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Aloha - the 11:11 code in itself could be interpreted in many ways - one of the spiritually significant associations to this code is the Twin Flame Union - it has been said that by 2011 there will be 60,000 million twin flames incarnated on our earth plane. Can we even imagine what this would be like or mean?
So many people write to me - believing they have met up with their twin flame - but this Divine Blessing is bestowed to those who are already of the5th dimension or beyond - and more than likely activated their 12 strand DNA - their meeting has always and will always ONLY be on the 11th of the 11th month - this union - while it will be a meeting while still in the body of flesh - will not and cannot be the likes of average human intimate relationships - but rather that of a higher calling and code of soul - maybe these codes are there to activate our memories from soul - to encourage and inspire us all - to progress with grace towards our higher potential while incarnate on earth! The 11:11 is seen in so many of the crop circles as well - - It certainly beckons us all into that Point of Light - and each time we see these codes - we can be reminded that we are only temporary expressions through the vehicle of personality - that when we have moved beyond the out-going utilization of the mind - - we are then preparing to meet with our twin flame. The awakening of the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine within - most certainly is a requirement to enter the inner planes/worlds and dimensions beyond the Mental Plane - the first true heaven - known as Sachkand or Satlok - a plane of pure spirit - becomes our second league of journey of soul - all the way back home to Source. What a wonderful time line we embrace at present and how honoured we all are to be here at this auspicious time of universal history.
Radiant Love to you all - elza

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the divine matrix of infinite reality :) it's beautiful



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