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We are all being lifted right now into the Light of our Divine Self...into the Light of the Creator. Let's all take a big deep breath together of relaxation...of Divine Peace....of Divine Love.

We now know & recognize that there is only one power in the universe and in our lives - the Light & Love of God...and the power of The Creator !

The Light of God surrounds & enfolds us...and the Power of God protects us. And we allow ourselves to merge with this Divine Love & Light now...we now merge with our Divine Self - the Creator within us. There is now separation now between us & God.

We now call forth into our sacred space all of the beautiful Beings of Light helping mankind...the Ascended Masters....the angels & Archangels, the Elohim, the Chohans of the Rays, the energies of the Crystalline Kingdom & the Elemental Kingdom, & the Goddess vibrations.

We ask these beautiful beings to lift us to an ascension vibration or better...and increase our vibrations & Light quotient...and purify all of our bodies in the Violet Flames...lifting us into beautiful ascension vibrations together.

We ask these beautiful Beings to help us transform our physical bodies into Light Bodies...into Crystalline Bodies.

Let's take another deep breath now....breathe in...and let it go, and let there be no pause between your in-breath & out-breath.

We now visualize a beautiful Golden Sphere above us filled with Divine Love & Light. And a Golden Ray of Divine Light is now beaming down from the sphere & permeating our entire body....increasing our vibrations....and healing our physical bodies....and lifting our physical body into a Sun of the Creator....lifting, lifting, lifting us into higher vibrations....transforming our physical body into a Light Body.

And we allow ourself to feel and experience the joy of this beautiful ascension Light as we continue our deep and regular breathing.

Affirm: I Am The Resurrection & The Light ! I Am Perfection Everywhere Now ! I Am Perfection Here Now ! I Am The Ascension Here Now! I Am The Ascension Now !

So with Divine Gratitude in our heart, we come forth from this meditation knowing that we keep with us these higher vibrations in our daily lives.

Then let's affirm out loud: I Am Alert. I Am Awake. I Am inwardly & outwardly balanced. I Am The Only Authority in my life. I Am Divinely Protected by The Light of my Being. Thank You God ! And So It Manifests! Thank You God ! And So It Is !

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All of You,
Steven Hutchinson​

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