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I have been seeing 11 11 absolutely everywhere I go. Even when we took a camping trip 11 11 popped up in the most unlikely place ! I have always known that it is a spiritual symbol and whenever I see it that I am on the right path and am where I am supposed to be. I think it's a way for my guides to communicate with me.

I recently spoke to a minister and she said that she felt that there was a lot of angels around me and this is what the symbol meant and why it keeps appearing to me. To be honest the way it makes me feel when I see 11 11 no matter who or what is sending these signs I am happy to be a part of it

I can see that there is a lot of people seeing the same things as me and this makes me excited as I know that we are all AWAKENING and can't wait for what we have in store!  

I have noticed a LOT of changes happening in my life and it is all for the better and more so since I am now following the signs.

Love and Light to you all xxx

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