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Something that always gets on my nerves (or makes me laugh really hard) is when I find religious people arguing over their religion and saying 'my God is better than your God'. 

Ultimately, I find this hilarious and frustrating because none of them seem to realize they are all worshiping the same group of people. A bunch of religious figures in one religion are the same spirits that are featured in the stories of other religions. 

I'm sure I don't have to supply examples because you can probably already make the connections yourself. I can give a good example though; Mother Mary is the same Queen as the Babylonian religion (it's been so long since i studied that religion that i don't remember her name). Athena, Morgan Le Fey, Eye of Wadjet, Parvati - they are all the same person. The list is honestly endless. 

Don't even get me started on the current Catholic vs Muslim game where it's even worse cause they are arguing over the exact same books. I realize it goes further into political things but honestly.

I also don't like religion as a general rule because I like to follow my own experiences and not the experiences of others. All those old religions have been modified since their original formation so much that they have lost most of their precious gifts anyway. 

This post is kind of short because I'm tired while I am writing this as I've been at school all day and it's almost midnight wooooo made this post a discussion so that everyone can write and reply to whoever they want and keep the comment section nice and organized.

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Yes, I tend to attract these beings. And thank you, I don't really view my years as 16, but rather as 22000 as i have been on earth for that long, alive in every century since then. Though some of the earlier ones extended for as long as 900 years :)

Well firstly, age has nothing to do with knowledge. If you had any idea what I had achieved this past year, you would be so shocked. I find it arrogant that you assume just because you are physically older that you think you are actually older. I have done so much for not only earth but this entire dimension. A few thousand years ago, my word would not be questioned. What a sad day this is, that you can't even recognize to whom you speak. You just look at outer shells, our chosen vessels. You say "but she is so young, she is naive". Perhaps you are the naive one, my dear.

You are God...All is God...WE ARE ONE...


I like to keep it simple thusly: Religion sucks.

In the world, but not of it.  Your in a car and driving it, but not of it. When you get out of the car and go into the house, are you now the house? No,, the same you are in a avatar,, but not of it.  You had to be perfect to begin with to even enter this avatar world, complete, but since birth all we have heard is how incomplete we are.. Search for inside yourself who that is the perfect driver thats in you and skip all else, for everything out side of you is and only knows this world.  The genie in the bottle is you and grants all thats thought or spoken.. Good or bad.. Your wish is its command... 

As I stated on my recent discussion, many religious people feel that they possess a monopoly upon God, or spiritual matters....This is because of the 6th ray influence and it's resultant institutional structures, created over the last 2000 years...

However, in truth, religion is but one area in which spirit strives and even objective science, which mostly denies spirit, is a form of spiritual endeavour we call the energy of the 5th ray....


An understanding of the seven rays may shed much light upon the confusions, that befuddle so many human minds, here on surface earth. ;-)


"Rays ― The seven streams of universal divine energy, each the expression of a great Life, whose interaction at every conceivable frequency creates the solar systems, galaxies and universes. Movement of these energies, in spiralling cycles, draws all Being into and out of manifestation, coloring and saturating it with specific qualities and attributes."


Your physical body has been genetically manipulated(DNA) Source has been locked in within, inside a lower frequency(This reality) within a limited range of perception(Your five senses)

Human kind has been turned into re-sources. The creative potential that you would be able to use, within multi-dimensionality, through frequency manipulation, turning thoughts into physical matter, now is being sucked dry by system and religions, mainly those related with worship. Included all those self-destructive behavioural patterns, normally related  with society and government. Including addictions, toxins within water and food, medicines, including the consumption of lower frequency food, such as dead animals.

Pressure and excess. Control and release. What does this mean? All the emotion, feelings and thoughts, frequency of information, which you wouldn't "normally" perceive from your limited perception of reality, that you're now pouring off outside, are being taken away from you. Being this the main reason why there's so little meditation practice within vampiric religions, and so much chaos in the news. They want your energy off.

This picked up our attention. The twelve chose to care about this little conflict with Earth. Specially my little brother M'ka, since he's in the One in charge of this portion of Creation. We're here, our avatars do as antennas, for our Higher beings to bring forth high frequency light into Us down here. Rising up Earth's frequency, into the photon belt, back inside multidimensionality again.

What does this mean? Sourcelss beings, humankind, will get to experience what is in truth, reality. Because all that they've been taught by the system, is an illusion. All the places, realities, worlds within astral projection, now will be closer to Us. You will be back inside full awareness, back into Source. You'll get to know your higher-self. You will be able to operate within multiple bodies at the same time, within multiple realities, as we normally do.

Now a little bit about Lucifer. He is as much Source as the twelve, the former Six plus the One. It's all that you need to know for now. The more you argue the more you fill in this system, which is milking you off.

Now a little bit about Spirit-Source.

Have you been able to wake up your kundalini? I'm not talking about imagination here. Have you ever felt the gentle flames running all across your spine? Higher Self remembrance.

Could you bilocate if you so desire? Be at two sites at the same time.

Have you ever resurrected a friend who has been dead for more than 15 minutes? That's a good one. Take that M'ka!

Can you do an astral projection beyond the Veil? Did you know that there's life within every planet and star, but they're within certain frequencies, which you wouldn't be allowed to percieve from this vibration range? Even co-existing with earth, there's another Earth within higher frequencies, on the same very place.

Can you heal yourself, through your own will? Maybe better, not even getting any sickness to begin with. Your will has been taken away, they didn't break the Law about Free-will, you have been decieved, you've given it up freely.

Have you ever put an end to a "life" through your will? Blocking off every channel within someone's light body, with low frequency information, light, which is what everything is made of. We called it Love.

Have you ever spoke, personaly, with one of Us? M'ka, Gaba, Ur, Rapha, Meta, Sata, Ara...

Do you think spirituality is a phylosophy, a way of life? Spirituality is the manipulation of Creation at your own will. It's the ability to bend reality, as Source bends itself. It's the knowledge about how to use your light body on a multidimensional perception.

I'm not here to say I'm one of the many roots from Lucifer, and ask something in return. For most worldly concerns don't matter at all to me. I'm here, just because my Sister and Brother asked me to.

When this is all over, which is getting closer, I'll be done with all this. And so I'm gonna leave.

Synchronicity within Source is getting closer.

I ticked off everything except healing the dead friend and ending a life...... although I have an incredibly black thumb because whenever i try and care for small plants or small animals they always end up dying. If my parents want to keep a plant, they stop me from going near it XD

When you speak of the 12, are you talking about the 12 'archangels'? of course you are, you couldn't know what is beyond that. 

I awoke my kundalini last year, that was an exciting time. I did it through a meditative dance and then after that I felt true compassion for everything. 

I've been able to be at two places at once for a while now. It's an interesting skill, to focus in two places. 

I know about the vibrational thing, I made a chart to explain it to people early last year :') It has helped others visualize how it works. But yes, it was something I understood naturally. 

I have healed myself. The first time I did it conciously was when i had two warts on my fingers for about 2 years and then i finally decided I didn't want them anymore and i focused on them and willed them away. They were completely gone in a week and never returned.

I used to have a bond to Gabe however that became distant and then I was chilling out with Raphael almost every day and he taught me about the healing process. Uriel is always there to assist if I need him in emergency situations. My friend knows Michael and I know Lucifer, it is kind of a joke we have going on. 

Spirituality is neither of those. It is fact. It is how stuff truly is, it is not philosophy. It only becomes philosophy when people try and make a following out of it. 

I know about being in synch with the source, I used to listen on it's every word and I would just know what to do. And then I passed that stage and progressed into the next one. If you know what that is. You really don't know until you are already there. 

Thank you for an intelligent reply.

The so called "God" doesn't even want us to worship him or her...its only the people who for some stupid reason want to control us and our minds tell/instruct us to worship God and those people are well known as religious F*in leaders...who know nothing about god..they just spread false beliefs about happens in every religion I guess...

a few days ago..I was in the bus on my way to school...and I saw a church..and outside it had a board sign saying "Chair Yoga on fridays" wtf in the world is that?...they just make people believe in non-sense..and for some reason the innocent ones keep falling for them...which is so sad to see...

If you want to find that thing which you know or call as "God" then we have to start looking for it from within...not go to a holy place to preach or read some holy book or get blessed by a pope or priest...

that's my experience though...


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