your angels to help you with this if you have difficulty controlling or monitoring your thoughts).

Nice, even more good advice and knowledge to know for when it happens again.Thank You Earth Empress I will start to do this.Big-time.
i associate 333 with good luck:) but yes..its also about ascended masters like Earth Empress nicely put it.
Here is the whole spec - this will give you an idea

Three of more of the same number (digital clock 2:22, 11:11, etc.) 111: Energy flow * Enhancing whatever level you are presently in *

111 or 1111 Energy flow of water, money, s**, kundalini, magnetic
It happens when one of these energies manifests.

222 or 2222 In the middle of the proces of resurrection or the proces of ascension

333 or 3333 A decision number. Either one of the folowing can happen: 666 = material world or 999 = spiritual world.

444 or 4444 The Resurrection number.

555 or 5555 Christ consciousness

666 or 6666 Material world, chosen reality.

777: Symbolizes an integration of some portion of the four lower bodies with higher spiritual frequencies within the third-dimensional plane, or at level in which you are manifesting your physical reality on the Earth plan

888: Symbolizes infinity * The unified spiral of the physical merging with the Spiritual * Moving toward the completion of the ascension process through the energies of the 222 and 444

999: Symbolizes the three levels of the triune * completion

000: Great Void * Experiencing a null zone * switching or moving into a new energy field 11:11 Beginning of a whole new level or phase of development * Another dimension or frequency of experience * A PORTAL WAY OPENING *12:12 A COSMIC CONNECTION * A bridge to the future * Signifies a level of completion or graduation Pay attention to clocks, license plates, perhaps what you were doing at the time you sae that particular number.......what were you thinking, etc.I have found these to be very much a signal or sign after I have asled a question etc.
Morne , thank you.That makes perfect sense.Like I said I used to get it when waking up.Also before I was awakened I was always vey intuitive.The other time I used to notice this was when I was out doing paranormal investagations, almost always when I used to do them I always noticed the time somewhere as being 3:33,i.e.
ghost investagations when I did them.
Thanks for the info.I'm going to keep as a guide of some sort.
It has several meanings, depending on the source. When I discovered my life path number was 33. I started to see 33 and 333 constantly. This explanation for 333 resonates with me because it reflects my current situation. Maybe it relates to your life as well.

"The number 33, in the context of repeating numbers, represents generosity, the act of giving. You have something to give, but you are holding on. The thing you have to offer is not material. It is knowledge, faith, wisdom, love, or one of the many other qualities of the heart and mind. Look around you. Look inside. What is it that you have to offer. Because something is asking you to surrender to the act of giving. And your happiness depends on it."

It's interesting that Doreen Virtue says that seeing 333 is a sign Ascended Masters are present. Here's two websites I found that agree with her.

More information on the symbolism and meaning of 333.
Right On, Cosmic Light.I heard of that before that ascended Masters were near, when this happens.Personally I love 333 for some reason.Also Doreen Virtue I have heard her name lately mentioned more and more.Must look into her and the web sites you have provided me here.
Thank You Cosmic Light
Yes ,the 333 ,I have a friend who has a very neat story, I started a focus group here ,"department 333 " for compiling data and helping get to that 333 point and this 11/11 group I feel would be the step up from 333, I think, my mind always open and free do see this friends  Videos Posted by 333Lifer: What Does 333 Mean [HQ]
this was helpful to me too, and thank you  for the links Averran. I will check them out =D 

I was asking the same questions. I would see 11:11 and then 333 then 555 and sometimes 444.

It was happening so often that I just started laughing and saying to the invisibles = "OK, I get that you are trying to give me a message, but what exactly is it?"

Doreen Virtue's Angel numbers resonate with me. It also sometimes means I am focusing on a particular dimension it seems at times.

We are on a 3rd dimension, we are the 3rd planet from the sun and the other 3 I don't remember what it is for...I believe it has to do with the moon...It is being a long time since I saw this information...



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