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I have many to choose from but here's mine. When the 11:11s started for me a little over a year ago, I started to try testing it but quickly realized it would never happen when I expected it to. It would always take me by surprise in some way. One evening I hadn't looked at a clock in a while. I wasn't really sure what time it was but I suddenly got the idea in my head that it might be 11:11 time. I rushed to the kitchen and looked at the clock on the stove. It read 11:13 and I thought, "Bummer, missed it by 2 minutes." I then turned around to cook something in the microwave and BAM, 11:11 right there in front of me! I guess the microwave clock was off-set from the stove clock by a couple minutes. I laughed because it still managed to take me by surprise somehow.

Although I did laugh, this was actually at a time when I was still slightly creeped out by this whole thing. So it was sort of like in a horror movie when a person hears a noise in the closet or something, walks up to it all tentatively and quickly opens the door to only find a cat or something. Then after breathing a sigh of relief, they turn around only to find themselves face to face with a knife-wielding maniac! Well, it wasn't THAT scary, but you get the point. :D

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Ok I have been seeing 11 11 since I was 16....I am now 28! The funniest encounter with seeing the number was when I went for a camping trip with my partner and 2 boys. We got lost at Lochness in Scotland (I am from Scotland) and we were walking around a scheme of houses trying to find a way out. My partner and children are aware of my connection with 11 11. Anyway as we walked around the scheme I said " It's only our luck to come away out to Lochness and be lost walking around the ONLY housing scheme in the place" at that moment we all started laughing and just then the next house in front of us had it's bins/trash out and on the bins was the numbers 11 and 11.......We couldn't believe it! We laughed so much after that and not long after found a way out of the scheme and got back to the campsite!

Just this morning I put my laptop on at 11.11,, and my oldest son was out, he later told me that he got on the bus at 11.11!! Lol...I told him about my laptop......I am seeing this number absolutely EVERYWHERE!! And now everyone I tell about this is also seeing it :) It does get a little creepy but very exciting!! xxx

Oh my.. I also have many 11:11 moment to choose from :-)

I started having these experiences in 2008, and I kept seeing them everywhere all the time. Not just 11:11, but also 111 and 11.

On street numbers where I happen to have a job, on receipts (paid at 11:11) (cost 111,-), queue numbers(111), table number out on restaurants (111), registration numbers on cars, on thermometers, and so on..


Once when I had a job checking for water leak, there was a microwave in the kitchen right next to where the pipeline was. And it was about 2 PM. In the exact moment I arrived, the digit on the microwave shined 11:11 right in my face! The clock on the microwave was set wrong. And when I arrived it showed 11:11. Pretty amazing!


I experience that these 11:11 synchronizations comes in waves, relatively to my alignment I guess.

And one of the most powerful moments happened for about a year ago.

I was out driving with my mom, and it had been a little while since I saw the numbers, I actually started to miss seeing them hehe.. :-)  Then I suddenly saw the number 111 on a advertising car :-)  That felt so good and said to my mom: I think its starting again. Then 2 or 4 seconds after I said that a car with the registration-number 11111 past us just by!!

That was SO powerful I actually started to cry. It felt like a real blessing and a confirmation from above! And the feelings of gratitude, humble, and love was all that was in that moment!


Happy 11:11 activations everybody! :D

Love and Light



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