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I know that many of you are very focussed on ascension now and want to ascend.

My question to you is why? Why do you want to Ascend? What reasons are behind your decision?

Is it because you want to leave a world of " ilusion" "money" and " anger" or do you have any other reasons? 

If Ascension would mean that you would become "invisible" to 3D beings, would you still want to Ascend? What if your family, friends and husband of wife, your children, do not ascend with you? 

I think it will be interesting to talk about this.

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For me, it's more about discovering the higher aspects of myself, taking things to a higher level, both emotionally and mentally.  Becoming "more" of who I truly am, and contributing to making this existence something special through my contributions.  

Liberation, Feeling, Learning, and Experiencing... :)

This is great Captin: 

Maybe because Ascending and Transcending are alot more fun than descending and con-descending?


Well...I agree with your synopsis.  I'm wondering how you would intrepret the so-called death of the Christ and the betrayal of Judas.  If there is the in-breath of God, what happens to the great events of this time?  Are they automatically seen as "never happened" which case, would Jesus/Sananda still be given this universe to rule?

Would it also mean that Judas could go back and undo his betrayal?

For those who came from the stars is an awakening, for the children of Nature (Hell - Eden) is an evolution, "ascension" as you say.

I feel like if I did ascend now, RIGHT now, I'd want to hop back and fourth a lot. Which would be fine as long as I don't have to go through the stupid aging process.
I'd rather see 3d at its best before I leave it. There are many little things I like about duality, and about time and there's still a lot I haven't seen. I'd rather see everyone free and happy before I really decide whether I want to move on or not.

If everything were perfect would we all want to ascend? I really have 0 care for spiritual development, as long as I'm friendly sometimes loving and willing to learn I don't think there's anything else necessary, I'm benign! Live and let live. And that's what I enjoy. I only want to play and enjoy the pleasant things our world or realm has to offer. So many fantasies and wishes I'd like to see that I think I could probably only fully appreciate in a 3d world. I LIKE the self.

In fact, I have a lot of little worries and gripes with removing key aspects of third dimensionality from my life.
What I mean by that is.. Ah so they say it's a realm of light and love and wonderfulness without 'lower vibrations' and where everyone just "knows" and time doesn't exist and manifestations with a thought are instantaneous. It's amusing then, the world is literally your canvas but what about.. exploring and adventure, the wonderment of the unknown? Competitive play? Jokes and surprises?
Anyone here have any kind of games they like? Movies or TV shows? Entertainment in general. Would they still work without at the very least the concept of time and nobody cheating by peeking into the future or reading your mind?

Maybe I'm over thinking it or have incorrect information. I'll just say our world and dimension is pretty close to what I'd consider perfect. It's just in need of some healthy change before we can see it's true beauty.
But hey that's all talking from a 3d perspective, ego intact as ever.

Well, thats a great question. My view is....If in order to ascend, you must be in touch with your true self, all knowing, all loving....and in order to cross into "heaven" your heart must be pure....then I don't feel it could possibly be a "bad" place or a place of lack or sorrow about what is left behind. This blissful connection to our source could not even be fathomed by our human 3D mind :) I'm grateful for whatever path is provided to me and heaven sounds fun :)

I don't really think of it as ascending. 

I think of it more like school. The better the grades I have the higher my year. Some people get held back a year or two.

Just because I graduated before my friends do, doesn't mean I can't help them in their schooling. 

it's ok when we part (and we all will) there's no burden in ascending. We will all meet again eventually. 

To complete an agreement I made before descending through the veils of duality...

An agreement we ALL made ;-)

 ( ( ( In Lak'ech Ala K'in 555 Miverva ) ) ) 

Simply because i will always choose to ascend as opposed to descending. Upward and onward, i seek true personal power of creation, true free will, peace, love, understanding. Its about realizing how powerful we r as creative beings, while shaping reality in a way that helps us achieve our most enriching experiences and lives wherever we end up. What about u Minerva? Why do u want to ascend?
Hi minerva, well i can give my perspective on this topic, its a discussion i posted recently. Once we take back our power of creation we will be shifting into higher dimensional frequencies, the more u love, live and create the higher your dimensional perspective will be and it will continue on to higher dimensions of creation enlightenment and evolution, what u create will reflect who and what u love, it will never seperate you from these things dont worry :)

I feel personally that ascension is the level in our evolution where we realize we are creating the reality we desire while we move thru it, all from a perspective of being self aware and conscious of the ebb and flow of reality while we make it ours to experience. We were always capable of manipulating the fabric of existence, we were upgraded and genetically designed to be creators and co creators. I am finding if i make strides toward what i would like to happen, i have a general outline of what i would like to happen in the near future, and things fall into place fast, life changes fast now, and i kind of know what will happen because i made the ground work thru my intentions and thoughts or words. And oneness isnt about everyone being on the same love and light high until u become one big hug lol.

Oneness is when all beliefs, religions, races, science, metaphysical, technology etc become the parts in the puzzle that we as a race of spiritual creators are putting back together. Once these aspects a seen as pieces to a puzzle that all fit and have a place, we will feel as one again, but technically the oneness is many many aspects and beliefs working harmoniously to create a reality where we can put our differences aside and create and play in this wonderful playground we call life on earth.

2012 to me is about taking back or remembering our true nature of love, knowledge, creation. We have just been dooped into creating a reality which benefits a select few, while making us feel like we need them, how.could we need a government when we are.creating the very reality in which they govern us. ts such a cheap trick, we just have to realize and remember we u ultimately control YOur life The ones that are manipulating our sacred and amazing abilities to create...they know u can create a world where we take back our wonderful gaia and heal her as a collective of literal reality shapers. Love u all, u are all far too powerful to let any entity control any part of you reality, of course these r my own views and oppinions and may not reflect your beliefs or views, just had to get it out there terrible grammer and all

"Want" and desire are STS concepts. Or attachment to outcome if you will. Ego at work, is another. ;)

There must be complete detachment from the result of one's life, if one is to end up in a positive/STO higher realm after ascension. This is something that is completely overlooked and not spoken about in about 90% of new age teachings. It, however, determines, everything!

Wanting to get into the higher realms is kinda like an under age kid wanting to get into a club, there is only 1 result for that, you continue on in 3d. The nature of your heart, the fruits of your being determine whether you will ascend and where you will ascend into. Those working hard for the betterment of humanity and thus self will ascend into an STO realm, those working very hard in being controlling and hurtful to others will end up in the STS realm. Those in between will continue on in 3d somewhere else, even the starseeds.

In our current Earth reality, we are all STS, but among those some are STO candidates - most are, but not all. And this can't be faked or produced in a hurry so that one can get into a reality where it looks good. It is the sum total of this life and all your other lives. Which is why emphasis is placed on, you end up where you end up, not where your ego tells you would be the best place to chill out for the next million years. People's respective developments have led them to where they are and that is what decides where they will continue on.

It is why good higher dimensional sources do not focus on ascension, what will happen, the wonderful technology and how to get out of this "damn reality"...

Instead they focus on how to make yourself a better human being. That's where the focus should lie, in the now, not in the future. What will be, will be because of your now.

I would want to asend cause Im tired..I don't want to because I would rather stay here as long as I possably could to help my kids so that they are not so afraid or struggling alone. If I would asend before them they would know and be fearful ..I would want to comfort them!



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