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WE'RE HERE BECAUSE WE'RE HERE BECAUSE WE'RE HERE BECAUSE WE'RE HERE !Why do you think we are all really collectively here at AC ?

feel free to say whatever -------------------------------------



Gee - I have been here for a few years now! and I still come here to learn .... Sometime I have no idea why I come here !!


How about YOU ?

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you are most welcomed dear brother,blessings always eve.
Nice to hear your thoughts Lord Jesus .. Quote:
and I visit here, and instead of enlightened ones, supporting each other, it appears a divide and conquer site

Read more:


The above you share here is so true on one level .. As you would agree .. we attract the different perceptions of other people to learn something about ourselves. I have been here like many for a few years now and seen/been a part of many different levels, including my own dark aspects at play. I understand where you are coming from. This site has all walks of life and all walks of many aspects of our different selves that can be enlightening or at times quite debilitating for others to read (including ourselves at times when we part negative things for all to read. Really, it is a playground for learning more about ourselves as individuals and collectively in regard to who we may resonate with at different times of our own phases  during our own cycles. Your advise to others is good and informative for those that are either venting or whatever. They are still entitled to have a place like this to share where they are really at during their different phases or how would we on our hunab side really grow ? I always try to remember that everyone is entitled to say what they want and in turn can cop the consequences that go with it if emotions/neg mental attacks etc.. psychic undercurrent attacks etc.or feel lifted out of their myre via those with much compassion and experience in the areas some may be struggling with.


BTW .. We are all coming from an ego point of view to some degree .. The degrees are the only difference.


We only focus on the things that are in our own heads at each given moment and itcan be easy to be misunderstood at times.


Thanks for your words - Namaste. RJK

I feel that it is similar yet different for each of us. Similar in that our spirits know the benefit of a positive collective and different in our personal motives and intentions.


I also feel that of spirit stays the same as differences may change, as physically we grow more toward the collective conciousness.


"Love" or "To be Loved"...    

That is the question....

Tines are extremely hard for some in countries ... Time are extremely hard and extremely easy for others .. This world is a crazy mixing bowl and I am trying everyday to appreciate what I am and what I have in my life ....... Sometimes I feel so damn crazy - that I will never get passed some inner turmoil- yet get up and go again .. This is what I find is useful on AC ...

Helping me to stay with who I am and get to know that within me.

Thanks Jamus once again .. 

Playing is good for the child spirit within !! Play on LOL :))

LOL :))) 

Quirk on Miss Quirky ! :))) Thank you for the awesome image !!

im here as i have a laptop with access to this site, and as the whole planet is internet mad this is the way we live our lives now, its the way our lives have gone, and like now im alone as its morning here and ive a few hours to spare doin the odd thing, like having a coffee and watching tv etc, so to go on line is so natural for me as its a form of communication, 

i dont have a large family no more as everyone has split and gone their own way, so i have to find a way of surviving and getting by, and this is how i get by now, 

i keep in touch with friends and family by phone and mobile,

even my daughter texts me when she is upstairs to say something !! 

she is 14 and she doesnt know life before technology, as she was born in 1998, but obviously she knows of nature and animals etc but the mobile is a big part of her life, BBM blackberry, 

i bake and cook and have a small garden, i have books on my book shelf and i live by the sea and countryside,and i still use my intuition always in judgement, so things will never change in my world, but you have to go with the flow i suppose,

and thats why im here on this site, 

its actually great if you have time on your hands and feeling a little bit alone, it helped me a lot to overcome these feelings of loneliness, 

soooooo, thats my reason for been here,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

And to be sure you will always come across great spirits here that will embrace your needs as does for myself and all involved. Sometimes people come here to warn others of this site and they cause huge mountain irruptions which could have been a small mole hill knocked over etc ... yet even these kind of people end up learning something new, as I have done many a time myself. Greets .. 

There's  trillion reasons why we are all here - so true MasterLight. Many times we think we came here for a certain reason and it turns out through corresponding and researching and sharing our thoughts, that the universe has a bigger plan as to why we all drift in and out of this place. We are multidimensional, thus we all have many strings on the inner world and the outer as to why we keep getting attracted to this place. All good for growth- 

I have come here, and come here for the clarity of self that I gain from the spiritual mirrors that are on the site. I have gained 3 most important awareness's from interacting here. I am that I am. I am not alone. I am all that I desire to be as I attune my focus in the moment. The energy flowing through this site has been a safe place to expand awareness...

Jamus Deus 



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