• They're probably too busy trying to figure out what went wrong with all of their failed promises.

    • They have not failed any promises that they actually made.

  • The benevolent ETs abide by the universal law of free will and will not get involved in that, whereas nukes threaten not only this planet as a whole, but there are ramifications on multiple dimensions, so they are not just protecting our planet, but protecting others from us as well.

  • Why should they intervene in our petty politics's, if we can't sort out are own in house problems and stop the slaughter of millions of innocents then I'm sure any galactic federation would not want us to be part of it because they have to be able to trust us not to take our current negative mindset into their arena. I believe the waking up process on Earth to be exponential in the human race with each new false flag war/terror attack, so in effect they are actually forcing a mass awakening with their lunacy. I do hope first contact comes soon because i believe that will be the tipping point that wakes up those not already aware and then humanity can start building a better future, a future based on peace and understanding rather than greed and power. Peace, love and light.

  • its not a case of having it my way. it should be everyone's way. i just thought what you said was pretty awful and at the time i found it very offensives that anyone could talk about life in such a cruel way.  i expect this from someone who doesn't care about others or the world. not someone who would be on a site like this. but that's my problem for having exceptions, which i need to get over having when it comes to others. now i've clam down i do feel i was maybe abit harsh in my words but i stll do stand by them apart from you make me sick. Sorry for that.  xx

  • i think the point people are trying to make ... the GFOL is a bunch of bullshit. and they don't do what they supposedly preach thru others. and how dare you say that...  It may be easier for them to exterminate each other its been like that years the world over. i have good friends who are from Syria and they still have family and friends over there. there are peaceful people living among all that bloodshed.  WHY don't all humans here on planet earth exterminate each other and do mother earth/Gaia and favour eh?. just because you at the moment live a good Quality life. if bloodshed ever turns up on your doorstep and i god dam hope it doesn't what would you do?. i'm sure your Happy Dean that your people can take bloodshed to other peoples door step. but if it was the other way around i'm sure many people you know would be praying for a saviour. no matter where in the world there's innocent beings. you make me sick!!!!! peace and love???????? you can even talk the talk without contradicting yourself. like most of the people who claim to be full of love and light! 

  • What is for us?
  • most succinct answer I've seen yet

    • We should also acknowledge that 'representatives of the GFL' suggest from time to time, that we ASK  them for help, promising to deliver. Therefore, is it really any wonder that some of us have asked? 

  • cus they are part of disstravcting us with false information so that that war can continue. 
    We can not eccpect some creatures form outer space to enter here and save our fellow beings, brothers and sisters form starving and dying in this political and religious wars.. They have nothing to say cus they ar epart of IT...and IT is part of cosmos, And LIGHT recreates Cosmos right now..BUT LIGHT comes form another space, ando0ther universe pararell to Cosmos that is un actuall place that holds galaxies with existant life in space. 

    What about the human rights?? what about the animals rights?? what about the forests right?? Our right to live in peace, to have food, and fresh clean water to drink..cant people s ewhats behind all this.. all this destricting methods the "galactic false federation" is doing with us and our minds???

    they can never slave our souls.. but as long as you are part of believing in them and give them what they want.. they will act kind to you. cus they need you to channel their messages.. to earth.. to create distraction...
    well they can never take over this earth and all of the minds that walks here.. and thats how we instead become part of installing them to know PEACE. And them to HELP US! and them to do as light wants them to do and not as they want.. light is god, and god i taking care of darkness now .. god and light woudl never kill the darkness and the dark evil ones.. not cus we take care of them with love and no blame.. and they hate us loving them....they hate hate hate hate.. and we suffer to reinstall them, cus we se them, we hear them..humans dont.. human hear how they manipulate your emoitons with their false kindness...cus "humans are so kind.. and easy to fool" thats sentence comes from the starelders...trying to make me believe that i was a starseed.... i am their shining star, and i will blind them with my light and love to EVERYTHING when im finished on this earth....i did escaped them...thats how i suddenly woke up here.. but it was planed from before with the strainght of light...but i am protected here on earth for the rest of our eternity, just as many of you.. you are simply unaware of the history of the slaved souls.

    and the fedaration are actually building up egos...false egos and false ego proudness on earth.....
    and now i know what they are talking about.. but im having difficulties to explain...
    2 much proud humans on earth would be very very destructive...

    i write this a sister on earth.. to wake up the critical part of you when it comes to beliveeing in whatever the galactic federation - and pleidian messages your all believing in.....and then dont trust the channeling form the one that calls him RA, his like the falsest of them all.. 

This reply was deleted.

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