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I know that many of you are very focussed on ascension now and want to ascend.

My question to you is why? Why do you want to Ascend? What reasons are behind your decision?

Is it because you want to leave a world of " ilusion" "money" and " anger" or do you have any other reasons? 

If Ascension would mean that you would become "invisible" to 3D beings, would you still want to Ascend? What if your family, friends and husband of wife, your children, do not ascend with you? 

I think it will be interesting to talk about this.

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people who just disappear are not considered dead.  ask any parent whose child has disappeared if they just went "ok my child is dead now ill move on"  no they we humans in general are not so stupid to think a person is dead because they are all of a sudden gone.  if people started just disappearing those remaining would notice.

people go missing for decades and come back, and the whole time they are missing people havent just given up on them or not noticed they disappeared.

i think ascension is a twisted version of rapture, brought about to fool people.  it has no universal meaning as evidenced here with so many interpretations of what exactly it is.

youll find out when your body dies.

So you think that you will ascend with your body ... something like a Jesus Christ case, right ?

Well, i am really curious to know how you imagine this. Where would you go, how wil this body of yours survive to your Ascension, and so on...

did i say ANYTHING like that you arrogant assumptive fool?

i commented only upon your follish assumption that if people disappeared in whatever ascension beliefs cause people to just disappear, those left behind wouldnt notice, but they WOULD notice thier friends and loved ones disappearing.

what you are really curious about is how to attack me more effectively.  which you will not be able to do ever.  just because a person makes a comment upon a thing does not mean they believe it or support it or when comenting on only a part do not believe or not believe the rest of the article.

go back to pretending that being light will change the world.

Honestly, i didn't understand anything of what you just said. 

In fact i didn't understand why did you assumed that i made a reference to a physical disappearance (imcluding a body disappearance). When i said that the others will think of those "ascended" ones as being dead, i said it because i cannot imagine an "Ascension" flight in this earthly body. If you don't understand what i am saying here i make it simple: I think that you must be dead to "Ascend".

I said "do you think" and not "do you believe". Plus there is a question mark "?"

Is there an assumption, or is there a question waiting for an answer to clarify what you presented ?

I might be fool, my friend, but that doesn't give you the right to not be polite.

Have a beautiful day !

i will do as i please :)

you do not understand because you are not thinking, you are shouting your belief and waiting for the echoes, if it does not echoe you consider it adverserial.

as previously stated go back to pretending you are light.

Ok funny One :-)

I'll ask for Three to N-Light me. 

Enjoy Your Self and have Fun :-)

Am i mean now ? or rude ? or negative ?


I am just tired to see all the BS sold around as Spiritual teaching,

Read more:

But YOU have the right. do you?

Different situations... and extracting some words from the full context won't clarify your point of view.

If someone was hurt by a laugh of mine, please forgive me.

That wasn't my intent.

I still hold the Right to my Opinion.

Be well

except when your opinion is about someones beliefs, which that person hasnt even stated, then it is assinine judgement.

I thought you're going to have Fun with yourself.

But you insist to twist my words to suit your judgement.

Meh... is not even funny anymore.

Keep rolling, I have better things to do.

you placed the first judgement bub, when you assumed i believe in ascension because i called out your silly belief that people wont notice when other peolpe disappear.

it never was funny to begin with.



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