Maybe I am going to be “booted” on this one, but it has valid points and to me it resonates with some of the information, based on my personal experience. This article has been posted on ACC in 2013, but it didn’t get any viewing … strange …




Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker
By Cameron Day, on August 23rd, 2013
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No, I haven’t turned to the dark-side, but rather I am transcending sides.  This article is probably the most important piece I have written to date, and in order to convey the full message, a bit of back-story is necessary. Hang in there with me, and by the end you will understand why I will never call myself a “lightworker” again.

Planet Earth and much of our corner of the universe has been under a spell for a very long time, a spell which casts doubt within our minds about whether or not we are connected with the Infinite Source of all creation.The spell causes us to feel alone, vulnerable and isolated – cast out from the Heavenly Realms into a cruel, dog-eat-dog world.  This spell is pure fiction, a deception of the highest order, but it has taken hold deeply on this and other worlds.

Intrinsic within this holographic spell is the notion that duality and polarity are natural aspects of life, and that we must serve one side of duality or the other. This elegantly simple binary imprint has become so prominent that we have lost sight of the larger holographic spell that spawned it.  Indeed, we have lost sight of the hologram all together, and come to believe that it is the sum total of reality.

Humans have been conditioned to worship the holographic deception and the agents that perpetuate it.  This hologram has been called Maya by the Hindus, and the Gnostics referred to it as the Corrupt Demiurge. I find this term a highly accurate description, and from the point forward I will refer to it as the corrupt demiurge.

Dark vs (False) Light – Duality of the Demiurge

In order to capture and control the widest possible spectrum of souls, the corrupt demiurge split its agents into two seemingly opposing teams:  Dark vs (false) Light.

yinyang2 Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker

Not everyone can be a saint, so there must be room for sinners within the demiurge, as long as everyone involved is under its spell. What matters most to the demiurge is that we worship it or one of its agents, regardless if they are on the light team or the dark team.

There are many names of the players within this cosmic, multi-dimensional drama that you will have no doubt heard of such as:  Lucifer, Jehova, Beelzebub, Arch Angel Michael, Satan (different dude than Lucifer), Ashtar, dozens of Arch(on) angels, supposedly ascended “masters” and various other channeled entities.

While some of these beings play for team dark, and some play for team (false) light, they are ALL ultimately playing for the corrupt demiurge that controls them.This, in essence, is the big secret of the archons:  They are not just the “evil, demonic beings” but also those who pretend to be angels and ascended masters..

What is the Point of All This Control?

The corrupt demiurge is an entropic system of artificially-induced separation consciousness that is slowly dying, and it depends on harvesting the energy from the souls incarnated within its system in order to preserve its existence. In order to harvest the largest amount of soul energy possible, it created the dark-light duality paradigm to ensure that every being incarnated on a world that is under its spell would serve as a “soul battery” to help keep the demiurge energized.  The “good” souls would seek out the (false) light team, and the “bad” souls would seek out the dark team, but unknown to most of those souls, they are all serving the same system.

In order to keep the duality game interesting for its participants, the demiurge set up densities of existence that “initiates” on the dark and light paths could ascend through.  This gives the beings moving through these densities a feeling of accomplishment, when in fact they are navigating through a labyrinth of demiurgic illusion. The players at the higher levels of the hierarchies know that they are in a self-serving system, but they are fine with the deal, because they get to wield power and receive the energy of worship from beings further down the ladder.

What About the “Spiritual Hierarchy?”

archonangels2 Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker

Most channeled beings will claim to be affiliated with the (false) light-based “Spiritual Hierarchy” which includes “arch angels,” “ascended masters” and “positive ETs.”  These channeled messages are a dime-a-thousand, and more keep pouring out every day.  The dirty little secret is that these beings are beholden to the corrupt demiurge, and are waging a psychological battle on people that don’t want to be associated with any formal religious structure.

In other words, the “new age” is a multidmeinsional psychological operation designed to channel the soul energy of the “believers” of these teachings up to the “ascended” teachers.

Another one of their secrets is that most of the so-called “ascended masters” in their “hierarchy” never had a human incarnation.  These are incredibly deceptive beings that are playing a game in order to garner the energy of worship. In the real universe of non-deception, nobody would worship them, but in the illusory “sub-universe” of the corrupt demiurge, they are able to trick good-hearted people into pouring energies of love, devotion and praise into them.

As for the “arch(on) angels” they are in more or less the same category.  They are not aligned with the Infinite Source of all creation, but rather they serve a lesser being posing as the creator: the corrupt demiurge. Therefore they are not what I would call angels at all.

In honor of the truly deceptive nature of these beings, I have given them a new, more accurate title:  The Spiritual Liar-archy.  icon smile Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker

The Dark Side Makes the False Light Look Good

angeldemon2 Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker

The two teams have to play their parts convincingly, and the dark team has really embraced their role as villainous scum ready to kill, rape, torture and do any sort of depraved thing that they can get away with.

The dark side is designed to be incredibly repugnant so that the majority of “good souls” will run to the other end of polarity, right into the “loving” embrace of one of the false light’s patriarchal religions, or to their new age religion with its legion of channels and “masters.”

Earth has been a difficult planet for the corrupt demiurge to fully control.  Human beings were once very aware of their connection to Infinite Source and all of life, and that awareness has been maintained by spiritual individuals throughout the entire reign of darkness on this planet. Because this awareness could not be “beaten out of us” by the dark forces, a plan was formed to co-opt the spiritual nature of human beings.

First, patriarchal religions were formed and imposed on as many people of the world as possible.  Anyone who didn’t adhere to one of the major religions was an outcast for much of history, until the last century when the “Theosophist movement” was born, which set the foundation for the “new age movement” to emerge in the 50s, 60s and 70s. The new age movement has continued to gain momentum as it has attracted many of the people who turned away from the hypocrisy of patriarchal religion.

The corrupt demiurge seems to have an “easy answer” for any of the inner turmoil that humans experience.  If religion doesn’t serve to appease an individual, then the new age will do just fine.  It’s all the same to the demiurge, as long as we “pick a side” that it controls.  This is why we need to transcend sides all together.

Channelers Are Being Deceived

I wrote an article back in 2011 about some of the problems with channeled messages,which you can find here for more background information.  If religion can be said to be “the opiate of the masses” then channeled messages would be the “HOPIUM of the disgruntled minority.” Every channeled message that comes from the spiritual liar-archy is essentially the same when you strip away the fluffy talk and story-line that is being used to couch the message.

Here is every modern channeled message, condensed into a few lines:

Dear ones, you are greatly beloved by all of us in the spiritual (liar)archy. We long to reunite with you, for we are your long-lost family.  Stay strong and hold onto your light, because we will make our presence known to you soon. Keep waiting (and suffering) and hoping for us to come and rescue you from your situation.  When we arrive, we will build a golden (c)age for you on earth.”

I used to think that this nauseating disinformation coming from “Archon Angel Michael,” “Saint Germain” etc was the result of dark-side interference taking over the channels without their awareness. What I didn’t understand back when I wrote “Who’s Really on This Channel” is that transmissions from “truly positive beings” weren’t being intercepted and corrupted by the dark side, but rather the messages were coming from “false light” beings of the spiritual liar-archy.

“Light Workers” Are Being Thoroughly Used

angelbully Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker

Back in 1998 when I first got into the energy clearing genre, I had never heard the term “lightworker” even though it had already been coined.  It first heard it some time in the early 2000s, and it sounded weird to me at the time.  Now I understand why:  because the “light” that the spiritual liar-archy is trying to get us to work for is the FALSE light of demiurgic duality!

You see, there is a massive effort underway by beings that I now call “Divine Agents” to completely obliterate the corrupt demiurge. When that happens, all of the beings who have gained power through the demiurge will lose that stolen power and will have to face up to the deceptions that they have been propagating.  None of them want that to happen, so in their cleverness they devised a brilliant plan to undermine the entire effort.

The plan was simple:  Approach all incarnated Divine Agents, usually in a dream state but sometimes during an “ET abduction” scenario, and tell them that in order to fulfill their mission, they need to “work for the (false) light” and take orders from the spiritual liar-archy.

This plan worked AMAZINGLY well, largely because Divine Agents have had a hard time living on Earth.  Societies here are badly warped, spirituality is twisted and abused, the vibrational density is heavy, our memories are mostly wiped, and we generally would rather NOT be here.  So any being that emanated light (even false light) and love could make a Divine Agent feel like they were making valid contact with truly divine beings.

I still remember my own recruitment by the false light that occurred when I was 6 years old in an extremely vivid dream-time experience.  They had me convinced that I was fulfilling my mission as a Divine Agent by working for them.  I think they always knew I would figure them out, although it took a very, very long time.

Ever Wake Up More Tired Than When You Went To Sleep?

Many Divine Agents who were recruited as light-workers report that they wake up more tired than when they went to bed, and their “dreams” were full of battles.  During these “dream missions” the spiritual liar-archy squeezes those they control of as much energy as they can. You may wake up with memories of having gone on missions to battle the dark, but the end result is that your body, mind and soul are depleted of energy which was harvested by the (false) light beings.

A few months ago I revoked ALL agreements made with any and all beings that did not have my best interests in mind, no matter WHO the beings were or claimed to be. It sounds like such a simple thing, but somehow I had overlooked it.  During the process, I felt resistance from beings who were claiming to be positive, but I stood strong and told them that I refuse to be manipulated into giving energy to the demiurge.

This has given me the distinct privilege of being targeted by both the dark team (ankle biters) and the (false) light team (spiritual liar-archy).  The (false) light team does indeed engage in psychic warfare, just in different, more subtle ways than their “dark” brethren. Deflecting these attacks has been worth it because I know that I am more aligned with my true mission to put an end to the demiurge without being side-tracked into duality battles.

It is also very nice knowing I am going to get a good night’s sleep when I go to bed because I am not going to be pulled into any ridiculous “missions to battle the dark” that the (false) light beings are so fond of setting up for their “light workers.”  (That phrase actually creeps me out now that I know its true origins…)

What Was That About a Golden (C)age?

goldencage Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker

The false light beings working for the corrupt demiurge want to maintain their control over the human race.  Our soul energy and agreements to live in our current cage empowers the demiurge and the beings that serve it, and they are not going to give that energy up easily.

We are, at this very moment, in a struggle for our freedom.  The spiritual liar-archy wants to move us from our current, extremely uncomfortable cage into a slightly more expansive state of existence, but one that they are firmly in control of.

One metaphor to describe our current situation is that we are like a flock of chickens pent up inside a tiny, dark, smelly chicken coop.  Those that have been farming us are preparing to let us out of the coop, and into a larger fenced-in area where we will be able to feel a little more free, but still within their control. This is the “farmer’s” way of ensuring that they can continue to feed off of our energies, while making us feel that we are free, thanks to the kindness of our captors.

The “spiritual” liar-archy does not want us to grow on our own to a place of self-empowerment that will allow us to simply walk away from their entire control system. This is why the channeled messages subtly disempower people, while pretending to actually offer them an empowering solution.  As long as we are sitting and waiting for “the good guys” to come and save us, we will not be able to discern who truly has our best interests at heart, nor will we be able to actually fix our own problems for ourselves.

Solutions for the Duality Afflicted

buddha02 Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker

So how does a person get out of this duality paradigm?  The first step is to engage the Self-Clearing System protocols and revoke all agreements that you have made with any beings that don’t have your best interests in mind. Next, revoke all agreements to see reality in polarized terms. Every time you revoke agreements, be sure to reclaim your energy that had gone into them. Then affirm your commitment to transcend the control paradigms of the corrupt demiurge without being side-tracked by pointless polarity battles.

I also recommend a brief daily practice of revoking all agreements to experience hardship, limitation, bad relationships, health problems, financial problems, family dysfunctions, and anything else in your life that is energy-draining. The number and quantity of agreements that we have unconsciously taken on within this false reality matrix are truly astounding.  When you pay attention to the subtle and blatant agreements that point to the invisible bars of your prison, you will indeed find that there is no shortage of agreements to be revoked.

After you have engaged this process, you may notice less “contact” from the false light beings, and you might feel a little lonely until you get used to the changes.  This is a very good time to strengthen your connection to your own Higher Self, the core of Earth and the Galactic core. As you adjust, you may notice better sleep and a sense that you can see through deceptions disguised with positivity more easily.

If you do get contact from a being, you can tell it that you are only willing to communicate with beings who have transcended duality and are outside of the corrupt demiurge.  Put any being trying to contact you to the test.  Question them point-blank:  “Are you part of the demiurge?” The beings of True Divine Light who exist outside of the demiurge, in the Real Universe will happily answer your questions.  Just be aware that they don’t speak in language the same way that we do, as they communicate with what I call “soul telepathy.”

Type of Communication Is a Major Indicator

The Forces of True Divine Light that exist outside of the corrupt demiurge are not bound by the left-brain right-brain dynamics and dark-light polarities that define the demiurgic sub-universe.  This means that they do NOT sound like a voice in your head! Instead, they use “soul telepathy” to emanate feelings, archetypal expressions, and an extremely pure quality of light that speaks directly to your soul.

The difference between a being of True Divine Light and one of the false light spiritual liar-archy beings is that the former’s light is warm, enveloping, pure and unconditionally loving, whereas the latter’s light is cool, piercing in an uncomfortable way, dominant and often overly-masculine. The spiritual liar-archy is a male-dominated group, and even the females within their power structure have a very masculine energy.  This male-domination is, of course, why the religious structures the liar-archy enabled all have a domineering male god, and no mention of an all-encompassing, feminine creator.

Another major difference between false light beings within the demiurge and beings of True Divine Light who are aligned with Infinite Source is that the Divine Light is not controlling, manipulative, bossy or judgmental in any way. Infinite Source will NOT impose an agenda upon you, although it will support you in your chosen mission to help dismantle the corrupt demiurge.  You won’t be given “marching orders” by Infinite Source or beings of True Divine Light who operate outside of the demiurge.  They won’t send you on endless, energy-draining missions in your dream-time, and they won’t ask you to do something that will result in loss of your soul energy, unlike the imposters in the false-light spiritual liar-archy.

The beings of True Divine Light are supportive, loving, nurturing, and they care about you as an individual.  You are not just a cog in a machine to them, for they understand that you are a vitally important aspect of an intricately interconnected creation. They have the utmost respect for those of us who volunteered to incarnate into the “beast system” of the corrupt demiurge in order to help dismantle it from the inside.  Indeed, there must be Divine Agents working both from within and outside of the corrupt demiurge in order to dismantle it.

Discernment is Vital

purple gold flush2 Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker

I will be writing more on this topic and its many implications.  In the mean time, I urge you to drastically increase skepticism and fine-tune your discernment.  Apply your intuition and logic to information that you receive, and ask yourself “what is the agenda here?” There is indeed a very large, multi-dimensional “conspiracy” at work on this planet, and it draws power from us by pushing us into one spectrum of polarity or another.  Anyone urging you to “choose a side” simply hasn’t woken up to the fact that both sides are two halves of the same coin that is controlled by the corrupt demiurge.

I urge you to discuss these ideas with those close to you and look for ways that you may have been manipulated by the false light in the past.  It’s nothing to be ashamed of – the false light beings are amazingly skilled liars and manipulators.

Most of you reading this have already chosen to be a Divine Agent and incarnate for the purpose of dismantling the demiurgic control system.  You have already made your choice, and now you need to carry out your individual mission.  In order to do that, it is vitally important to sever all ties with the false-light “spiritual” liar-archy, take some time to regain energy and strength if necessary, and ask your Divine Inner Self to reveal to you what it is that you specifically need to do.

Stand strong in the true light of your Divine Inner Self and Infinite Source.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

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  • It seems as we unfold, we progress from more physical planes of duality, to larger vaster planes where the walls of duality are not so easily recognized until they finally are. There is light in them all. A soul's freedom into a new vaster consciousness is an old recognized duality to other souls.  So it goes. 

    Like two screws of equal length but with different amounts of threads on each,  the one that only is turned twice to be screwed in all the way will have less holding power than the one that must be turned a dozen times. If one aspires too intently by choosing a screw with only two spirals, he may not have shaken out his impurities sufficiently to meet the new plane without encountering undesirable thought forms and beings of almost any kind.  He, like the screw, will not have sufficient holding power. This is why priests and light workers often stumble and fall back. So each to his own rhythm. Be kind to yourself. 

    • Love what you just said Jeff Barbieri. Not too many words, but very clear explanation. Thank you. Norma-Kasana

      • Nice to hear. Thanks Norma.

  • UNiversal love is the password to fairy land. The word is noting because no one was here when God created the earth and many other worlds.  IN the beginning of this planet was called Atlantis. There were nine races here at that time. Five races were very spiritual to the others. That is why they left. 

       Not sure if people understand spiritual people. They help many then to move forward spiritually. They did not feel a need to make everyone spiritual. The same as God made this world fora REASON. It will never be the spiritual reality that some people are whishing for. 

         It doesn't take a rocket scinetist to see the dangers man is making and effecting the world. Before you go into Universal LOVE one needs to get family love down first. 

       It would mean very little for a world so far out of balance to think they have it like that. 

       Password to spiritual is called Ascension and that only happens when one lets go of the body. Just as Jesus did. THE OTHER PART OF THAT YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING AND GOING TO BE DOING. 

      It has nothing to do with trying t make a stone talk or fly. Man is not stupid but they are not spiritual well only in their dreams. Guess no one lok at the real world they are living in. 

       Dayyrl,   mostly venting well it is hard to listen to story telllers talking about thing that have no truth in this world and then people belive it.  If you were alive when Jesus was you would understand man's limited thinking and be able to see it play out.  That is if you even believed in Jesus.  



  • I do not compare universal love to Gods love by any wild idea of it at all. It is saying a bar of soap loves you as much as you mother does. 

       There is no old idea of spiritual. It was not even used in Atlantis. It only means one thing. Understanding God not man's limited ideas. Then what they expect from it. 

    • Hawk, check your friendship request. Based on what you say, I have a few important questions. Nothing to do with this thread however, just private and important . Cheers.
  • This is an amazing article and I have similar views. Now, about your position and the point of the situation.
    You explain well how this occult Hierarchy used dualism of good and evil just to destroy human life, "feed" on it, as you put it. You meant that there is no meaning to this, instead, we should search for meaning in true loving God and ourselves. I was speaking about the same in my other comments. I meant that by finding universal value, universal love of human life we can see the nature of Life and ourselves in divine Creation. As for the others, this site had a lot of people believing in the Hierarchy, but since failure of 2012, a lot of them were disillusioned and left. Those who remain are more hardened Lightworkers, so, some people agree, but not all. So, you may not find very much support there. Still we have this search of the higher meaning for a reason.
    The point is, humankind was born for the greater meaning of life and we must find it as humankind. The Occult, this Hierarchy, have been the ruling elite of humankind for millennia. They wanted to bring this occult meaning, but it became an overwhelming failure of 2012. Nearly all humankind doesn't know and wouldn't want occult Ascension. However, without the greater meaning, life of Civilization is quickly collapsing in all ways, as you can witness today. There must exist meaning for humankind, it can't be negative, denying reality, values and being, it should be of universal value. The majority of the population got such christian-like values. Our humanity started developing and it needs its way to live.
    Personally, I studied the Occult as the world ruling elite, just in a more academic way. I believe that we need spirituality of values to realize our life. I never believed in duality of good and evil, only in endless good life, so I don't need to nullify any contracts. For this, we as humankind need is to unite in spirituality of love, develop the body of society and set a purposeful way of life. Universal value will let us get out of this existential crisis, build functional complete Civilization and see a human role in Creation. I'm working on a project for it with a few dedicated people and everybody is welcomed there as a friend.

    • Is trust—desirable? Then human existence must constantly be confronted with insecurities and recurrent uncertainties, not only to build one character but also to develop trust.  Trust is the crucial test of WILL Creatures. "Human things must be known in order to be loved, but divine things must be loved in order to be known." As long as you have choices - there is always going to be 'duality' ... it has nothing to do with 'bad' or 'good' ...

      If people give in too much in 'spiritual attainments' by giving up simple moral principals ... that's the first sign to 'disaster' - even 'thief's has a code) .. and  one can clearly see it that 'the world channeling and what is presents and represents - dividing people ... (it hold no FAITH, just information) ... if i would have to describe the 'word Lightworker' i would say those who live by the will of God (at least to me) ... unfortunately i don't see that in majority (except a few) the rest have an oversize ego without even probable reasons ... as all of the 'so called knowledge is borrowed" they just add their own interpretation, so to know the original Source is vital to all. There is hardly any 'ORIGINAL' idea towards 'spiritual"  ... all of us using Old Scriptures, Ancient Knowledge ... well it seems that it didn't work for them that well ( ancient civilizations are gone) ... so why would it work for us? I call it insanity - to do the same things over and over again and expect a different result ... ;))

      You've said:

      I meant that by finding universal value, universal love of human life we can see the nature of Life and ourselves in divine Creation. 

      That's all ... ;))

  • That poem is beautiful. 

  • I would say it very differently. All good and bad doesn't come  from source. That is a limited mind. If God was as limited as the human race we would have never been created in the first place. God gives soul the ability to grow. It did us planet earth as a starting ground. A place where soul can learn how to walk before it learns how to fly. If a soul does grow it has many steps forward to keep taking.
       How is when people that say they are light workers know very little about God. Then try to say they are one with IT? Because they never went past the astral plane. None of the pain, suffering, ignorance, lies, sickness, ego, cheating, sex, brainwashing, story telling need to exist there. You longer need to use the word love either. From that world on it is each plane or realm you go next is depending on your desire to get closure to God or stay in the world you earned to be in. Usually at those levels when one gets there they are happy and desire to search no further. Once one gets past the lower ways of karma and samara and can control the ego God give it many more gifts, beyond the world of reincarnation. Like actually being aware stepping through to the next worlds after the astral plane.
       Jesus actual words, are  I have come for those who have no faith. (not the whole world). He knew most people that have their religion will not change it. Did anyone ever read the story of Moses. Maybe you should to understand about people that follow any religion. People just don't walk away for it for no reason.
       There are many REAL light workers, I guess you need to figure if you think they are real or not based on what you think you know. Helping from being a humble light worker person helping any one searching for their next step in awakening.
         Do really believe there are many light workers? If the Native people had a few they would have not been destroyed or maybe they all would be gone by now. Moving to the light means letting go of the body . Not holding on to it.  Again please don't talk about Jesus unless you truly know Him and What he came here to do.  It sure was not to take away people sins.  If that was true His followers would not be committing any kind of sins now. Jesus said go out and be a pure spirit not come back and ask for forgiveness again.
        How sick is it when Good and Bad comes from Magnificent Divine Being. That is a very twisted thought. True love is pure it is only man's ego that changes that NOT GODS.
    You say you don't attack any channeler. I wonder why. Can you tell a real one from a fake one? What is a fake one saying something different from what you think or maybe talking from no awareness of a true God.
       If one can relate  to God as negative in any way doesn't know a real God. They are accepting programmed ideas from our Government, aliens or even demons.
       Jesus could have said the other people were right and so do what you want. He put his life on the line of truth. I also   put my life on the line everyday. Knowing people don't like truth. In the Emerold tablets It says the truth will destroy the lies in the end. If you give your life to God you will have eternal life. That is not the life of a reincarnating soul. I can tell you why I came back in this life time but it is a long story. I will get into it on my show tomorrow and maybe into Saturday show. It is the biggest radio show on the Internet right now worldwide.
         I guess you think  I don't really know how long it takes soul to wake up?   I am aware of most of my lives and watched the same souls going through the same things over and over and still don't get it.  I would say most people don't want to get it. This is only kindergarten and is not home for soul to reside in.  
       You talk about mind- has no connection to soul it is only tool to use the body. Definitely not think. Even Buddha taught that. But the Bliss state He taught was not far from it. For His truth was Bliss.
       Sorry you don't see many souls attain what people use way to much - spiritual master. Talk is cheap, words are just that. People are looking for happiness in this life not GOD. People are just barely Abel to be happy never mind spiritual aware. I would have never got to where I ma now if I stayed in a relationship. A relationships needs much attention and work. That doesn't make one understand the next words. Not at any given point. Saying you love doesn't make you understand God. Right action is understanding Gods truth. Meaning the laws of the physical world, then the laws of the higher world.
       Why defend anyone? They each are creating what they want at one level and forced to stay in it at another level. If one never faces the truth they will never have to live by it.   
        I don't live life to agree with anyone other then my truth. Which took me many lifetimes to get, then trying to live in it, it only gets harder. A idea to relate to that in weight lifting (no pain no gain).
        For anyone with a Heart saying they know what love means. IMAGINE A GOD GIVING US EVEYTHING WE NEED AND THAT IS NOT ENOUGHT. If you think you know what love is imagine trillions of souls that are not even aware of IT nor IT's true love. This is hell in one way but it is here to make us what we should be if we ever decided to move forward REALLY. Excepting the things man now accepts Goes against everything God created. If you go to shrink (DR) and they give you a board with a bunch of different sized pegs and the board has different sized holes. Did you ever try to put a square peg in a round whole. I don't think it will ever wonder why not? Man thinks he can play with the spiritual laws after he arrearages the physical laws. 
This reply was deleted.

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Sirian Starlight left a comment on Comment Wall
"Where I agree with you Dreks, is on the systemic values of reincarnational growth itself. If a soul can still benefit from this, and has a clear connection to guides and loving beings - what is commonly referred to as the care package - then…"
2 hours ago
Sirian Starlight left a comment on Comment Wall
"There are conditions in which suicide is beneficial, I will not deny that. Where I support suicide, is when your will cannot and will never be respected by anyone else. Like talking in a black hole. Where you are denied rights. Where you face…"
2 hours ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"Hugger said:
"The coolest thing about the current political scams and scandals is that they are being investigated and exposed by The People and not only by ‘experts’ or ‘leaders’."

Drekx reply:
Yes indeed and it is such a savouring experience,…"
2 hours ago
Sirian Starlight left a comment on Comment Wall
"Well, I will say that I do not like how suicide is becoming a government mandate if you ever needed life saving care. And they offer you that instead."
3 hours ago
AlternateEarth posted a discussion
Why globalists desperately need control of Arizona before they unleash the next staged pandemicTuesday, November 29, 2022 by: Mike Adams Tags: Arizona, chaos, cheaters, civil war, Collapse, depopulation, election fraud, extermination, false-flag,…
3 hours ago
Drekx Omega left a comment on Comment Wall
"No Sirian Starlight I do not believe in any type of "assisted suicide." It is karmic and actually prevents the variety of (very probably) needed experiences, with which the Soul may learn from, through the golden treasure trove, of incarnational…"
3 hours ago
AlternateEarth left a comment on Comment Wall
3 hours ago
ET Hugger left a comment on Comment Wall
"The coolest thing about the current political scams and scandals is that they are being investigated and exposed by The People and not only by ‘experts’ or ‘leaders’."
3 hours ago