I dont dream about such awful dreams but this one was beyond horrible!

It starts with me going to a posh make up store. I look at their products. Two 10 year old girls enter the store. They are dressed in flashy revealing clothes. They have tons of make up on. They are loud and violent. They take out weapons and start assaulting but not really hurting people. I run to a bathroom (the scene here changes from store to my home) and take a long cable. I run out and whip the girls with it. They run away. 

Then I go to my bedroom and sleep. In my dream, I have a dream (!). The dream is short. My mother is on top of a building with my sister and my brother who are both children in my dream. My siblings jump. They land safely on a wide belt and are lifted up into a helicopter. My mum jumps, misses the belt and dies. I wake up and am crying. I'm 10 years old. I run to my father who is in a big comfy chair reading the newspapers and tell him about the dream. He comforts me and then takes me and the family to the shopping centre. In the shopping centre its just a blur of scenes. The first one is my father dying. He is carrying shopping bags. He faints and lies there on the floor. Then I am a child again and see some horrible men molesting my sister (who is 5 in my dream) with a monstrous anal sex toy. She is suffering so much that in my dream I faint (i'm not a person to fain when I see blood and people suffer). Many men watch and she is trying her best to get free but fails. Then the men pour petrol over her and thats when I fain. 

Then its back to my father again. He is still on the floor and I run up to him crying like mad with a voice that is not human. I see a chart next to him and it says he is dead. A man ( short fat indian man with very very ugly face) appears. He shows me a different chart and the chart shows heart activity which makes me cry in happiness. Then the bastard declares himself god and says if I dont do what he says I wont bring my father to life. I do all he wants me to do (which is nothing but listen to his lies and see his fake religious items) until he shows me the fake jesus death cloth and I start screaming because I realise he is not god and wont bring my father back to life. 

Then its me as a child again holding my newborn brother and being so happy its unbelievable. I carry the beautiful baby in my hand and I'm just so very very happy. I kiss his soft skin and he smiles. Its an unbelievable feeling (my brother is 11 now and I still love him so very very much)

Then its back to my father. I realise that this false god was lying to me and that my father wont return of the dead. I go to the living room and my mother is sitting there watching tv. I cry to her in an unbelievable voice. Its not mine and not human at all! I'm not sure its even audible the way other voices are! I cry and cry in the deepest sadness and she just sits there emotionless and is very cold. she says, "whats the big deal? we get a new father" I cant believe what she is saying and i do that strange cry again. I wake myself up at that point because I am actually screaming!!! My mom came to my room and she was a pale as a ghost thinking I was being killed where in reality I just had a really bad dream!

My siblings (11, 17 and 19) are all healthy and fine. my sister wasn't sexually molested as a child)

My mother is fine and my father just came back from work. I think he needs to know how much I love him and how any harm to him would kill me. can anyone tell me what this dream means and why I had a nightmare? Can anyone see the symbolism? What does the death of a mother and a father mean? what does dreaming in a dream mean? what does rape mean? and what does it mean to see a fake god? please help!!

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  • i know death dreams mean definite new beginnings, which is mean to b positive but one wonders how that can be wen its that emotional. id say either massive subconcious fears, or if ur pretty sure it isnt, then id say psychic attack. ask spirit to remove negative attatchments and strengthen and protect ur aura. dont trust so openly, stop and feel for the truth within u. im  feelin that someone close isnt all they seem.

    luv n light always xx

  • from each scene...rather then piecing all the visuals together and making senseout of them...what did it feel like? obviously it seems horrifying...but from the beginning scene with the two girls all the way to when you woke up, what are the sheer emotions you felt?


    dreammoods.com is a great site if you need help with the symbolism, but dreams are sooo personal that sometimes it is very difficult to pin point things out just by visuals. Feelings, however, are much more personal...


    Sometimes when you are stressed over something "small" in your physical state, your dreams create images to invoke the feelings that you need to overcome/pay attention to. Most of the time, your visuals are all over the map in your dreams (weird, terrifying, hillarious, random, etc.), but what is extremely important are the feelings you get from them.


    Try to record your dreams, so even though you said you dont often have such vivid dreams, record it in a Dream Diary...but most importantly write out how the dream made you feel. It helps to track what your subconscious may be telling you.


    hope that helps!

    love & light!

    Your Online Source For Dream Interpretations
    Dream Moods is a free online guide to help you interpret the meanings to your dreams. Check out our 6000+ word dream dictionary, fascinating discussi…
    • Assia did ground/write out the dream here in this blog .. what I was saying earlier ..and seems you know that by doing this .. the meaning will come as it is now manifested here for this to happen when opportunity shows itself in this regard .. I agree ... writing all down expecially when effected onwake like has been shared here xx
  • Hi there.... so sorry to read how your dream is troubling you.

    What others have written all seems really valuable, and I'll just throw in my 2 cents.


    I have written down many of my dreams.  I have found that the sooner I write them down, not only do I remember more detail but meaning is more clear.  I will ask myself what an element of the dream might mean to me.  I often look at the dream in pieces, one by one.  Seems to me each of us can have our own unique associations .. meanings to symbols.... for example, twin girls might mean something different to different people.


    When I have felt threatened in dreams, sometimes I can get myself lucid enough to consciously decide to stand up to the threat in the dream.  Once,  in a dream, decided to turn myself into a 'superhero' with a laser sword and defend myself from a giant alligator/ dragon.  Seems like you did something similar with the twins.


    Yes, call on your Angel friends to be with you and protect you, and ask that the meanings be revealed to you in ways you can understand.


  • Hmm....

    Well it could be many many things.

    1.  Past life

    2.  Current life issues

    3.  Warning

    4.  Red herring/attack

    5.  Nothing at all

    6.  Symbolism of something

    Not exactly complete, but that's what I see.  Ultimately you have to interpret it yourself, and it might not come so fast.  Find what meaning it has to you.

  • You are facing aspects of yourself that needed to be healed.  I think a lot of us are going through such cleansing and healing work in our dreamtime at this point in the healing of Earth and the people.  I sure did.  Peace and Love.
  • Hey assia,


    Looks like you got alot of fear coming to the surface... and the actual crying is part of a realease too. I have had dreams yukky ones where I have been crying and actually woke up like I had been to a funeral and sobbing so I know those dreams where release ones. I dont symbolise them and dont know the meaning, but just when I wake up or look back I know it was a release and it was a dream so just sat with it and let it go.  Thats just what I have done.


    Hope you are feeling better...


    Susan xx

  • Assia , you worry to much

    Dreams seem very real but,  not all of them are in connection with this reality.

    Some of them are from a parallel life.

    Everybody dreams.Some dreams are beautifull some not so beautifull .

    Maybe it would help if you make a small prayer before you go to sleep asking from Creator , GOD , Existance or whatever you what to call it , angels ,guides,beings of light, to help you rest and recharge your body with love and light energy and also you can ask them to help you dream nice .




  • Look for a good therapist or counselor.  I think you would benefit from talking to someone.
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