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All of you who wish to Ascend, welcome to my gates of heaven, but before I let you in I must ask you kindly, a few questions.

Sit down, make yourself confortable, smoke a cigarette, have a drink, yes my fried now lets talk.

I was told by my dear ascended Pink bunny that you preach love and Light but allow me to ask you this question:

Will you love the murder of your child?

Will you love the man who rapes you?

Will you love satan if he crosses your road?

Now tell me, have you never lied?

Have you never cheated?

Have you appologized to all that you hurt?


Have you always been honest or did you do things behind peoples backs?


How many times did you feed the homeless?

How many times did you help someone in need without asking anything back?

How many times did you observe nature and learn from it?

What do you do in your work? Do you help others? Or do you serve? Can you look in the mirror and say

" I am happy with who I am"


How many times did you listen to others?

How many times did you judge?

How many times did you forgive?

How many times did you impose your opinion to others?

How many times did you make your children cry?

How many times did you hate someone just because he was not like you wanted him to be?

How many times did you say

"Thank you god for the wonderful life I have"

You see, my child, I gave you Paradise on Earth but you prefered to imagine it was somewere else, I gave you food from the trees, water from the rivers, animals and land but you killed, manipulated and harmed.

I gave you a body to walk, to think and to be, but you used it for your own purposes.

And now here you stand, on the gates to heaven, ungrateful because you didnt see that heaven was there, all along, on your Earth.

But you prefered to complain about your neighbours, about the doctor because he made a career and you didn't, about your family because they didnt give you enough money, about your wife because she didn't give you enough s**.

But you were always sitting in the first line in church, always praying and always pretending.

Now you are here at my gates, how can I let you in, if you don't even say

"Thank you"

for the beautiful Earth you were given.

No, you will o back, 

You will live again

And when you remember to say thank you for what you have

When you realize how much you were given

Perhaps these gates will open.

But untill then...

Go back,

and let me errase your memory.

God kept whistling and drinking his tea, he smiled to his angels and said 

"Thank you" 


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This is the fruit of feralheart mind or just "on topic of the day"?

That was very empowering and I sincerely enjoyed it,thank you


Namaste Minerva,  I have been attempting to find you on this site but for whatever reason I have been unable to find & or friend you and so I will attempt to make contact through this avenue....This is in reply to the knowledge that you have just come across discovering that you are in fact an Avatar / Ascended Master......I too have went through this process of discovery and have under gone much of the same feelings that you have are absolutely correct in stating that we are not here to teach anyone for all is known by each of us what I feel is that we are here to nudge one another into consciouss recall of this knowledge... I believe there is much we have to share with one another please make contact with me at        /        Aaron Joseph Boney on facebook          /        gnosticalchemist  on Ashtar Command

Banging my halo, with forgivness hammer.. I've been good...well getting better at it. Honest! 

< looks at my Angels....sorry with a smile? >

Thanks for the Post (brought a smile to me )



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